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Moderator applications/list

Discussion in 'Groups' started by Aphelion, Dec 15, 2013.

  1. SamuraiFang

    SamuraiFang Catapult Fodder

    Age , Timezone and User:I am 13 years old and my time zone is UTC+8:00 and My KAG User is Left4Teemo

    I am applying for moderator or administrator because I feel like this server needs more staff to help with the server while the other admins are offline and I know administrating is more than just kicking and banning griefers and hackers that join the server from time to time. I would really like to be an administrator on this server so that I can help the community so that they don't start griefing and hacking. I really like the staff on this community they seem very friendly and supporting so I would really like to be part of it.

    I have been a moderator on Garry's mod and I was an admin on several of its game modes like Basewars , Dark RP and Military RP.

    So, I was born in the region of the world called South-East Asia and I live in the country called Brunei Darussalam It is quite a boring country but it is quite peaceful. I have gotten two life taking problems during the stage from infant to toddler. I had a high fever as a child so I was forced to take Anti-Biotics thus turning my back molars brown and during a festival I fell down on a glass table and needed several stitches added to my head.

    Fun Fact: My country obtained full independence from British Reign in 23 February 1984.
  2. jonipro

    jonipro Drill Rusher Tester

    Hello, i am a nice guy from finland.But i live in sweden,I talk finnish,swedish,english,spanish(a little)
    I am a nice guy and i have a youtube channel 2.
    I most likely play alot of kag.
    And why do i want to be an Moderator is that i want that everyone has the same acess to (Fair Play)
    I am at 6th class and i am a really genius guy,i can etc,Code,Program software(like set em up / install) do video game servers,and maths..
    Ingame name:{SMGL} Terracraft
    Players that would recommend me: Matlock,Toxic,Unihir,Sylw,And few more!
    I will accept the terms of my work that i will not Abuse my powers or give players unfair advantage.
    PS: 2st oldest in the class (except teacher)

    I want the server to be more secure of hackers griefers random killers and so on :)!
    I can usually work 2-4 hours day even more maybe! *Ban hammer flies by*
    Regards,Joni. :wink:
    (C) Terracraft
    (i will also take screenshots of the happening,also try to record video :)!)
    Last edited: Oct 3, 2015
  3. carlospaul

    carlospaul Shipwright

    I would like to apply for admin.Mostly ill be nice and generous BUT when something terrible,dreadful,or just play mean happens then I am very brutal.I ask questions and find out who's guilty and who's not.I may not always be on but I will do my very best to not be absent for too long.I have encountered many griefers in the past and have gotten pissed off but now I can kick/ban anyone who dares to grief or break any rule for that matter.I will enforce RolePlay to its finest and teach newcomers about the server and how to RolePlay and tell them about consequences for their actions. Thank you for reading and admin or not I will still votekick people for breaking the rules and still teach newcomers about this server and how to RolePlay.::)::B):
  4. Alpha-Penguin

    Alpha-Penguin Bison Rider

    Good RPer, nice and friendly and very mature.
    +1 for me
  5. Raigbox

    Raigbox Shipwright

    -rep horrible player, breaks rules and abuses undead race.
  6. LazarusTheGreat

    LazarusTheGreat Ballista Bolt Thrower Donator
    1. Aphelion's Roleplay

    None of us knows if what You said is valid.
    --- Double Post Merged, Oct 17, 2015, Original Post Date: Oct 17, 2015 ---
    And also you can't abuse the undead, that person paid $30 and he should be able to do what he wants with The Undead
  7. Agentspacetech

    Agentspacetech Catapult Fodder

    I'd like to become an admin because, this server is truly beautiful. It needs authority so it doesn't become barren. It needs fun, people who understand if you accidentally griefed because you are new, or you don't know the ropes. I would always ask a higher admin/moderator if I'm stuck in a tight file of who to believe in a RDM situation, ect. I wouldn't go on abusing, i'm always going to be active and available.

    My timezone is US&Canada central time.

    My age is 18, believably. A note would be that I have never griefed in KAG, Modded servers or not. I have not grief'd on this server at all. I have been treating everyone with respect, and not warring with-out a reason. This all sums up why i'd like to be a moderator/admin and help this server. Peace out.
  8. BarsukEughen555

    BarsukEughen555 Ballista Bolt Thrower

    Carlos is such a dickhead not on RP, had to ban him multiple times for crashing rules and ignoring admins on Sandbox Reborn. -1 .n. delete his admin plox
  9. madmurderer

    madmurderer Catapult Fodder

    I guess the question to why i want to be a moderator is a long one. I have been playing on the server for a long time, and it all started ever since i bought Kag. After i got it i found that not many people played it so i connected to one of the servers that had a good amount. I didn't know how to start out at first but as the hours flew by i realized that this server was great. I want to be able to help in the development and just enjoy this server more in general and make sure fail RP doesn't happen.

    Age: I am 15 years old
    Zone: Central Time (US and Canada)
  10. tallen_clinton

    tallen_clinton Shark Slayer

    Hello again, Id like to apply for a moderator position because I understand how hard it is to keep a server well guarded against trolls (the non mythic kind) and grifers, I love role play in general and due to being a D&D dungeon master I have had to study all the mythic lore and generally enjoy helping the weaker, another reason is the random war declaring and smashing of other races when nothing has transpired, etc. humans 8 versus orcs 3 and elves 2 on separate occasions, and as a past grifer on some other games I understand a few of the causes that are... the cause of it... anyway, I am 17 years of age 12 days away from 18 I live in Victoria in Australia and I have no idea what the time zone is, there is a general difference between grifers and flamers but things get worse when a flamer becomes a grifer on a suicide run, the idea is to chill out.
  11. fulviolee

    fulviolee Builder Stabber

    Hey Aphelion's crew/Aphelion! I'm Fasso.
    I'll start this by saying THANK YOU for reading my admin application, I hope that you are interested in giving me a +1

    ► I would like to be a moderator/admin because I love that job. I never liked people griefing things that they have not built. You will say that you already have seen a sentence like this but I gonna tell you a little secret: I'm a trustworthy person! I've worked in some servers (Not all KAG servers) and I know what to do in a certain case. I'm not a policeman then I know how to being a little funny . Recapping, if I have a work to do, I do it (DO IT!).
    ► My timezone is UTC+1 in Switzerland

    ► I'm 15 years old.

    Thanks for reading my app! ::):
  12. DeathSmurfxD

    DeathSmurfxD Catapult Fodder

    I was kind of worried about signing up to be a moderator, What if I were to become arrogant, Like others? But I feel that I have more maturity then normal people. And I was raised in an environment where respect and equality is needed. I am a bit younger than the average player. Only being 15. My Time zone is Pacific Time - west British Columbia. PST UTC/GMT -8 hours. I tend to overreact to disrespect. But I am sure that I am one of the best to be trusted with keeping the peace of your Role Play Server. If I am not acceptable. I understand and I hope you find ones who are better. :yes:
  13. EhRa

    EhRa Ooooooof Staff Alumni Donator
    1. KRPG

    Yes I know that I don't play this server, never seen these players but from there admin applications they seem the only ones that know what they are doing (from this page).
    +1 has experience and seems nice enough and doesnt suck up (from the app).
    +1 Has experience.

    +1 seems that she can write a good admin app without sucking up.

    You don't have to take my opinions into your conclusions, but just thought i would throw these in (being a previous admin).
  14. bombbad

    bombbad Catapult Fodder

    My name is alex
    i am 18 years old
    i live MST in united states colorado
    I have been an admin and still am an admin on 4 minecraft servers and 10 terraria servers. I ran 6 minecraft servers alongside many of the other awesome owners and i have a great knowlegde base of how to solve problems and ban people when needed.
  15. pvt_tod

    pvt_tod Base Burner

    1+ good player, nice guy, fun to be around. (good luck carlospaul).
  16. orange_otter_01

    orange_otter_01 Ballista Bolt Thrower


    Before I begin. I must explain a few things.
    I am in the New Zealand time frame.
    I am not not. Repeat. Not. going to give out my name. address. phone number etc.
    Thank you.

    First, I am aware that I have tried, and failed, to apply for admin many times.
    Second, I am aware I have not played on your RP server for many months due to lag issues. but I have a better computer now and I hope to get back into RP.
    Third, My reasons for applying are simple.
    I want to stop those annoying people who break blocks and destroys everyone's life work.
    I want to stop people being generally negative, unfriendly, and swearing.
    and, lastly, I have only been banned once. And it was only for a day. I believe It was by @zhuum for arguing with him. and that is all. please contradict me if I am wrong.

    If I am accepted. Thank you.
    If not. Well. Thanks for reading.
  17. pvt_tod

    pvt_tod Base Burner

    +1 seems like a nice guy, and i've seen him floating around on he forums and he seems cool.
  18. rynardt_sieberhagen

    rynardt_sieberhagen Builder Stabber

    The glitch is gone, I have returned... I have returned to Aphelion's
    My name is Rin, and you know last time I made an application? I said the bug was fixed? Turns out I was WRONG.
    But, the bug is now truly fixed, and I have learned how to take screenshots, I have changed, I have become more.... like a police officer
    Like I said the first time, I'd like to become an admin because of general rulebreakersi've been seeing,and yes, I do report them, and if , gods forbid, I find a griefer, RKer , or someone that doesn't quite roleplay like saying stuff like "NOOB!!!" etc, I will explain what they did wrong and stop them, If they carry on breaking the rules, I shall ban them for a day, if they come back and still not follow the rules, I will ban them for a week, if they STILL do not follow the rules, it shall be a perma, of course, every time I shall explain what they do and/or do not do.I am very active. I know admins such as: Zhuum, Pinx, spirit, Ingra, coon, stabby,and the glorious senpa- erm, I mean Aph,

    Also, I think I'd be a pretty good spriter

    I Really enjoy roleplaying on Aphelion's, been around for quite some time now, last year I joined? I think, dunno. I am also practising my spriting skills, Spirit is helping me with that.Now, to say thanks for the amazing server, I will create a Rap ((this is gonna SUCK))

    Yo, name's Rin
    Im the top of ma kin.
    Used to be a human. now im hanging with elven women.
    Theres my friend Spirit, it may be cute but you better fear it
    Theres Ingra, hes got face paint, he makes the ladies faint ((lo!))
    Theres Krabe, hes October, Most of the dwarfes love her.
    Theres PinxViin, hes a dragon slayer, and such a player
    Theres Zhuum, His stories are like the bomb... Boom
    Theres Coon, Coon is love coon is life, Tricking all the people like Phsych!
    Theres Stabby, hes a devil, chops people up so that they are as small as a pebble
    Theres Duke, hes great on the flute.
    Theres chief....erm.. i don't know him much so...he's a wyvern... I guess, what rhymes with chief, mmmm
    Theres M'lady, Queen empy,shoots a arrow in your knee so you be limping
    Theres the unicron, been OP since he was born
    And!!! Theres aphelion, brother of periphelion, Aphelion's killing him,
    Aphelion made this world!!! and he aint no Nerd

    The Dwarves, the Elves,The humans, The orcs,, The angels, The undead
    Last edited: Dec 3, 2015
  19. BarsukEughen555

    BarsukEughen555 Ballista Bolt Thrower

    garkh, orcs must triumph. ORCS ARE STRONK, ORCS ARE CRUMBLIN'!
    Ima wish tis warleader! >:D
    (+1, lel)
  20. braincrab

    braincrab Catapult Fodder

    I would like to be a moderator,this is because i have seen multiple greifers and trolls who need to be punished for their actions,my timezone is est,im active after 3:40 and join this server when there are >2 people,im 15 and have experience in being a moderator as i have been one on two terraria servers and 1 minecraft server(which was shut down due to lack of funding),both games having similarities to this one, use logic when judging trolls and such.Hopefully this gets read.
    --- Double Post Merged, Dec 5, 2015, Original Post Date: Dec 4, 2015 ---
    oops,forgot this, my in game name is TECAK
    --- Double Post Merged, Dec 6, 2015 ---
    sure enough,just today in the chat

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