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Application EU MnMixer

Discussion in 'For Admin on Official KAG Servers' started by MnMixer, Feb 24, 2019.

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  1. Which continent are you from?
    • Europe - Poland
    How often do you play?
    • 4-7 days a week, usually for a few hours each session
    What times are you usually available (Please answer with your timezone)?
    • CET, Central European Time(UTC+01:00), online in the at any time of the day but most of the morning and in the evening.
    Which well known servers have you had admin on before?
    • Mostly my admin experience have been on classic version of KAG. So I have been admin on jailbreak, deathrun, capture the flag , rtdm, sandbox (It's called "What is dead may never die! [also sandbox]), zombie fortress, cat and mouse, maze runner, KING KONG, and a lot of more KAG Classic servers in past. If you're talking about BETA admin experience, then I am one of admins on official community tournaments. Soon we will have some our servers tho.
    Did you simply get admin because you are a friend of the owner?
    • At beggining it was looking exactly like that. In the future, just I was hard working for it.
    How long were you admin?
    • Since 2015 to 30 April 2017. Right now just on few servers.
    Do you have any recommendations from guards or server owners or other notable people? If so, ask them to post here
    • I think so
    Why should you get admin and what makes you a good admin?
    • I am 17 years old and have extensive experience in server administration. I started my hard work from the older version of the game (kag classic), until I tried my strength on its latest release. I try to be a responsible, sympathetic but consistent person, which is talking to people. I am open to any dialogue and if I have the opportunity, I try to help. It is true that sometimes I have worse days, then I try not to write, not to use violence on the Internet.
    • The second reason why I am applying for very responsible role like Official Kag Server Admin (OKSA) is the thing, that this game is going to be free to play. My guess is that this is one of the reasons why you have opened recruitment.

    • Thirdly, I have a lot of experience in being an admin. I was an administrator, where's the owner was guys like: @FearSome , @Vonetcher , @PLDragON , @eric999 @lisedupuis111 , @bunnie
    Any other information you think might be relevant?
    • I love sport and making own server ideas and graphic to it.
    What is your Discord username and tag? You must be on the KAG discord (discord.gg/KAG) if you want to become an admin. Discord will be how you receive real-time assistance calls, as well as an easy way to contact other Official Server Admins.
    • My discord tag is: DDerenowsky#0511

    With best regards
    Last edited: Feb 28, 2019
  2. Coroz

    Coroz B R B Donator Tester Official Server Admin
    1. [AG#] - Ancient Gear

    i recommend mnmixer, seen him alot in ctf and didnt encounter any problems with him + with his administration background history he seems like a good choice for oksa.
    MnMixer likes this.
  3. Biurza

    Biurza E X T R A T H I C C Staff Alumni Donator
    1. MIST
    2. Active Forum Users

    I think MnMixer would be a great choice for OKSA. He's active, friendly and responsible.
    MnMixer likes this.
  4. GoldenGuy

    GoldenGuy Haxor Tester

    Pretty good guy :wink:, know him from late kag classic days. He was admin on multiple servers
    MnMixer likes this.
  5. Legend

    Legend Builder Stabber Donator

    MnMixer is a great guy, fun to talk to and reliable overall. I think he'd be a great addition to the OKSA team. +1
    MnMixer likes this.
  6. Junko-Enoshima

    Junko-Enoshima Bison Rider

    I recommend mnmixer, he also active kind person who love both kag version of game , guess he can be great chose for OKSA.
    MnMixer likes this.
  7. pewolt

    pewolt Ballista Bolt Thrower Tester

    I don't know what to think about him, but I must admit that he is making progress.
    So, is he experienced enough?
    MnMixer likes this.
  8. Basshunter

    Basshunter of course i like your t-shirt Staff Alumni Donator Tester Official Server Admin

    Mixer is definitely a great material for OKSA, though his english is pretty wack, which makes it a lot harder.
    +1 though
    MnMixer likes this.
  9. lisedupuis111

    lisedupuis111 Haxor

    I also recommend, anything I asked for he was doing it when he administrated my server. +1
    MnMixer likes this.
  10. FearSome

    FearSome Haxor

    Active player on both classic and full release of the game. Actually moderates the servers (unlike some...) and overall cares for the player base.
    One thing I can say is that I've never seen him get salty over toxic players which is a great trait imo.
    :thumbs_up:+1 from me.
    MnMixer likes this.
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Not open for further replies.