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MEDIC - KAG's Newest In-Game Guides!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by thebonesauce, Jun 30, 2013.

  1. whatever1works

    whatever1works Drill Rusher

    You fill out this:
    Hello! You have requested to join MEDIC, a group of players who take it as their task to help the new and inexperienced players.

    To proceed being accepted into the group, please answer the following questions correctly and send your answers to thebonesauce or Monsteri. Use as fluent English as possible!

    1) What is expected of you while wearing the MEDIC tag?

    2) How to acquire premium membership in KAG?

    3) How does the coin mechanism work in classic KAG?

    4) How to make & use a catapult?

    5) How does one buy a bomb & throw it?

    6) How does bombjumping work?

    7) Explain notch climbing.

    8) What is the Beta?

    9) What is the win condition of Beta's main gamemode - WAR?

    10) Why do you want to participiate in MEDIC?

    11) Describe yourself in a few sentences.

    And then send that to monsteri or thebonesource, plus you request to get into the social forum (or you could have just read first message on this forum)
  2. rubbernipple

    rubbernipple Catapult Fodder

    Twas not me.
  3. Rocinante

    Rocinante Ballista Bolt Thrower

    Is this group planning to make a transition to the latest Beta version? I don't know what the real variance is between new players in the newly announced Beta and KAG Classic, but I would tend to think they are more numerous in the former.

    I am asking this because if that transition were ever to happen I might have some interest in joining.
  4. Monsteri

    Monsteri Slower Than Light Tester

    MEDICs don't exclusively work in either version, it's all up to the members which one the play (and help) in.
  5. Canadian98

    Canadian98 Haxor Tester

    [16:02:39] <farhhanshafi> gg
    [16:02:39] <Convicted> NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    [16:02:42] <Durfingle> rofl
    [16:02:45] <DarkMike400> go
    [16:02:46] <MEDIC daniel227851> Get
    [16:02:49] RougeCupcake left the game
    [16:02:51] <DarkMike400> MAKE US WIN
    [16:02:54] <coolmonkey54> no
    [16:02:59] <MEDIC daniel227851> YOU FUCKIN FAG
    [16:03:01] <jyapper> destroy base first
    [16:03:02] <coolmonkey54> no
    [16:03:07] <DarkMike400> GET A BOMB AND BLOW HIM UP XD
    [16:03:12] <coolmonkey54> nice MEDIC
    [16:03:14] <Findo777> AWWW
    [16:03:16] <MEDIC daniel227851> LOL
    [16:03:22] <coolmonkey54> I thought MEDICS helped the comunity
    [16:03:27] <coolmonkey54> as hole
    [16:03:28] <shadowflow> ......
    [16:03:35] <MEDIC daniel227851> You spelt community wrong
    [16:03:37] <DarkMike400> did we lose the their flag
    [16:03:39] <Convicted> GOGO!
    [16:03:39] <MaJoR TheFlare> YOLO
    [16:03:46] <MEDIC daniel227851> YES THE STUPID FAG
    [16:03:52] <farhhanshafi> You sux
    [16:03:53] <coolmonkey54> nice MEDIXC
    [16:03:53] <Convicted> HWOS WINNING NOW!
    [16:03:59] <MaJoR TheFlare> oy
    [16:04:02] <coolmonkey54> MEDIC ARE MEANT TO HELP NOOBS RIGHT?
    [16:04:05] <FBIC pimpleman123> thanks cool C=
    [16:04:07] <MEDIC daniel227851> No
    [16:04:08] New player joined the game
    [16:04:08] Unnamed player is now known as lionbreaker
    [16:04:08] lionbreaker has joined Blue Team
    [16:04:09] <coolmonkey54> yes
    [16:04:09] New player joined the game
    [16:04:09] Unnamed player is now known as Exid
    [16:04:10] Exid has joined Blue Team
    [16:04:14] <Convicted> MOVE!
    [16:04:19] <Findo777> For the King!
    [16:04:20] <MEDIC daniel227851> Your not even in a clan!
    [16:04:25] <coolmonkey54> LOL
    [16:04:27] <MEDIC daniel227851> asshole
    [16:04:32] <coolmonkey54> hahaha
    [16:04:32] <Convicted> throw
    [16:04:38] MaJoR TheFlare left the game
    [16:04:38] <Findo777> LOL
    [16:04:48] <Convicted> wow u had our falg
    [16:04:50] <farhhanshafi> Exid!
    [16:04:50] <coolmonkey54> just cuz I am not in a clan I am a noob?
    [16:04:53] * coolmonkey54 * has been voted to be kicked by MEDIC daniel227851 (1/5)
    [16:04:54] <Convicted> we got ours
    [16:04:56] <Convicted> jump
    [16:04:56] <Findo777> WEIN
    [16:05:00] <coolmonkey54> and
    [16:05:02] <Durfingle> oh there lol
    [16:05:02] <MEDIC daniel227851> Kick coolmonkey
    [16:05:02] <FBIC pimpleman123> thanks
    [16:05:03] <jyapper> gw.
    [16:05:03] <coolmonkey54> if I am a noob
    [16:05:04] <xxGamerJackxx> gg
    [16:05:04] <Convicted> U HAD OUR FLAG!
    [16:05:04] <farhhanshafi> Pfft how did we win?
    [16:05:06] <xxGamerJackxx> bg
    [16:05:07] * Balancing the teams...
    [16:05:07] coolmonkey54 has joined Red Team
    [16:05:07] Durfingle has joined Blue Team
    [16:05:07] COFMX655 has joined Blue Team
    [16:05:07] FBIC pimpleman123 has joined Blue Team
    [16:05:07] jyapper has joined Red Team
    [16:05:07] MEDIC daniel227851 has joined Red Team
    [16:05:07] Convicted has joined Blue Team
    [16:05:07] lionbreaker has joined Red Team
    [16:05:07] COFMX655 left the game
    [16:05:10] <xxGamerJackxx> bg
    [16:05:11] <Durfingle> rofl u guys failed
    [16:05:11] <MEDIC daniel227851> HAXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
    [16:05:13] <Convicted> how did u lose?
    [16:05:15] <coolmonkey54> hten you shoudl be helping me cuz you are a MEDIC
    [16:05:18] <Findo777> NICE
    [16:05:20] <Durfingle> i got tossed da flag
    [16:05:20] New player joined the game
    [16:05:20] Unnamed player is now known as xawesome
    [16:05:20] xawesome is now known as DEMON xawesome
    [16:05:20] DEMON xawesome has joined Blue Team
    [16:05:21] MEDIC daniel227851 has joined Blue Team
    [16:05:21] <coolmonkey54> fgt
    [16:05:27] <MEDIC daniel227851> STupid monkey
    [16:05:30] <coolmonkey54> LEOELOLE
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  6. sheek

    sheek Horde Gibber

    Wow what a little bitch lol. I have basically rendered myself useless as a MEDIC.
  7. SonnyChoco

    SonnyChoco Shipwright

    I have sent a form in to BoneSauce and I haven't got a reply, I figured here is the best place to mention it...
    (I sent it about a week ago)
  8. sheek

    sheek Horde Gibber

    Are you trying to apply here? Because the actual clan page would be the proper place to do that.
  9. thebonesauce

    thebonesauce All life begins and ends with Nu Staff Alumni
    1. MOLEing Over Large Estates - [MOLE]
    2. The Ivory Tower of Grammar-Nazis

    I have been incredibly busy with work and other such things lately and I haven't even had time for myself lately. If you're wondering why I haven't been around, now you know why. :(
  10. SonnyChoco

    SonnyChoco Shipwright

    No to sheek.
    I'm incredibly sorry Bones.