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Important Player Reports

Discussion in 'Groups' started by Aphelion, Nov 22, 2014.

  1. TBA_LordKnight

    TBA_LordKnight Ballista Bolt Thrower

    Around 13:30 on 6/16/15
    Here is Brancaleon in our industrial wood farm blocking it up with stone after he destroyed our ladders and my mill (we were neutral at that time) then we declared war on him to prevent further damage.
    Here Brancaleon is destroying workshops and doors in our base after he switched to our team in order to get inside without being killed. We vote kicked him as soon as we could.
    The Users ArkxFatalis and alecono can vouch because they watched Brancaleon griefing.
  2. orange_otter_01

    orange_otter_01 Ballista Bolt Thrower

    @ArkxFatalis @alecono
    tagging someone can help them vouch for you sooner, assuming those were their users of course. :)
  3. TBA_LordKnight

    TBA_LordKnight Ballista Bolt Thrower

    Thanks! ::D:
  4. orange_otter_01

    orange_otter_01 Ballista Bolt Thrower

    no problem ::):
  5. gystolm

    gystolm Bison Rider

  6. stabborazz

    stabborazz Bison Rider Staff Alumni

    They Will Both Be banned for a week or a few Days as a warning, thank You for the report.
  7. harryxa

    harryxa Catapult Fodder

    16.30 29/06/2015
    no screenshot available, he did destroy the dwarven base whilst at peace, which i spent several hours building.
  8. CookieKiller

    CookieKiller Ballista Bolt Thrower

    Player username: treemen555 and dmhvict <--dmhvict = undetermind, he left before I could look at his username.
    Player display name: treemen555 and dmhvict <--treemen555 and dmhvict wear a clan tag called [TBB]
    Player team: both of them on Dwarfs
    Time of occurrence: 11:00 AM - 12:20 AM
    Media screenshots/video, information/evidence of report:

    We beat him in a war that HE started (random war) and he left and kept swearing image below.
    Proof of beating him in war (picture below)
    We ask for 10k stone he won't give it to us then we lower it down to 7.5k stone but he still refuses to give any stone to us and he will only give 1k stone which people can easily get in like 5 minutes.
    --- Double Post Merged, Jul 9, 2015, Original Post Date: Jul 9, 2015 ---
    Player username: Fission15
    Player display name: 1 NuclearPyro
    Player team: Elfs
    Time occurrence: 3:35 PM - 3:40 PM
    Media screenshots/video, information/evidence of report:

    He the island shortly after griefing it.
  9. Durveniir

    Durveniir Builder Stabber
    1. Aphelion's Roleplay

    Player display name:JUSJURANDUM
    Player username:pink DEATH OF PIGS
    Player team:Dwarf/Orc
    Time of occurrence: 14 A.M
    Media (Screenshots/Video): http://imgur.com/a/0pK61 ( Sorry for the many screenshots. He was doing so much stuff, I couldn't resist.)

    First off, lets start with that he is absolutely crazy. He says absolutely crazy stuff, blocks players off, ruins tunnels, destroys doors while saying shit like "!WAR!", "I DONT GRIEF" , and so on. He has been seen by everyone, he is random warring every race. He tried kicking people like arche wisperer, and so on, from his own team. I have called an admin, Ingra, to help solve this. He was given a warning , and banned for a day.The next day, he came, started griefing the elves, first as a dwarf, then as an orc. (In one picture, you can see me being trapped by him, after I tried following him.)
    I suggest he is removed completely from the server, as he doesn't understand anything a person says. He griefs, spamms, random-wars, kicks other innocent players.
  10. Dalokoh

    Dalokoh Builder Stabber
    1. Aphelion's Roleplay

    Player display name: Werick
    Player username: Werick
    Player team: Orcs
    Time of occurrence: 7/9/2015
    Media (Screenshots/Video):
    Werick was griefing the human shops, and he also griefed the dwarf base in a previous map, but I wasn't able to get screenshots of him doing that.

    Attached Files:

  11. Gofio

    Gofio Gunwobbler x3

    Player display name: yyk12 frankkatina
    Player username: frankkatina0
    Player team: Red
    Time of occurrence: between 20:45 and 21:00 (Greenwhich time)
    Media (Screenshots/Video):

    This guy claimed he had to pass a building, but he kinda obviously just wanted to destroy stuff.
    When we didn't let him pass (we tried to convince him to give back my armor Franek's sword, but he refused) he instead just destroyed every shop he could find and left.
    We eventually kicked him, but not before I took some nice pictures.

    2015-07-15_00001.jpg If you zoom in on the center of the picture, you'll see our friend hammering his way through a storage.
    2015-07-15_00002.jpg He took the flour I had stored there, making him a lot easier to identify. Good job Frankkatina.
    2015-07-15_00003.jpg 2015-07-15_00007.jpg 2015-07-15_00008.jpg In these pictures you see him grow a brain and just climb over the building he was trying to smash his way through, but he still decides to destroy a mill and some chickens.
    2015-07-15_00009.jpg "more evidence, more fun". Well, I hope this is enough evidence.
    Last edited: Jul 15, 2015
  12. TBA_LordKnight

    TBA_LordKnight Ballista Bolt Thrower

    I can vouch for Grue here, I've seen Frank on several occasions and every time he ruins the experiences for many people on the server by griefing or starting wars for no reason.
  13. bronzebot

    bronzebot Base Burner

    Player display name: FUCK SLMNDR
    Player username: SLMNDR
    Player team: Humans
    Time of occurrence: 18/07 ~11:00 GMT
    Media (Screenshots/Video):

    This player began randomly voting for war against the dwarves several times without reason before moving on to the singular orc player. He (or she) always types in caps and rarely (if ever) read the chat. I warned him several times that his actions would lead him to a bad position yet he ignored all of my warnings and continued his rampage.
    The rest of the humans voted "yes" on his war polls but never participated in the war. It would seem that Remuluson and I were the only experienced on the server at the time, and I wouldn't blame the other humans if another human voted for war.

    Beneath the Dwarves player panel you can hint him heading towards the orc for war.

    Attached Files:

  14. Sketch166

    Sketch166 Shipwright

    Player display name: UristMcKerman
    Player username: UristMcMason
    Player team: Dwarves
    Time of occurrence: 18/7/15 18:20 GMT+02:00
    Media (Screenshots/Video):

    EDIT: Just want to say - nothing special about this, just plain old griefin'.
    --- Double Post Merged, Jul 18, 2015, Original Post Date: Jul 18, 2015 ---
    Funny that you said Remuluson was experienced, since he's a little kid and doesn't even speak proper english.
    I'll be putting a report up for him, soon.
  15. BarsukEughen555

    BarsukEughen555 Ballista Bolt Thrower

    Probably offtopic, but do not found a better place to ask:
    Im banned on Aphelions RP. but I do not did anything wrong(prob) I just awakened to see that Im banned on RP server.
    Checked the banlist and the applies on banning, but do not found myself - can you say meh, if Im banned, if yes - with which reason, would I apply on unbanning, and who did this >.>
  16. CookieKiller

    CookieKiller Ballista Bolt Thrower

    Player display name: Nik6 and DeM3
    Player username: nik and dem
    Player team: orcs
    Time of occurrence: 9:49 PM South Australian Adelaide time for me
    Media (Screenshots/Video):
    One of those players nik or dem griefing the elf base! After the elfs beat them in a war! Screenshots above and below

    The orcs losing the war! Screenshot below


    nik or dem not doing the war terms as nik or dem continues griefing

    Proof that nik and dem were on the orc team and below the score board is the elfs now griefed base.


    Well thats the end of my report I hope you perma ban them both!
  17. marufrozen

    marufrozen Catapult Fodder

    Player display name: chopalino
    Player username:chopalino
    Player team: Human
    Time of occurrence: 3:00 PM EST ish
    Media (Screenshots/Video): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dvZ2fM0xbWs

    Explanation: The incident started around the time the dwarves were asking about someone declaring war on them. I did not pay a lot of attention during this time as I was busy building and such the base that's shown in the video. The dwarves seemed to be roleplaying it out, but stated that it was random war. The human didn't really say much of anything. At some point the dwarves requested help from the elves. The elves went to war with the humans. When I came down to see what the fuss was about, the human had one of the dwarves in a box and was taking them back. They attacked me, so I killed them. Things went quiet for a little bit, but I started recording because the dwarves seemed upset (it was hard to tell if they were roleplaying or upset in general at this point). I came down again and this is the part where the video started.

    The video shows the elves and the dwarves winning a war. The human did not seem too happy about it in general and called us idiots and griefers. It's hard to tell exactly what happened, but the human and the dwarf base was beaten up badly.

    The video is kind of long, but later on in the video the human went into elf territory and spawned a couple of wisents. At this time the elves were not at war with the humans. After failing to cause much havoc, they returned with bomb runes and began blasting the elven base. You can tell it was them because they die to their own attack.

    I can't be 100% sure if the player was angry, trying to roleplay an evil wizard or what, but they were told not to several times off camera. I didn't get everything recorded as I stopped briefly to check hard drive space and also because nothing was going on.

    At the very end I voted to boot him after joining undead (because vote kicking wasn't working) and he was removed. At the very end I was under the impression that he was coming to manually grief the elf base as he was a worker as seen in the video near the end.

    Feel free to hold me responsible for anything I say or do.

    Honestly, I wouldn't so much say that a ban is in order as someone making sure he wasn't just mad or something. I really don't know for sure what all happened. The elves seemed a bit loopy too as later on they started to randomly declare war on the orcs and dwarves in spite of the fact the dwarves did nothing and there wasn't even anyone on the orcs.
  18. Lusan

    Lusan Catapult Fodder

    Player display name: chopalino
    Player username:chopalino
    Player team: Human
    Time of occurrence: 6 PM Greenwich

    As a dwarf player, I decided to cross the map to see other players. I had to pass into human territory first, so I took archer and I climbed walls. While discovering the human base, I bragged a little bit (the dwarf way) on chop loneliness as he was the only human player.

    He didn't say a word, went straight up from worker to wizard, instantly voted the war and killed me.


    I can understand he is a little bit upset, ok fine, I try to make my way to the rest of the map again, and then again, he kill me on sight. Ok so he really wants war.
    I'm a poor fighter, and against his wizardry I cannot do a thing. So I attack his base as a worker and destroy everything I can before he finds me.

    He's really upset, he calls for grief, I say it's war, he doesn't care. While I'm in his base doing work, he is in mine doing the same, and very soon both our base are ruined.

    My new dwarf friend and I cannot play like this as Chopalino is a very powerful wizard and is a very serious threat to our territory.

    We decide to go seek the help of the elves, who have been very quiet about everything until now. So it goes well and the elves are roleplaying and it feels good to be on this server again. We talk about our human problem but they don't really care. Fair enough.

    I carry on my battle against the human and it's starting to be fun to annoy the shit out of him. Now that he attacked the elves for no reason, he's got two war to support and he cannot keep up at all. The elves and the dwarfs finally capture his base in a not so glorious final assault, but it feels good to finally win this long and destructive war.

    But when it comes for terms, chopalino isn't listening at all.



    So Chopalino, at the end, was very much butt hurt. I think he was much more into pvp than roleplaying. From my point of view it was very annoying to play with him because of the lack of talking and understanding.
  19. lmckean20

    lmckean20 Shark Slayer

    theeso Username
    thesso Gamename
    10 am to 11 am Australian time east time in Sydney
    elven his race

    He broke many rules including rule 10 rule 6 twice rule 3 rule 2 but did offer to help rebuild but he failed to do so he refused to give any items in the end his friend helped and gave the items then he abused me and called me names as well as broke my personal things and my tower that I built he has been on for about an 1 hour from 10 o'clock to 11 o'clock his friend who tried to help him was quit nice but it does not expel theeso's actions. he also swore at me and kept destroying my things I recommend a long 6 month ban
  20. PalladiumGirl

    PalladiumGirl Catapult Fodder

    In-game name: freelance Admiral De
    Kag username: emeral_demporor
    Accused of: griefing other base during peacetime

    I was playing against two elves. They attacked me along with the undead in the past and threatened me since, so i switched to mage and came to attack them. Killed them several times and won the war. One, Darknus, was negotiating with me about tribute, while the other, kag nicknamed (emeral_demporor), sneak up to my base during talk and destroyed it completely, while the war was already over. When i came and saw that, i told him to stop and he started swearing.
    A bit later, he came back and started destroying the leftover bricks, while Darknus was trying to fix my base.

    And worst of all, he couldnt be kicked because admin left 3 minutes before this and he had only 1 person on team, and you cant votekick people of other race

    He didnt roleplay at all and griefed during peacetime. Heres screenshots

    (he also later declared war and tried to kill me afk without roleplay/reason but i killed him)