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Dev Blog Overworld and Adventures

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by SirSalami, Oct 19, 2011.

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  1. SirSalami

    SirSalami THD Team THD Team

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  2. Trae

    Trae Shopkeep Stealer

    Both open some interesting possibilities, let me list what i think make it interesting.

    You will be able to combat other factions, made by players. If its only humans, many people might be afraid of that kind of combat, since theres permadeath. With Ai´s however, it might be more like, lets say chess or an rts. You have lesser goals, such as capturing a persons outpost, or some such. (Also, food for thought, if people can take your areas, how are you gonna defend them when sleeping? Ninjacapping your areas might be hassle to overcome)

    Without AIs, combat might become weird, since there either is a low chance of dying, making aggresion feel half-assed and stupid, or high chance of dying, making defense the only viable option, as you dont want to lose your level 10 knight with the golden sword of awesomeness.

    That was the pvp part, now onwards to hiring npcs to kill other npcs in the "adventuring" part of Kag.

    No. That would be like hiring AIs to play a dungeon in WoW. Would ruin it, and turn it into something i would call a timemanagement game. I dont want that in Kag, and i hope it doesnt appear, as the plans for the gold release looks AWESOME.

    But hiring and outfitting AIs to PvP, that is possible, and might be nice if implemented correctly.
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  3. Neat

    Neat King of the Dead Tester Donator

    Attacking from different sides and surprise attacks will be possible.. almost anything in fact, you could interrupt your enemy attacking the wild beasts so they're weakened when you attack them. The fact that there's permadeath means superior strategy is needed to carry elite soldiers to win the fight. It all sounds awesome..
  4. Shadlington

    Shadlington THD Team THD Team Administrator Global Moderator

    Huh. This is interesting.
    I can't imagine we'll be seeing this in much of a complete state for a veryveryvery long time, but I am very excited about it nonetheless :)
  5. Wyeth

    Wyeth KAG Guard Tester Donator

    On AI, you could have it so that there are limited AI units recruitable (for coins maybe? on some sort of barrack?) that can be used to guard certain areas (castle entries etc). As I understand it logging out equals your char sleeping, leaving it totally vulnerable not only to enemies but also neutral units like zombies (at night?) or other beasts. So sleeping in some sort of shelter is a MUST and will probably drive people together... one team having a castle of any sort would bring people in wanting to join your team just for the shelter this castle would provide. Then the second step would be to have very simple AI controlled "guards" that are positioned in a location you want to protect... even if these guards are not as good as players they would make it much riskier for enemies to storm your castle while no one is in. Just think about archers positioned on top of your wall, they would remain largly immobile and would simply shoot if an enemy gets in a certain range.

    I wonder how deep they plan to make the team options, I would really like a nice streamlined guild menu like in most RPG's (meaning several ranks named by the one who founded the team, and then different options for different ranks, like right to invite, kick (from the team obviously), disband the whole team, rename or create new ranks etc.) but with the addition of setting restrictions for certain ranks (maybe even as far as that certain doors won't open for every rank of your team! This could produce a relatively deep control over who can do what in your team and be very interesting. This would be especially necessary if someone deserts his old team, as someone like that could easily infiltrate another team and maybe even do massive damage to the castle of said team. Another question is alliances with other teams, or if that will be available. POLITICS YAY.
    In the post it was mentioned that a king being killed should be a big deal, this person would be some sort of guildleader (in RPG terms) I am guessing, if killing a guildleader would instantly disband the whole team (enabeling friendly fire between all the now neutral members) and possibly disabeling some sort of guild chat, this would be an instant WIN for an attacking team since the enemy team can not possibly hope to work together properly with everybody accidentally killing each other. This would be very fun in my opinion, even forcing these people to surrender and maybe run over to the attacking team.

    Also if anyone even read my ramblings you can figure that I am very excited about the implications of this post. I have been waiting for a game that offers or even ATTEMPTS something like this for a long time. PERMADEATH FOR THE WIN!

    Respect to the dev's for even thinking about doing this.
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  6. Chrispin

    Chrispin KAG Guard Tester

    If team deathmatch and CTF doesn't attract a big community to this game, then adventure mode definitely will. Many people have dreamt of this type of game and put it down on paper, but very few have actually attempted it. Other games that have had the potential for something like this such as Minecraft and Terraria went too far in the direction of purely sandbox games with a few PvP elements in it. I'm very excited for what's to come in KAG.

    I think I'll also go ahead and say that we may just have to deal with ninja capping, but if the game is fast-paced enough it won't really matter in the long run. I'm just hoping that when the adventure game comes we can still capture castles, build economies, upgrade our class, ect. within the timespan of several hours rather than have everything take days like a MMO game.

    Edit: Actually with MM talking about permadeath it seems very likely that the game will be faster-paced than some people think. I imagine that it will have us playing the game in sessions about as long as an average RTS game and being able to do all of the big stuff like building castle defenses, starting factions, and waging war all in that time period. I'm not saying that it wouldn't be nice to see a well-built empire last a few days on its own though.
  7. Monsteri

    Monsteri Slower Than Light Tester

    Why is my PC brokeeeeeen!?! I cant even leave a decent reply to all this awesomeness D:
  8. Rainbows

    Rainbows KAG Guard Forum Moderator Tester
    1. The Young Blood Collective - [YB]

    Anyone else want to handcuff Geti and MM to their computers and only feed them after they complete part of the update?
    Excuses like fainting with hunger or exhaustion shall not let them slack off. >:D
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  9. Monsteri

    Monsteri Slower Than Light Tester

    I've been wanting a game like this since my very first PC play - experience ;33
  10. Bandwagonman

    Bandwagonman Shopkeep Stealer

    I have a lot of questions myself, I'm sure all of you do too...
    We'll have plenty of things to ask, but in the mean-time, I think being a lone warrior with no faction or base would be hilariously fun. Imagine running around doing your own thing, with nothing to hold you back, and just mucking up everyone's shit.
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  11. who

    who Shopkeep Stealer

    Pleeeaaasssee have AI grunts...
  12. Contrary

    Contrary The Audacious Paramount of Explosive Flight Tester Donator

    @Trae while Geti has mentioned AI controlled peons many times, I don't see any part of the Devlog that ouright says it. It may very well be a world of entirely human players. From what I gathe the players are plunked down all over the map and must build themselves up by slaying zombies and whatnot. They form alliances, forming groups and absorbing other group, eventually forming into kindoms of large playercounts. An organization of human players all with their own agendas and ideas. Imagine the backstabs and revolutions!

    This gets me so hot.
  13. who

    who Shopkeep Stealer

    I seriously cannot wait for this, this is the game I've been looking for all my life.
  14. Noc

    Noc Bison Rider

    You have no idea how long I've waited for a game like this. This has and always will be the ultimate game concept. Funny that nobody fully attempted it yet, huh. Leave it to indie games to take a step outside of the box.

    In my head, for years, it's played out like this: A player spawns as a builder, until he can build an outpost to switch classes and store supplies. Outposts allow that player to make a kingdom, usually just a house at first. Destroy an outpost, and that player is stuck in the class he's in, which can be trouble since most players only venture off as knights or archers. That player, now, must either thank god that he's builder and can make his own outpost, or turn to someone else. So, assuming he's not builder, he travels off and finds another player. He flashes out his "join group" emoticon and the other player seems much less hostile.

    He could try to simply kill the opponent, and risk death, but he plays it safe and follows the kind man. He's led into an impressive stone house. He joins the group as "Second-in-Command" under the awesome guild system. The other player is a friendly until the group would split up. They go off in search of more people, knowing that two people alone would have a hard time winning alone. They do find one lonely knight. The guild king flashes the join guild emoticon, but the lone knight attacks. They both spring out to fight. Suddenly, the lone knight lowers himself through a hidden door. Arrows blot out the sun, as he realizes he's been ambushed.

    (I'm gonna switch to second pn, it's more exciting :D)

    You're wounded to the point where you can't do anything. The archers stop firing, and your king is still alive. He backs up and shields. An enemy orders: "Don't kill em', just take em' as slaves." More archers fire until your king is downed. The lone knight reappears and grabs you. One of the 5 archers grabs your king. You're dragged back to an enemy outpost and healed after joining the enemy's group as "Slave" The other team is smiling. "We are the Bisons, nice to meet you. Gather up 250 wood and stone" You look around you, a deep underground base with layers of exclusive doors to get out. You decide you really have no choice until you can get outside, then maybe you'll be able to break off. So you and your old king start to gather up the materials.

    "Let's tunnel and make our own outpost." He says. You check the player count-48. "Sure" you say, taking a risk. You and your partner dig and dig until the Bison king returns. "What are you doing?!?" He screams. "Gathering materials." You and your partner say in unison. The king switches to archer, with his upgraded subclass, and charges up. You block off the entrance with stone. Your king banishes you from the guild. "Guys, come down here!" He orders to the guild. You and your partner are desperately tunneling while the rest of the guild arrives. They switch to builder and begin to dig. One switches to an upgraded knight sub-class, able to break through stone. The chase continues, until they finally reach you. You face the enemy and simply attack. Your partner gets killed, but not without wounding the king. You back up and clock off the tunnel with two more blocks. "You won't be able to win unless you kill the king!" You shout. The guild backs up, except for the second-in-command and the king himself.

    They break through. You attack desperately, and by a miracle, kill the king. The rest of the guild erupts in chaos, giving you just enough room to block yourself off with your final 20 stone. Everyone dies except for the old second

    To be continued, I gtg :)
  15. Monsteri

    Monsteri Slower Than Light Tester

    It would be awesome if there was a health state where you can't move, and you're not dead but will soon drown, and at this state the enemy would have two options: He could either kill you and get your coins, or he could take you as a slave which would turn your account into an AI. Then the AI could be used to gather resources, and later on updated to a guard. Another option for the enemy is just to leave you dying :P This would be so amazing, OHMYGODS GIMME A TIME MACHINE!!! (once again thanks a lot to the fellow who bought me gold)
  16. Noc

    Noc Bison Rider

    Yeah that's what I was talking about in my story. It would work perfectly with slavery and stuff.
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  17. Trae

    Trae Shopkeep Stealer

    Oh hey, im back. I migh have sounded in the first post, like i hated AI, and in my way, i do. Let me explain.
    When creating an AI, in such a complex fighting game as KAG, you will want it to have extremely specific goals, since they else will feel "stupid" and computerish. A superNPC dragon that you kill, fits that, as it probably wont move that much, will attack everyone, and is still fun to fight, since its that much stronger.
    If you hire an guardsman, you will have a couple of outcomes: he will defend a specific point, allowing human players to outmaneuvre him, since he have freedom of movement. Imagine an archer or an builder being able to peck at an knight, that will only stand at the edge of the bridge.
    He will attack everything, making him suicidal. See that fortress with 5 knights? That AI have no problem with that. This is normal fodderAI, something for example minions in a moba use.
    Ofcourse, they might be made better, but this is an indie developer with 2 people, and giants such as Blizzard, that probably have used an gigantous amount of manhours on the SC2 AI, still have an AI, that is extremely predictable.

    Sum. I think AI might be useful, but i would much prefer total PvP. Chrispins way would be nice, with a short, focused, personal, gritty, aggresive experience.

    BTW, i once dreamed of the perfect game for me. This is the closest i have seen. Cant wait for the next release, where we might get a taster of this immersive gameplay.
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  18. SirEndgame

    SirEndgame Shopkeep Stealer

    Oh my god, MM I will personally shove all my money down your throat and pay your electricity bill if you could get this out faster.

    i have literally dreamed of this type of game for a while - medieval setting, fun combat system, construction, revolutions, politics and alliances, frivilous backstabs, and more.

    Also, BISON.

    (Also, on that first part... seriously, take your time. You have already created something WONDEFUL with only 2 people running the show.)
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  19. AHrEJl

    AHrEJl Shopkeep Stealer

    tasty) mb add some features from game THE GUILD 1-2? Politics(professions), economics, caravans :D
  20. AJ

    AJ Emperor of Mankind Donator

    O.O I ran headfirst into my wall screaming when i read the blog post.(About once per paragraph.)
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