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New build discussion

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by MM, Jul 8, 2011.

  1. hansel

    hansel Shopkeep Stealer

    Fall damage is great and it should stay. I've been playing the new build for the last two weeks (including the test build), and not once have I encountered a situation where the fall damage annoyed me or slowed the gameplay. Nor have I seen a griefer using it. Digging a giant hole beneath the spawn takes so much time and effort that nobody will do it. Griefer's rarely work hard for their amusement. And even if one decides to waste time, he will be spotted and kicked long before he does any real damage.

    Fall damage changed the gameplay for the better. It makes you think about what you are about to do. And you should rely on your teammates to cross obstacles. Giant chastms aren't 4 tile high walls, they should not be just minor inconviniences, but major choke points, where two teams battle it out for dominance. Fall damage add's depth to gameplay.

    Plus it's super cool to shield bash your opponent off a cliff and hear his scream while he falls to his doom ;)
  2. Fellere825

    Fellere825 KAG Guard Tester

    My new found favorite is... Orbital tactical suicide bombing. Everyone makes a sky bridge these days and they make it so high that nothing can touch them but another sky bridge. Well I got bored today and was like, "Fuck it" then just started tactical bombing the shit out of blue, killed two outposts and tactically inserted myself on top of blues' heads. My K/D sucked but it was fun.
  3. Valkyrie

    Valkyrie Shark Slayer

    Fall Damage is a nono, it was fun without so why put it in now? I agree with vig and majorly disagree with Hansel, I've seen idiot's build high towers and then when you ask for ladders the just ignore you. It has made gameplay last much longer than necessary and allowed the enemy to just hack down the tower without a care in the world, once one part falls it all falls.
  4. Contrary

    Contrary The Audacious Paramount of Explosive Flight Donator Tester

    I agree fall damage was a great addition, it's verticality in maps that needs to be changed. I have asked around and it seems that at least the most vocal people agree that the game is the most fun right when it begins, before the map is swiss cheese from bombs and covered in skybridges. That initial back and forth push where slowly, slowly you get pushed back but then a knight gets a really good bomb and an archer team gets in a good position and slowly the enemy gets pushed back. That intense linear tug of war.
  5. hansel

    hansel Shopkeep Stealer

    You know what we really need? A good server lobby, and a better variety in servers. There's a lot of players on both sides of the 'fall damage' discussion and it looks like it's just a matter of taste really. Isn't there anybody that host's a server and doesn't like fall damage?
  6. illu

    illu En Garde! Donator Tester

    MM, you messed something up in the latest hotfix ("version_file 55307"). Look at this. ;)
    Maybe next time try updating the testversion instead.
  7. PatrickG

    PatrickG Guest

    Regarding Build 126...

    • All screenshots are black (3kB)[/*]
    • On flat terrain: Ignite bomb and through it to your left, shild and wait - you got toss to the left![/*]
    • Builder's menu: items get misaligned[/*]
    • Builder's menu: Cursor is behind blue box[/*]
  8. Geti

    Geti Please avoid PMing me (poke a mod instead) THD Team Administrator Global Moderator

    We had this in a test build but it means corridors don't function. Hitting S to let someone past was the first solution but it doesn't really work... Maybe if we had crawling then it'd work.

    Passing on the bugs, can't answer questions now sadly, got a loooooot of writing to do :P
  9. Monsteri

    Monsteri Slower Than Light Tester

    Would it be possible to make archer able to move while crawling?
    This would need 2 more sprites, though, buuuuuuut.. :)
  10. Valkyrie

    Valkyrie Shark Slayer

    Thus would be good however making an archer crawl would produce more bugs, i.e. archers getting stuck in walls etc.
  11. Eggnogg

    Eggnogg Guest

    Had the same issue, hah. I think MM is just messing with us :D
  12. Strech

    Strech KAG Guard Tester

    My opinon is the new combat mechanics are much better and the game is overall less lagging.
    And skybridging is... funny. Keep it! Great job!

    Well an archer should never be able to beat a knight in close combat... Archers already PWN the battlefield with their arrows, if their shield could break they'll be a bit too underpowered... :)
  13. Catakus

    Catakus KAG Guard Tester

    For some reason structures are able to float without supports. But when certain blocks are destroyed on it, they fall.
  14. Beef

    Beef Guest

    That's been around for a while. I can't see any rhyme or reason when it happens every now and then, apart from the blocks usually being once part of a much larger structure.

    In regards the new build; Damn fine work MM. Best one yet and so much fun. Can't wait to see where it goes next.
  15. Catakus

    Catakus KAG Guard Tester

    Just spent a solid 5 minutes trying to destroy an OP again, we got 3 bombs on it, and nothing happened. Blue also build a ladder that was impossible to destroy, we had knights and builders hitting it, but it didn't do anything.
  16. kiro

    kiro Garde KAG Donator Tester

    Was it next to blue's flag ?
  17. illu

    illu En Garde! Donator Tester

    Puh, I feel less dumb now.

    But I've found the issue. What I did:
    - reinstalled & started the game --> everything looks normal
    - went to "Settings", "Video" and clicked on "Smooth Shaders" --> the menu goes upsidedown and looks like in the screenshot above
    - by changing "global v_postprocess = 0;" in "autoconfig.gm" back to 0 it works again

    So there seems to be an issue with the postprocessing since build 126 (maybe also 124). This bug also appears in the latest test version.
  18. Catakus

    Catakus KAG Guard Tester

    No, it was one that put outside my teams' base, a good 30 blocks away from our flag.
  19. Wargod-Loki

    Wargod-Loki Haxor

    tryd, happened to me too. i''ve had just out of mind setted it back on the fucked up settings, then restarted and luckfull i've reseted the right^^ smooth shaders bugs!
  20. Furai

    Furai THD Team THD Team Administrator

    Mail MM about it...oh wait. I'll do it. You know that he's not reading forums on daily basis. :)