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[Patch] Rocks & New Class - Undead Update :) - Zombie Mode -

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Rockyz, Jun 23, 2011.

  1. Rockyz

    Rockyz Guest


    - Skull Ammo
    - Skull Catapult
    - Zombie Mode!
    - Zombie [Class]
    - Bones Underground to use to make Bone Catapult and Skull AMMO
    - More Coming Soon!

    Version 1.0 [Patch]

    [Patch] Rocks & New Class - Undead Update :) - Zombie Mode -

    Sorry There Was Not Enough Information I had to go somewhere

    - Zombie Mode -

    Zombie Mode is where there are Archers and Knights and Miners
    Everyone Has 2:00 Minutes until the zombies are released on the other side of map
    In those 2:00 you can use this time to build a house or something defensive
    I can explain it more if you want just put a comment saying you want more info and tell me what info you want
  2. bilbs

    bilbs Guest

    Not quite sure what this post is about...
    You're going to program an expansion for KAG?
    You're going to program your own game LIKE KAG and add these features?
    The features seem kinda all over the place.
    Just saying the works Zombie Mode doesn't mean it's all explained.
    It's all pretty vague.
  3. Rockyz

    Rockyz Guest

    I Agree with what your saying so Read it now :)
  4. Contrary

    Contrary The Audacious Paramount of Explosive Flight Donator Tester

    I've just had the inexplicable desire for a mute button.
  5. Neat

    Neat King of the Dead Donator Tester

    Same here -_-
  6. Rockyz

    Rockyz Guest

    your Gonna mute me
  7. Vania

    Vania Guest

    Hi! so you're like 12 years old right?
  8. Snoopicus

    Snoopicus Guest

    I'm not sure if you intend on doing this yourself, or asking for these features, but I like your picture! Must have taken a little bit of time.
  9. larslolxz

    larslolxz Guest

    about 5 seconds, right?
    *hopes to mute Rockyz*
  10. Rockyz

    Rockyz Guest

    Ok Everyone The Stuff that im making is good
    but i need to work harder on the Graphics
    from now on I call it Graphix
    also guys I am not 12 years old
    This was a sketch i did a while ago
    so respect it

    Ok Guys :)
  11. larslolxz

    larslolxz Guest

    i will not respect it. it is annoying when people have ideas and don't even EXPLAIN THEM.
    you have a picture ZOMBIES, WOW.... come ON. this is not CoD. explain, explain, explain. that's the key to a suggestion. plus, you're not allowed to make your "own" version of KAG. so no, i will not respect it. you 12 year old. the graphics are not the issue.
  12. Lizardheim

    Lizardheim Guest

    Dude you can't just walk up to someone making a game and say HEY GUYS I HAD AN IDEA AND I DEMAND YOU PUT IT INGAME.
    Also if you make a game with those sprites it'd be considered stealing since they are just edits.
  13. Turska

    Turska Guest

    Depends on license.
  14. Lizardheim

    Lizardheim Guest

    Nah it's still stealing.
    Not stealing legal wise, but he'd still be using geti's art for his own purposes without consent, which is pretty much what the definition of stealing is when it comes to art.
  15. Turska

    Turska Guest

    The whole thread made me little lulz, skullpults über wtf omg?! That is slightly stupid way to make a suggestion.

    And in this case I think it would be stealing if you just took the art of Geti and put it into your game.
  16. Rockyz

    Rockyz Guest

    No Guys You Don't Get It
    I Not Using This Art My Versions Of The Art that i haven't shown u :)
  17. illu

    illu En Garde! Donator Tester

    You Do Know That Writing Like This Is Kind of Hard To Read And Using No Punctuation Or Whatsoever Doesn't Help Either :)
    Nor Does An Happy Smiley In Every Post :) :)
  18. Rockyz

    Rockyz Guest

    Agreed Sorry :)
    hexalslug likes this.
  19. illu

    illu En Garde! Donator Tester

  20. HA1TER

    HA1TER Shopkeep Stealer

    Oh,he will be ok...But also
    Registered: Yesterday
    Posts: 61
    You live here?