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Modders: Call to Arms!

Discussion in 'Community Dev Corner' started by Geti, Dec 28, 2013.

Mods: Downburst, Mazey
  1. Description: Scripts that override existing kag scripts are loaded only the 1st time you join some server. You need to restart kag if you want to join modded server, or it will not work or even crash. This makes developing mods a nightmare, because you need to restart kag all the time.
    Steps to Reproduce:
    1. join modded server
    2. quit to menu
    3. join another or the same modded server
    if those servers override existing scripts - you are fucked. this can be also reproduced on localhost. for example ive overriden Princess.as with a script that works like DefaultStart.as, so when i click Save the Princess in the menu it starts whatever gamemode i have set in autoconfig. but it only works once - when i quit to menu and click Save the Princess again, it runs princess mode.
    Example of Affected Mod: i'm including said Princess.as. put it into Mods/<whatever>/, include in mods.cfg and watch the magick happen

    on a side note: getPlayer(i) does not return null if i >= getPlayerCount(). it does return something, but accessing its methods crashes the game.

    Attached Files:

  2. ZeroZ30o

    ZeroZ30o Bison Rider

  3. I seem to crash whenever I join a server that i get 133 or more ping on not including america
  4. ZeroZ30o

    ZeroZ30o Bison Rider

    It's not even related to modding in the first place, not only that, but you provide no information about trying to reinstall or change anything.
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  5. Description: Clients doesn't redownload updated scripts. If they already downloaded given file, they wont get a new version no matter how old their version is. the workaround is to add version tag to mod's name and change it with every change in code, but this creates a lot of useless old copies of mod on clients, and forces them to redownload all files instead of only modified ones.
    Steps to Reproduce:
    1. create a mod
    2. host a server with it
    3. get someone to join server
    4. update your mod
    5. restart server
    6. get someone to join it again
    Example of Affected Mod: all mods are affected
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  6. MM

    MM THD Team THD Team Administrator Global Moderator

    Working on these issues this week, thanks norill.
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  7. JaytleBee

    JaytleBee Ballista Bolt Thrower
    1. [Server] Sandbox Reborn

Mods: Downburst, Mazey