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Mount Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Wired, May 5, 2012.


Do you want mounts in the game?

  1. Yes

    198 vote(s)
  2. No

    22 vote(s)
  3. Other (Please specify below)

    8 vote(s)
  1. Beef

    Beef ก็็็็็็็็็็็็็ʕ•͡ᴥ•ʔ ก้้้้้้้้้้้ Global Moderator Forum Moderator Tester

    You mean like this?


    By the way, if you're a 40k fan you'll love Warmahordes.
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  2. ComboBreaker

    ComboBreaker Horde Gibber

    Yeah,warmachine's walkers nails it,although I'd prefer more wooded parts.But Im not a huge fan of classic fantasy,Im more into sci-fi,so the choice between Warmahordes and 40k is obvious.Also,walkers in warmachine remind me of japanese mechas :D

    I always had a crush on "walkers" - machines which are operated by a single pilot.In KAG we will have magic in future(as stated by the devs), so some steampunk machinery would not hurt.
  3. Brandon816

    Brandon816 Ballista Bolt Thrower

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  4. RoboRex

    RoboRex Bison Rider

    i like the guy on the mounts picture it looks awesome
  5. Red_Raptor

    Red_Raptor Shopkeep Stealer

    i would like to mount a cute panda :3
  6. PinXviiN

    PinXviiN Haxor

    Do you want mounts in the game?
    What mounts do you want in game?
    Birds, penguins, bisons, dragons, huge deadly worms, chickens, cows, ducks, sheep, fish, horses, dinosaurs, pigs, parrots, huge machines and some tiny bugs ;)
    What's your dream mount?
    Just a Flying dragon with some metal shields
    Should all classes be aloud mounts or just melee or range?
    Well, mechanics or some inteleget people should controll only some their machines, others may use other animals all but not machines

    Little adding: Why i want farm animals cuz i want to play farm actully xD birds may be just some flying and singing animals in the game :P all i want in this game is just like Minecraft solo, survive nights, tame pets, have a farm, make yourself some machines, fish some fishes, well, jsut have a great time :D
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  7. allknowingfrog

    allknowingfrog Bison Rider

    We can be launched out of catapults. Maybe we could mount ballista bolts, and have a little control over their flight path. That would be a neat compromise between uncontrollable catapulting and overpowered dragon steeds.
  8. Personally I would enjoy having a devinciesque flying mount
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  9. ArpiG

    ArpiG Shopkeep Stealer

    Do you want mounts in the game? Yes I do
    What mounts do you want in game? Horses.After that, we(by modding or the devs) would add some more...
    What's your dream mount? An elephant!
    Should all classes be aloud mounts or just melee or range? I would like only melee and range.Builders would be transported in some kind of carts of something,that you would attach to the horse and carry resources or troops.
  10. Saverous

    Saverous Shopkeep Stealer

    Right now,the only " mount" we have is the Greg. It technically "picks" you up and makes you ride it. Although you can't control it, I consider that as a predecessor of mounts
  11. Jim_Dale

    Jim_Dale Arsonist

    What a ridiculous thread.
    Everyone knows that the only reasonable mounts are giant swallows, specifically; only European and African ones.
    Or peasants wielding coconut shells, if you're into that stuff.

    USABxGUNSLINGER Catapult Fodder

    Do you want mounts in the game?
    Yes :yes:
    What mounts do you want in game?
    Horses seem like the only logically reasonable mount to include, but something time-period appropriate would be cool.
    What's your dream mount?
    Golden Horse Armour (for an extra $2.50, of course) X3 .
    Should all classes be aloud mounts or just melee or range?
    Well, when you think about it, Knights are trained to use horses, and the Archers are woodsmen, so they'd all be able to ride a horse. Not sure about the Builder, though, him being a peasant.
  13. allknowingfrog

    allknowingfrog Bison Rider

    Meanwhile, at KAG HQ...

    :>:(: "What? A swallow carrying a knight?"
    :) "It could grip it by the armor!"
    :>:(: "It's not a question of where he grips it! It's a simple question of weight ratios!"
    :huh?: "Wait a minute -- supposing two swallows carried it together?"
  14. Lemmingworld

    Lemmingworld Catapult Fodder

    They should add in giant freakin lemmings. They would be able to kill everyone on the other team. X3
  15. TheGrimReaper

    TheGrimReaper Catapult Fodder

    Yes, obviously not the Nordic ones.
  16. jimbo_funny

    jimbo_funny Catapult Fodder

    Do you want mounts in the game?: yeah
    What mounts do you want in game?: kiwi (because kiwi are awsome)
    What's your dream mount?: bird so dorp my bomb over then face and bird poo :3
    Should all classes be aloud mounts or just melee or range?: no all class but mounts must be rare
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  17. Dorp. I laughed my ass of when i read that. Not trying to point out errors or anything!
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  18. Graver

    Graver Haxor

    Hah! 5 knight on bisons!
  19. acridstone

    acridstone Horde Gibber

    Don't you think it's annoying that humans(who are normally more bouyant than water) sink? Not to mention that they can't stay swimming on the surface without losing air? Well...I think the perfect solution is to spawn boats(still technically mounts) :D . Wouldn't it be cool, to have water invasions? as in, HORDES of knights, builders, and archers cramped up in boats ready for the invasion kind of D-Day-ish
  20. Boats