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Official KAG Servers

Discussion in 'Server Directory' started by FuzzyBlueBaron, Jul 25, 2014.

  1. makmoud98

    makmoud98 You are already DEAD Forum Moderator Staff Alumni Tester

    You know, if it really starts to get out of hand, we could always just enable the chat filter on official servers :rekt:
  2. Potatobird

    Potatobird Haxor Forum Moderator Mapping Moderator Tester Official Server Admin

    I can see the ridiculous leetspeak cuss words filling the chat already
  3. blackjoker77777

    blackjoker77777 Haxor Tester
    1. Zen Laboratories

    I frankly was about to suggest that after reading all that conversation, two seconds later I noticed your post.
    But seriously, sarcasm aside, using the chat filter could be a viable option, just try it out for a month or so on the official servers and the amount of players using inappropriate terms would reduce eventually (either that or they're going to use them even more to have a 'funnier' senseless conversation) but still worth a shot IMHO. :^)
    E: about leetspeak, I believe having it used is much more acceptable than having swearing words/slurs being used publicly, because simply no one takes them as real offences. They seem to reflect trolling behaviour more than the agressive or serious one, that's what I think at least.
    Last edited: Aug 26, 2016
  4. Blue_Tiger

    Blue_Tiger Bison Rider Tester

    Please don't. There's nothing worse than a chat filter. I understand the argument of "don't use 'nigger', 'faggot', etc" (not saying I agree) but to not be able to swear is just retarded.

    No one takes a swearword offensively. Do you really take offence when someone says "fuck", "shit", "cunt"? The only time I ever get offended in this game is when someone is legitimately attacking me with real meaning. Not when someone uses a set of words that carry absolutely no meaning.

    If you want your stupid obnoxious chat filter, there's already one available to you - don't force me to use it. Thanks.
  5. blackjoker77777

    blackjoker77777 Haxor Tester
    1. Zen Laboratories

    You're basically saying that you prefer being forcefully muted instead of being forced not to use swearwords?
    Yeah, yeah makes sense. :^)
  6. Blue_Tiger

    Blue_Tiger Bison Rider Tester

    What? How did you come to that conclusion? Swearing is allowed. No one gets muted for swearing. You get muted, apparently, for using the single word 'nigger' (and no other). If I were getting muted because I swore, I would have stopped playing KAG years ago.
    --- Double Post Merged, Sep 3, 2016, Original Post Date: Aug 26, 2016 ---
    Got something new to add to the collection. Was playing on CTF EU, having a lot of fun, no griefing, no spamming, nothing. At the start of the round, I built some stupid cancer-tower thing where you build a 1-wide tower up to the top. After the match started, RA was abusing it like fuck and was I realised it would be better to remove it and replace it, so at about halfway up the tower, I collapsed it (at this point, the enemy had a bunch of blocks up it so they can climb over it easy anyway, and we had no way up because they destroyed all our ladders). I then replaced it with platforms and shit, but it didn't really help and the enemy took our flag anyway. Some idiot decided to start a votekick on me, whereby no one actually voted in favour. But @SAcptm decides to abuse his power and the fact I did something that, if you're retarded af, could call griefing to ban me for the day. Sigh. Was having fun playing some KAG, now I'm bored again. Maybe I should record while shitmins are in the same server as me cus logs suck:

    [00:49:45] --- A vote was started by hankkane ---
    [00:49:46] <GUCCI theprojr> BITCH
    [00:49:48] --- SAcptm Voted In Favour ---
    [00:49:48] --- Blue_Tiger Voted Against ---
    [00:49:50] <[KtK] Trump> uh k
    [00:49:51] --- hankkane Voted In Favour ---
    [00:49:53] --- theprojr Voted Against ---
    [00:49:54] <FAST! Toshiki Kadomatsu> i will 911 their ass
    [00:49:54] --- Epicman635 Voted Against ---
    [00:49:57] <[KtK] Trump> im a griefer for destryoing my own cancer wall
    [00:49:58] <[KtK] Trump> seems good
    [00:49:58] <SuperflySS> Trump is best
    [00:50:04] --- Goblin_king Voted Against ---
    [00:50:07] <[KtK] Trump> SOMEONE KILL HIM
    [00:50:11] <[BoW] Sac> oh you knocked it down?
    [00:50:15] --- Vote failed: 2 vs 4 ---
    [00:50:20] <[ARC! [DPR] Coroz> it was a shit tower
    [00:50:20] Epicman635 left the game
    [00:50:24] <[ARC! [DPR] Coroz> but malt griefed it
    [00:50:30] <[KtK] Trump> i put platform there instead
    [00:50:35] * Teams are way imbalanced due to players leaving...
    [00:50:35] * Remember, swapping to the smaller team makes you a better person!
    [00:50:36] Hella connected as Hecka
    [00:50:37] Hecka (Hella) has joined Red Team
    [00:50:39] <[BoW] Sac> it was, but it was more use to us as something to improve than collapse over our flag room
    [00:50:46] <[BoW] Sac> and building something doesnt entitle you to collapse it
    [00:50:49] Red Team's flag has been picked up by RadioActive!
    [00:50:50] <Hecka> mmhm
    [00:50:53] <[BoW] Sac> so go away until tommorow please malt
    [00:50:55] <[KtK] Trump> LOL
    [00:50:56] <[KtK] Trump> wot
    [00:51:00] <[KtK] Trump> wait sac

    Oh, and as you can see by those logs, Sac didn't even realise what I did - he just voted in favour anyway. Once he realised he had an excuse to kick me, he jumped on it. Gotta love it. Fuck you Sac <3.
  7. SAcptm

    SAcptm Haxor Staff Alumni

    Hi maltager

    I've much more tolerance for your antics than most admins, I'm generally happy to leave you alone if you're being funny and the server at large isn't bothered by you.

    Over ~20 minutes of play you did a few things that led to your tempban. When I joined you were trying to convince Coroz to ban various people for offences you made up. Judging by his response he seemed to be taking you seriously which you seemed to recognise and continued. Here's a couple examples:
    [00:29:24] <[KtK] Trump> hi sac
    [00:29:31] <[KtK] Trump> bob is glitch abusing
    [00:30:14] <[KtK] Trump> wtf ra hacker
    [00:30:16] <[KtK] Trump> doesnt die to jabs?
    [00:30:53] <[KtK] Trump> hacker
    [00:31:01] <[KtK] Trump> coroz, reed just admitted to hcaking
    [00:32:24] <[KtK] Trump> coroz, stop sucking at kag and ban the hackers
    [00:32:49] <[ARC! [DPR] Coroz> i dont see any hacks
    [00:33:07] <GUCCI theprojr> WTF
    [00:33:09] <[KtK] Trump> then you are blind to the turth
    [00:33:11] <[KtK] Trump> truth*
    [00:35:14] <[KtK] Trump> psi look at this griefer
    [00:38:13] <[KtK] Trump> wtf
    [00:38:16] <[KtK] Trump> whyo put that fuckign mine there
    [00:38:17] <SuperflySS> I'm the real hacker here
    [00:38:25] <[KtK] Trump> coroz, superfly just admitted to hacking
    [00:38:26] <[KtK] Trump> ban him
    [00:39:20] <[KtK] Trump> see coroz
    [00:39:21] <[KtK] Trump> ban him
    I let it slide because the other admin wasn't in the process of freezing/kicking anyone based on what you said and I assumed he could guess you were trolling (had it been otherwise I would have stepped in).

    You also started fraudulent votekicks against other players:
    [00:39:28] --- A vote was started by Blue_Tiger ---
    [00:39:29] --- Blue_Tiger Voted Against ---
    Again I left you alone because the vote wasn't going to succeed and the person you voted to kick took it in his stride and didn't seem too upset.

    Then you collapsed your team's tower (above the flags, as you know collapses cause structural damage to things below). Now your defence seems to be that you built the tower, which isn't an excuse. Also that it was a bad tower, which again isn't an excuse because it wasn't so bad that we were better off having it collapse and kill our team & destroy the flagroom below. Finally that you were attempting to remedy the situation but were unfortunately killed. I have only your word for your intentions but given that you already have a very long list of past offences you aren't really a good candidate for the benefit of the doubt.

    You might feel aggrieved because no individual offence warrants a 1 day ban on it's own. But given your cumulative actions, especially viewed in light of your long rap sheet, I'm satisfied that this is reasonable in the circumstances. As I said you're welcome back tomorrow if you want to keep playing and I certainly won't give you any trouble as long as you're being chill or at least as long as your trolling is harmless and/or in good humour.
  8. Blue_Tiger

    Blue_Tiger Bison Rider Tester

    Okay so firstly, I didn't think Coroz was taking it seriously. Maybe the first time but beyond that, it's obvious I'm joking. Secondly, if you want to use that shit against me, then maybe give me a warning first - I thought I was completely fine doing that. Thirdly, you even joined in at one point:

    [00:37:26] <[KtK] Trump> he admitted to hacking
    [00:37:29] <SuperflySS> Everyone must of accidently pressed p
    [00:37:34] <[KtK] Trump> see
    [00:37:34] <[BoW] Sac> do you hack matlager
    [00:37:39] <[KtK] Trump> no
    [00:37:43] <[KtK] Trump> why would you suggest sucha thing?
    [00:37:44] <FAST! Toshiki Kadomatsu> shut up matlager
    [00:37:48] <[BoW] Sac> his story checks out
    [00:37:52] <[KtK] Trump> :)

    Also, the votekick was on my friend, Superfly. He was completely cool with it, everyone voted against and I knew they would because of the people in the server (me, him, you, coroz, psiklaw, ra), there is a majority of people with braincells. Even if it was looking like it was gonna pass, there were 2 admins there who could cancel. As well as that, most admins believe in democracy anyway - if a vote goes for someone, they just let it run, even if they didn't do anything wrong. Now, instead of this democracy BS, you're doing the opposite and punishing me? Makes sense.

    Anyway, apart from all the other excuses you have to kick me, the tower looked like this:


    So your reasoning that the tower would break our flag base is complete bullshit. Blocks only fall vertically down and it also requires a lot of blocks to break another block so it only destroyed one block of the tower (the one below where I digged).

    Finally, if you want to catch a griefer, you need to go inside the mind of a griefer. What do griefers enjoy doing? Doing shit and not getting caught (or at least trying to not get caught for as long as possible). Do you think destroying a tower and openly saying you did it and then immediately replacing it with something that might just save the game (it didn't in this case but we would have lost anyway) is what a griefer would do? Also note that I haven't griefed for months. I only griefed for like a week because reasons and then I stopped completely - but I guess you didn't notice that which is fair enough.
    --- Double Post Merged, Sep 13, 2016, Original Post Date: Sep 3, 2016 ---
    I joined AUS CTF today, someone was muted so I wrote "[Player not muted on this server]". Then some admin muted me, lol. There were 3 admins on at the time but I think it was Dar because of the way he acted.

    [11:49:56] Connecting to... KAG Official CTF AUS
    [11:49:57] Connecting to
    [11:50:06] PatchesORiginal has joined Blue Team
    [11:50:06] PatchesORiginal connected
    [11:50:06] Dar (Darruin) has joined Blue Team
    [11:50:06] Darruin connected as Dar
    [11:50:06] monk (Monkey_Feats) has joined Red Team
    [11:50:06] Monkey_Feats connected as monk
    [11:50:06] Jpeg (jibbo) has joined Red Team
    [11:50:06] jibbo connected as Jpeg
    [11:50:06] WallSlasher - Johan (WallSlasher) has joined Blue Team
    [11:50:06] WallSlasher connected as WallSlasher - Johan
    [11:50:06] Terabite (Batman1) has joined Blue Team
    [11:50:06] Batman1 connected as Terabite
    [11:50:06] cincoscuencas has joined Red Team
    [11:50:06] cincoscuencas connected
    [11:50:06] JokHad (JockHard) has joined Red Team
    [11:50:06] JockHard connected as JokHad
    [11:50:06] Ace (Ace52) has joined Red Team
    [11:50:06] Ace52 connected as Ace
    [11:50:06] JayP (JayP9) has joined Blue Team
    [11:50:06] JayP9 connected as JayP
    [11:50:06] ghg14a (akr) has joined Blue Team
    [11:50:06] akr connected as ghg14a
    [11:50:06] Ocelot (mrmcatister) has joined Red Team
    [11:50:06] mrmcatister connected as Ocelot
    [11:50:06] pUnk (PUNK123) has joined Red Team
    [11:50:06] PUNK123 connected as pUnk
    [11:50:06] Shifteh_Clickeh has joined Blue Team
    [11:50:06] Shifteh_Clickeh connected
    [11:50:06] SomeoneWeird has joined Red Team
    [11:50:06] SomeoneWeird connected
    [11:50:06] Blue_Tiger connected as Maltager
    [11:50:07] Maltager (Blue_Tiger) has joined Blue Team
    [11:50:20] <[PAU] cincoscuencas> jayp nub
    [11:50:30] <SomeoneWeird> got u dar
    [11:50:34] <Dar> * everyone use the cata and we win *
    [11:50:47] <Dar> * mfw jay *
    [11:50:47] <Ocelot> [Player muted on this server]
    [11:50:51] <ETHER JayP> * fuck *
    [11:50:56] <ETHER JayP> * bad timing *
    [11:50:56] <[CEO] Maltager> haha mtued
    [11:51:00] --- Vote "Kick JockHard?" was started by Monkey_Feats. Reason: AFK ---
    [11:51:01] <Shifteh_Clickeh> the builder didnt launch me full
    [11:51:01] <[CEO] Maltager> [Player not muted ont his server]
    [11:51:04] <Shifteh_Clickeh> so keg didnt splode
    [11:51:08] <[CEO] Maltager> [Player not muted on this server]
    [11:51:11] <Terabite> i will bury u
    [11:51:11] <PatchesORiginal> NO BULLYING
    [11:51:14] <TOXIC Jpeg> maybe stick with builder nub
    [11:51:25] Red Team's flag has been picked up by JayP9!
    [11:51:28] <Dar> just kick him monkey you're an admin lmao
    [11:51:30] --- Vote passed: 3 vs 1 ---
    [11:51:30] Votekick passed! JockHard will be kicked out.
    [11:51:30] JockHard left the game
    [11:51:43] <Shifteh_Clickeh> GG HAHAHAH
    [11:51:50] <Shifteh_Clickeh> GG
    [11:51:56] <Shifteh_Clickeh> NICE WORK BOI
    [11:51:57] <5maps pUnk> bs
    [11:52:01] <Terabite> gg guys xD
    [11:52:03] <[CEO] Maltager> [Player muted on this server]
    [11:52:06] Monkey_Feats left the game
    [11:52:10] * Teams are way imbalanced due to players leaving...
    [11:52:10] * Remember, swapping to the smaller team makes you a better person!
    [11:52:17] <WallSlasher - Johan> * no gold *
    [11:52:20] Red Team's flag has been captured by JayP9!
    [11:52:27] <PatchesORiginal> nub
    [11:52:28] <PatchesORiginal> LOL
    [11:52:30] * Teams are way imbalanced due to players leaving...
    [11:52:30] * Remember, swapping to the smaller team makes you a better person!
    [11:52:35] * Scrambling the teams...
    [11:52:35] Dar (Darruin) has joined Red Team
    [11:52:35] WallSlasher - Johan (WallSlasher) has joined Red Team
    [11:52:35] Terabite (Batman1) has joined Red Team
    [11:52:35] cincoscuencas has joined Blue Team
    [11:52:35] Ace (Ace52) has joined Blue Team
    [11:52:35] ghg14a (akr) has joined Red Team
    [11:52:35] Ocelot (mrmcatister) has joined Blue Team
    [11:52:35] pUnk (PUNK123) has joined Blue Team
    [11:52:35] Maltager (Blue_Tiger) has joined Red Team
    [11:52:35] <Terabite> hahaha nice
    [11:52:36] Ace52 left the game
    [11:52:41] cincoscuencas left the game
    [11:52:44] <Ocelot> [Player muted on this server]
    [11:52:45] PUNK123 left the game
    [11:52:53] * Teams are way imbalanced due to players leaving...
    [11:52:53] * Remember, swapping to the smaller team makes you a better person!
    [11:52:54] <Shifteh_Clickeh> WTF 4 V 7
    [11:52:55] PatchesORiginal left the game
    [11:53:06] WallSlasher left the game
    [11:53:12] <Shifteh_Clickeh> 3 V 7
    [11:53:13] * Teams are way imbalanced due to players leaving...
    [11:53:13] * Remember, swapping to the smaller team makes you a better person!
    [11:53:14] <SomeoneWeird> its fiar
    [11:53:17] <SomeoneWeird> fair even
    [11:53:33] * Teams are way imbalanced due to players leaving...
    [11:53:33] * Remember, swapping to the smaller team makes you a better person!
    [11:53:33] mrmcatister left the game
    [11:53:40] Jpeg (jibbo) has joined Blue Team
    [11:53:42] <SomeoneWeird> 6v2
    [11:53:53] * Teams are way imbalanced due to players leaving...
    [11:53:53] * Remember, swapping to the smaller team makes you a better person!
    [11:54:04] jibbo left the game
    [11:54:10] icecreaman connected as Keifre
    [11:54:12] Keifre (icecreaman) has joined Blue Team
    [11:54:12] * Teams are way imbalanced due to players leaving...
    [11:54:12] * Remember, swapping to the smaller team makes you a better person!
    [11:54:19] Terabite (Batman1) has joined Blue Team
    [11:54:33] Ace52 connected as Ace
    [11:54:34] Ace (Ace52) has joined Red Team
    [11:54:42] <[CEO] Maltager> [Player muted on this server]
    [11:54:47] <SomeoneWeird> hahahaha
    [11:55:15] <SomeoneWeird> * stop *
    [11:55:24] <Dar> why
    [11:55:30] Catmonger connected as nignog
    [11:55:31] nignog (Catmonger) has joined Blue Team

    Pic from after when I made an "unmute" sign:
  9. Darruin

    Darruin Bison Rider Staff Alumni

    Left out the part where you tked me while I was typing for no reason? Hence the "why." And no it wasn't me who muted you.
  10. Blue_Tiger

    Blue_Tiger Bison Rider Tester

    That was after everything and considering I didn't include the part where you banned me, it doesn't matter. And I TK'd you because you were being a dick, that is not "no reason". It was in build time and you were just standing around anyway, hardly worth addressing.
  11. Darruin

    Darruin Bison Rider Staff Alumni

    The point is that it wasn't me who muted you (if you even were). I was under the impression you were pretending because of your earlier messages. No idea why you're so upset I emote flipped you off while I was waiting for build time to end.
  12. PUNK123

    PUNK123 Hella wRangler Staff Alumni Tester

    [03:01:31] <Dar> we're testing it for a report
    [03:01:33] <5maps pUnk> ban for bug abuse
    [03:01:33] Red Team's flag has been picked up by Croco-Dile!
    [03:01:35] <5maps pUnk> 20 days
    [03:01:36] * Teams are way imbalanced due to players leaving...
    [03:01:36] * Remember, swapping to the smaller team makes you a better person!
    [03:01:37] <Dar> don't announce it publicly
    [03:01:41] <5maps pUnk> it isnt new
    [03:01:45] <Dar> or ill mute you
    [03:01:46] <5maps pUnk> you freaking retard
    [03:01:47] Red Team's flag has been captured by Kububv!
    [03:01:56] * Teams are way imbalanced due to players leaving...
    [03:01:56] * Remember, swapping to the smaller team makes you a better person!
    [03:01:59] <TOXIC Cruxiat> What are you testing it for Dar?
    [03:02:08] <Dar> nevermind
    [03:02:08] <5maps pUnk> ill say whatever i want regarding bugs
    [03:02:10] * Balancing Croco-Dile to Red Team
    [03:02:10] Krocco (Croco-Dile) has joined Red Team
    [03:02:12] <5maps pUnk> especially when it is known
    [03:02:15] <TOXIC epsilon> DARRR
    [03:02:16] <Dar> not publicly you won't
    [03:02:21] pig connected as monkeyboy10
    [03:02:24] monkeyboy10 (pig) has joined Blue Team
    [03:02:27] <5maps pUnk> SO I CANT PUBLICLY SPEAK ABOUT BUGS
    [03:02:33] <5maps pUnk> BUT YOU CAN TEST THEM ON OFFICIAL
    [03:02:41] <Dar> no you can't tell others how to glitch
    First off the bug theyre testing is old as fuck and has been posted in a build thread before(i distinctly remember it and if need be ill find it) and second muting is for abusive behavior of chat not discussing bugs. Im getting more and more annoyed with people trying to silence bug discussion, first it was @Furai and now it is apparently AUSmins. Admins always get on my nerves when they try to define rules their own way. Speaking of admin related things can I get a few things: an updated admin list, what rules they have to follow when you create them, and what constitutes a good enough reason to cancel a vote. Two days ago, i think it was, a well-known griefer used platforms to stop our entire team from defending and an admin cancelled the vote because he "didnt feel like[redacted] was doing that because he is a team-player". I dont know how you would decide this honestly, im confused what would make cancelling the vote justified. Some feel votekicks shouldnt even happen when admins are on the server, but im of the opinion that if a team is sure of a player griefing then the vote should be allowed to go through unless the admin sees otherwise. On one hand you can make the claim that an admin ban is worth more than a 15-30 minute kick, BUT from experience i must say griefers usually dont grief infront of admins(hence why @toothgrinderx was under the assumption that the player was a model person).

    Edit: here is the post i distinctly remembered:[​IMG]
    Last edited: Sep 23, 2016
  13. Darruin

    Darruin Bison Rider Staff Alumni

    First of all you really need to learn to condense your points, it's really annoying to have to read through all of that. Second of all the bug we were testing isn't that well known at least amongst AU players. In all my hours I've never seen it before and only learnt about it earlier today when I was in a US server. So as an admin am I supposed to sit back and let players spread information of how to glitch? No, I don't think so. I think it's common sense to mute them.
  14. PUNK123

    PUNK123 Hella wRangler Staff Alumni Tester

    My post isnt just for you Dar. I want to discuss the entire situation, and the way people treat discussion of bugs, not just how you were wrong in this situation. As for the Second point: simple put yes. A discussion of a buggy mechanic in kag and why it is buggy can be helpful. Even if it isnt helpful stopping discussion because you feel like someone somewhere might abuse it is really not your place to decide(atleast in my eyes). Frankly i was more annoyed at the hypocrisy that Admins could do bugs on official server because "testing" while i cant even discuss the bug you are "testing".
  15. Darruin

    Darruin Bison Rider Staff Alumni

    There's a difference between doing bugs and testing them for a report. Anyway, I don't see what good it does to tell others how to perform bugs, as you would like to do. Detrimental to the enjoyment of the game for the players imo. It's not hypocritical at all because I wouldn't care if you did the exact thing we were doing and you recorded a bug for a report.
  16. PUNK123

    PUNK123 Hella wRangler Staff Alumni Tester

    Morally sure, but if using bugs on official servers are against the rules then why are you doing it at all. I never attempted to tell anyone how to do the bug, i was merely surprised that a pair of admins were doing a bug in the middle of a server(the same server where someone else got banned for playing with bugs). Even if i wanted to where is the harm, maybe they want to test it themselves why is the information only privileged to you(in your mind that is). You assuming my intentions, and then trying to punish me for them, is not my fault.

    Also let me explain completely why it is hypocritical. If admins are against bugs being used on official then why are they doing them at all? Also there is this tidbit i got from discussing the situation with a friend
    its an offical server, if you do something on there, its for everbody to see. If your going to test it and you don't want people to see, do it on your own server or go onto an empty server
    Hypocritical completely because you do not want people to have knowledge of a bug yet you are testing it on a public server.

    My main point: discussion is helpful for a lot of things. For instance I wouldnt have realize the issue with the final frame slash cancel if it wasnt for a discussion with @an_obamanation and I wouldnt have linked the issue with knight's slash cancel and archer's arrow cancel without discussion of bugs on the forum.
  17. Darruin

    Darruin Bison Rider Staff Alumni

    I still don't see the hypocrisy. There's no way someone (with no prior knowledge) would understand what we were doing in the ~10 seconds of testing we did for video evidence. It's not equal at all to explicitly stating how to replicate it. You seem to be ok with everyone knowing everything; why? There's a percentage of the community who would abuse when nobodies watching, so in my view it should be discussed with developers or trusted players only. Not announced in public chat. And I think most people would agree with me on that.
  18. PUNK123

    PUNK123 Hella wRangler Staff Alumni Tester

    It was plain to see you were breaking blocks in each other's hands. Maybe they wouldnt make the connection that it was mat-farming maybe they would, but you cant expect everyone in kag to be brainless and blind. And you certainly cant expect to join an official server, mess around with a bug, and have everyone be silent about said bug. Also, what is the big difference between me explicitly stating how to replicate it in a 4 person server and you posting a report on this forum. Or were you planning on submitting to a tester-only type of thing? Regardless, it isnt your decision to mute someone, or threaten to mute someone, because you dont trust the community as a whole. Me talking about the bug ingame will have about as much of an affect as me posting a report on the forum in the subsection, so I dont really see the difference.
    Because I see what discussion does and I like it. It helps me understand what is completely borked and what is generally not that bad. It, like discussion in real life, helps me decide right from wrong in my actions. Only telling "trusted" members and devs really limits things and could only really be viable, in my opinion, if developers could actually fix all the broken things ingame. To be completely honest i find that discussion of all bugs is needed to decide which ones are fair game to use and which ones actually deserve bans. That is just my opinion though. Finally, you can have your opinion all you want but taking that opinion and deciding i should be silenced is a different matter.
  19. Geti

    Geti Please avoid PMing me (poke a mod instead) THD Team Administrator Global Moderator

    (I'm pretty sure that bug was fixed a while ago, might have been broken by intermittent changes to the builder hitting code - it's back on the list. Hitting items in peoples hands in general is almost universally dumb)
  20. jimmyzoudcba

    jimmyzoudcba Haxor Tester

    As a reply to the posts above I honestly think all great general knowledge about that would be a lot better than accidentally mining your teammate's blcok and the kid yelling "OMG! BUG HAND GRIEF !@#$"
    Knowledge is power.