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KAG Official servers ban appeals

Discussion in 'Help' started by Furai, Sep 30, 2014.

Mods: makmoud98, Mazey
  1. PUNK123

    PUNK123 Hella wRangler Staff Alumni Tester

    Did you not read the chatlogs before you started whining? For instance you were spamming the muted message with the word "NIGGERS" at the end of it? Or do you just want to complain because an admin actually dealt with the cancer that you bring to public servers? You also forgot to mention that you built a swatzika after the admin left. Frankly if someone is flooding a server with spam they atleast deserves a 1 day ban. I honestly dont get the insane difficulty of checking logs to just give all the crappy spammers a temp ban(though i understand there probably isnt enough people in this community willing to do something so tedious).
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  2. kreblthis

    kreblthis Shark Slayer

    I didn't spam it, wrote it ONE time
    [05:04:15] <Apex [ª] Imperium> [Player muted on this siggity swaggity 'server]
    [05:04:16] <Hans Smooth> [Player is muted on this NIGGERS]
    [05:04:21] <Hans Smooth> [Player muted on this server]
    [05:05:33] <Hans Smooth> [Player muted on this server]

    Its called Swastika/Hakenkreuz also OY VEY ITS LIKE ANOTHER SHOA
    And i didnt't build any after the admin left cause he was present all the time i was on the server.

    Shittalking in chat is a fun part of this game, if you dont like it you should move on to another game.
  3. Potatobird

    Potatobird Bison Rider Forum Moderator Mapping Moderator Tester Official Server Admin

    Are you banking on nobody even glancing at the logs or something? I don't get why so many clowns have been posting things exactly like this lately.

    Spamming slurs is not shittalking. It's being a pain in the ass. Nobody wants to read your edgelord spam, so if you're going to do that, you're going to get muted. If you don't like it you should move on to another game. Or even another server within the game, but you can't do that on officials.
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  4. kreblthis

    kreblthis Shark Slayer

    I spammed "niggers" but i didn't spam the muted message with "NIGGERS" at the end of it ::):

    Well thats like uh, your opinion man.
  5. Otachimon

    Otachimon Catapult Fodder

    Hello. I was banned on the KAG Official CTF US No. 2, for what I believe was idling during a game. I realize that what I did was inconsiderate and I know that a lot of people like to get on these servers, and it's selfish to idle. That being said.. I am sorry that I idled on the server, and I will be sure I disconnect from the server completely the next time I need to do something.

    I would appreciate an unban, for this is my favorite server.. and the only one that plays good maps!
    I resolve not to idle again on your server. I sincerely apologize.

    Thank you!
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  6. Potatobird

    Potatobird Bison Rider Forum Moderator Mapping Moderator Tester Official Server Admin

    Are you sure it wasn't simply a kick? They're given out automatically for idling, and they don't last too long. Try rejoining now or in a bit.
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  7. Kazaco97

    Kazaco97 Bison Rider Global Moderator Forum Moderator

    I just checked and the ban expired so you should be able to join the server. It was probably a vote-kick which results in a 30 minute ban for future reference.

    Have fun! =)
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  8. Raigbox

    Raigbox Shipwright

    just got kicked/banned from official aus because someone popped a keg in the base and i tried to run out to stop it.
    --- Double Post Merged, Oct 21, 2016, Original Post Date: Oct 21, 2016 ---
    can someone please do something about this bullshit
  9. 8x

    8x Elimination Et Choix Traduisant la Realité Forum Moderator Tester Official Server Admin
    1. The Young Blood Collective - [YB]

    Get us some logs, usernames etc, who kicked you. By this time however I bet the ban has already expired.
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  10. Raigbox

    Raigbox Shipwright

    This votekick system is so shit
  11. Blue_Tiger

    Blue_Tiger Bison Rider Tester

    10/10 ban appeal. Furai, unban this man at once.
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  12. Raigbox

    Raigbox Shipwright

    Anyone can start a votekick and everyone will vote yes. Then you get to enjoy a 30min ban
  13. pwingels

    pwingels Shipwright

    Hi, this is my ban appeal. I was banned i think two years ago for speedhacking. It was 2 other people and I speedhacking just digging around and an admin joined and banned us on the spot. There was a video but i can't find it. It was only us messing around, i never used it to cheat. I'm sorry for using it and i never will again if you decide to unban me.
  14. Furai

    Furai THD Team THD Team Administrator

    No, I'm not going to unban you. If I did I'd have to unban all the speedhackers that I ever came across. Ban stays intact.
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  15. frankgrimes

    frankgrimes Bison Rider

    I got banned on a CTF server, I logged on and killed someone trying to place some spikes and I got banned. I quit drinking so hopefully that helps next time. Plz unban luv u KAG gods...
  16. 8x

    8x Elimination Et Choix Traduisant la Realité Forum Moderator Tester Official Server Admin
    1. The Young Blood Collective - [YB]

    Hello frankgrimes,
    I joined the server and I saw you teamkilled "Mr.Bleedz" iirc with dropping spikes. Then right after that you left the server, and "Mr.Bleedz" was kind of upset, which made me think you both were not really playing around consciously and you're a regular player who knows how to place spikes :>. I banned you 180 minutes in that exact server, for what I understood was teamkilling deliberatedly and leaving right after. If you hadn't left it would have been more chill, as tks happen often and we're sorry to kill our teamies for a mistake or a chaotic keg and whatnot...

    Moreover, I found this on the logs:
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  17. cheffplayer2

    cheffplayer2 Catapult Fodder

    some moderator banned me for 3 days for "keg feeding" in the CFT US no.2 server. Enemies were at our flag so I got a keg to go blow their tunnels up and some guy was hiding way up above our base and jumped on me and hit me which caused my keg to drop and he lit it but luckily it didn't cause our flag to be capped. mod froze me and yelled at me. tried explaining to him but he banned me. not sure what his name is, fezzherndre or whatever. unfortunately my shadowplay wasn't on since nvidia wants me to always be logged in to Geforce Experience which I keep forgetting to do.
    edit: my ign is hydratradetf

    [21:30:31] Map: 4zK_Rorschach
    [21:30:31] * Scrambling the teams...
    [21:30:56] --- A vote was started by Hydratradetf ---
    [21:30:57] --- Hydratradetf Voted In Favour ---
    [21:30:58] --- EvoGamer224 Voted Against ---
    [21:30:58] --- SimonPetrikov19 Voted In Favour ---
    [21:30:58] --- DAKUDDA Voted Against ---
    [21:30:58] --- dakslasher Voted Against ---
    [21:30:59] --- Snapple Voted Against ---
    [21:30:59] --- Vidar Voted In Favour ---
    [21:31:00] --- XxdragonedgexX Voted Against ---
    [21:31:01] --- Wizetree Voted In Favour ---
    [21:31:04] TheApples connected as We lit
    [21:31:05] We lit (TheApples) has joined Blue Team
    [21:31:07] <gorillaz redtoilet> cave maps are the flipping best friends
    [21:31:08] --- Dudemanjude Voted Against ---
    [21:31:11] --- masterdragon Voted Against ---
    [21:31:13] --- jon_the_literal_noob Voted Against ---
    [21:31:14] <We lit> what is this map?
    [21:31:14] <gorillaz redtoilet> n*a
    [21:31:15] <8s Toni> no
    [21:31:18] <We lit> this cool as poop lol
    [21:31:22] --- holly33 Voted Against ---
    [21:31:22] --- Vote failed: 4 vs 9 (out of 16) ---
    [21:31:22] Hydra | trade.tf (Hydratradetf) needs to take a spoonful of cement! Play on!
    [21:31:29] <CLUCK Sapientia> its called skyrat paradise
    [21:31:38] <We lit> nice name
    [21:32:20] <CLUCK Sapientia> i smell a fire brewing
    [21:32:30] Waxtor connected
    [21:32:32] Waxtor has joined Red Team
    [21:33:28] NTPfun connected as BandOfNorris
    [21:33:31] BandOfNorris (NTPfun) has joined Red Team
    [21:34:37] FM connected as Dead of Political Co
    [21:34:38] Dead of Political Co (FM) has joined Blue Team
    [21:35:09] <Gado D +Holly> fuck
    [21:35:09] <emacs> thatnk you
    [21:36:09] <Hydra | trade.tf> noob
    [21:36:14] <Gado D +Holly> xiu
    [21:36:42] Red Team's flag has been picked up by holly33!
    [21:36:57] Red Team's flag has been captured by DAKUDDA!
    [21:37:06] kingrattatouitheV left the game
    [21:37:40] <Gado D +Holly> eu
    [21:37:44] <XxdragonedgexX> dont do that man
    [21:37:49] <ae Waxtor> whos alt is holly
    [21:37:55] <gorillaz redtoilet> god
    [21:38:03] <Gado D +Holly> wot
    [21:38:14] TheApples left the game
    [21:38:20] <Gado D +Holly> gorm
    [21:39:06] FOXMeda left the game
    [21:39:17] <8s Toni> lol
    [21:39:30] <Evo!> GAMEPLAY
    [21:39:43] <Hydra | trade.tf> WHAT TH
    [21:39:54] <XxdragonedgexX> dont leave me man
    [21:39:56] <XxdragonedgexX> dont do it man
    [21:40:00] <Hydra | trade.tf> i almost said the n word but i see a moderator in here
    [21:40:05] HeyimN00b connected
    [21:40:07] HeyimN00b has joined Blue Team
    [21:40:09] <XxdragonedgexX> niiiii
    [21:40:10] <XxdragonedgexX> nigeria
    [21:40:31] Ferrezinhre connected
    [21:40:32] Ferrezinhre has joined Blue Team
    [21:40:41] Xenophic connected as JoshBoshGames
    [21:40:43] Stormtrooper9999 connected as Stormtrooper №9999
    [21:40:44] JoshBoshGames (Xenophic) has joined Red Team
    [21:40:46] Stormtrooper №9999 (Stormtrooper9999) has joined Blue Team
    [21:41:47] Xenophic left the game
    [21:41:58] <Gado D +Holly> wot
    [21:41:59] <XxdragonedgexX> ow
    [21:42:08] * Balancing Ferrezinhre to Red Team
    [21:42:08] Ferrezinhre has joined Red Team
    [21:42:11] <Hydra | trade.tf> wth
    [21:42:28] * Switching HeyimN00b back to Blue Team - teams unbalanced
    [21:42:37] <Hydra | trade.tf> NOOB KEG
    [21:42:37] <Gado D +Holly> yea
    [21:42:39] <Gado D +Holly> ;-'
    [21:43:17] <XxdragonedgexX> doors
    [21:43:20] <8s Toni> EW
    [21:43:21] <8s Toni> I HATE
    [21:44:04] <ae Waxtor> :)
    [21:44:19] <Vidar> this map is cancer
    [21:44:26] <hooman BandOfNorris> it's good cancer
    [21:44:27] <gorillaz redtoilet> YOU TAKE MY BOMBS I TAKE YOUR LIVES
    [21:44:37] <gorillaz redtoilet> NIGGA
    [21:44:42] <ae Waxtor> imagine alting for kdr stats
    [21:45:03] <dd Magic Blue> * They're under our base. *
    [21:45:07] <Hydra | trade.tf> * get rid of that trap *
    [21:45:13] Stormtrooper9999 left the game
    [21:45:30] <Ferrezinhre> there is many ways to bost inner retardness waxtor
    [21:45:32] invisible_sasaki connected
    [21:45:34] invisible_sasaki has joined Blue Team
    [21:45:36] <hooman BandOfNorris> * HELP *
    [21:45:37] <hooman BandOfNorris> * HELP *
    [21:45:42] <Ferrezinhre> make alt is one of this
    [21:45:55] <emacs> ill hold em
    [21:46:05] <XxdragonedgexX> aw
    [21:46:09] <ae Waxtor> * jesus *
    [21:46:12] <XxdragonedgexX> my arrows
    [21:46:28] <Hydra | trade.tf> no n word
    [21:46:28] <gorillaz redtoilet> NIGGER
    [21:46:31] <Hydra | trade.tf> zomg
    [21:46:38] <ae Waxtor> LMAO
    [21:46:40] <Hydra | trade.tf> do something admin
    [21:46:46] <Gado D +Holly> ez
    [21:46:53] <ae Waxtor> Enough redtoilet
    [21:47:08] <XxdragonedgexX> kek
    [21:47:08] <gorillaz redtoilet> you disgusting fucc i am literally african american
    [21:47:15] Red Team's flag has been picked up by jon_the_literal_noob!
    [21:47:25] <gorillaz redtoilet> white people gay tbh
    [21:47:31] Red Team's flag has been returned!
    [21:47:36] HeyimN00b left the game
    [21:47:50] Vetteran connected
    [21:47:52] Vetteran has joined Blue Team
    [21:47:57] MARIGUNA connected
    [21:47:58] MARIGUNA has joined Red Team
    [21:48:02] <Ferrezinhre> how about begin nice it isn't so hard
    [21:48:07] <8s Toni> opem thjat wall
    [21:48:14] <Hydra | trade.tf> shut up ferrezingre
    [21:48:36] <Gado D +Holly> OWWWWWWW
    [21:48:37] <ae Waxtor> tez
    [21:48:39] <gorillaz redtoilet> broken english 10
    [21:48:41] <Gado D +Holly> EZ
    [21:48:42] <Gado D +Holly> '='
    [21:48:43] <Gado D +Holly> NICE
    [21:48:46] <Gado D +Holly> NICE KEG
    [21:48:51] <ae Waxtor> That was indended alt
    [21:48:52] <8s Toni> lol
    [21:48:54] <Hydra | trade.tf> WTH
    [21:48:59] <Ferrezinhre> oh hydra feeding keegs to enemy
    [21:49:05] <Hydra | trade.tf> no
    [21:49:05] <hooman BandOfNorris> * rest shop? *
    [21:49:07] <Ferrezinhre> enjoy 3 days ban again
    [21:49:12] <Hydra | trade.tf> i wasnt
    [21:49:17] <Ferrezinhre> lies
    [21:49:21] <Hydra | trade.tf> they hit me
    [21:49:25] <Hydra | trade.tf> maade me drop keg
    [21:49:32] <Ferrezinhre> you ran into them with keg
    [21:49:32] <[JP] MARIGUNA> * rat *
    [21:49:35] <Ferrezinhre> enjoy
    [21:49:37] <[JP] MARIGUNA> * rat tunnnel *
    [21:49:38] <Hydra | trade.tf> WTH no i didnt
    [21:49:41] <Hydra | trade.tf> i recordded
    [21:49:53] <[JP] MARIGUNA> ratttt
    [21:50:00] <hooman BandOfNorris> what are stats
    [21:50:00] <XxdragonedgexX> oh my lag
    [21:50:06] <Evo!> hoes mad
    [21:50:06] <Gado D +Holly> OWWW MY FUCKING DICK
    [21:50:07] <ae Waxtor> kagstats.com
    [21:50:17] <8s Toni> waste
    [21:50:21] <Gado D +Holly> I HAVE 1K
    [21:50:24] <Gado D +Holly> KILLS
    [21:50:27] <Evo!> hoes mad
    [21:50:34] <Hydra | trade.tf> well?
    [21:50:51] Connecting to KAG Official CTF US No. 2...
    [21:50:53] Connecting to
    Last edited: Oct 23, 2019
  18. Furai

    Furai THD Team THD Team Administrator

    Ban should have already expired. Sorry for being so late with approving the post.
  19. cheffplayer2

    cheffplayer2 Catapult Fodder

    hi, someone named Potatobird kicked me as soon as I joined the server for no reason. I joined after he kicked me from the last match for no reason too, cause he blamed me for griefing when I was just mining and he even teamkilled me just to see if I was carrying something valuable but nope I was just mining with a drill. heres a video and log https://youtu.be/Sru5ZUgeHVs

    Attached Files:

  20. Potatobird

    Potatobird Bison Rider Forum Moderator Mapping Moderator Tester Official Server Admin

    You were votekicked, so several others also voted you out. No administrative action was taken against you, only a votekick. You're probably already unbanned, unfortunately, so there's no need for you to even post here.

    And actually, you were votekicked twice *from the same match*. It was a long match. Probably because all of the seeds and most of the gold mysteriously vanished from both teams around the time when you switched teams.
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Mods: makmoud98, Mazey