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Overworld and Adventures

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by SirSalami, Oct 19, 2011.

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  1. GloriousToast

    GloriousToast Haxor Donator

    does that mean we can't talk about the potential ability to necro players ingame. Drat. so no super powerful dark magic like that? well in this forum anyway.
    Still going on the necromancer idea, i wonder if we can sacrifice fellow players to serve the dark god Tulu?
  2. Halosnake

    Halosnake Shopkeep Stealer

    If you read through the whole Overworld thread (THIS ONE) they talk a bit about necromancers and wizards in general.
    What I could get info out of that necromancer is gonna be in the game althou very rare and hard to be one
  3. keyofdoor

    keyofdoor Bison Rider

    Re: Benign Necromancy - it's certainly going to be possible. The NPC necromancers are unlikely to play the good guy though.
    I had an idea for necromancy- to make it a really dark art kind of thing make it so that you can only get it by beating a lich dungeon and then killing a fellow player character at the altar at the end of it. It would be a hard dungeon requiring a party and with great loot even for those with strong loyalties- but to get the real power you have to betray someone who has at least superficially trusted you.

    This would also create a sort of emergent drama (let me tell you the story of how Findude betrayed bactra and how his former friends and allies fought to stop his undead army from takign the world) and would add additional downsides to becoming a necromancer, ie the no-friends lots of enemies thing.

    I like the necromancy idea Contrary. We were planning on the epic occult quest but the betrayal element is nice. Would be quite fun to lead a noob on your quest only to murder them. I think you might be able to gain followers if you can promise them glory and power as your loyal acolytes as well (a job which mostly involves tending to the zombies and constructing mana for the necromancer, with a little bit of mind control voodoo in there for good measure/to prevent mass acolyte suicide).
    from the thread "Known Stuff about the Overworld" , It's in the premium forums.
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  4. Dask

    Dask Catapult Fodder

    Maybe Ais should get Sub classes, such as spearmen. attack slowly with light attacks but in groups r dangerous.
    Just A thought.
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