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Discussion in 'Reports for Abusive Players/Cheaters' started by Mexer, Feb 19, 2017.

  1. Mexer

    Mexer Ballista Bolt Thrower
    1. No Control - to be deleted. inactive

    Server: Shark Canyon (CTF EU 1 Map-Server)
    Time: ~15 minutes ago
    Evidence: I couldn't start fraps in time so I made an animation out of screenshots, which counts as video.
    Screen of name:
    Chat Logs
    None relevant other than:
    [18:07:54] --- A vote was started by Ckeeze1 ---
    [18:07:56] --- athils Voted In Favour ---
    [18:07:56] --- Goleme2 Voted In Favour ---
    [18:07:57] --- Mylainos Voted In Favour ---
    [18:07:57] --- Nekr0 Voted Against ---
    [18:07:59] --- Runemajick Voted In Favour ---
    [18:08:01] --- Mexer Voted In Favour ---
    [18:08:01] --- Vote passed: 5 vs 1 (out of 9) ---
    [18:08:01] Votekick passed! Nekr0 will be kicked out.
    [18:08:01] Nekr0 left the game
    Reason: Griefed two big structures in the game. I didn't record the first one.
    Comments: https://forum.thd.vg/members/nekr0.17800/