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Important Player Reports

Discussion in 'Groups' started by Aphelion, Nov 22, 2014.

  1. rynardt_sieberhagen

    rynardt_sieberhagen Builder Stabber

    Just when I got off, I will keep an eye out for both of these, thanks for replying
  2. yngvald

    yngvald Shipwright

    I just can't let this one slip. Human player named blade130 being a nuisance throughout the whole map against the dwarves, even though we had alliance, as well as letting Elves into our base repeatedly. But what broke the camels back was when he, after our alliance, but not in war, brought a keg to our fortress and blew up one side of our utmost outpost. He did this without any shame, and for the inexplicable reason of wanting a new map after his repeated votes did not go through.
    PS. It perhaps goes without saying he appeared to do anything in his power to ruin the RP experience. Or maybe he's just 12 years old and don't even understand what that even means. DS

    Player display name: Similar to the below, starting with SBB.
    Player username: blade130
    Player team: Humans
    Time of occurrence: ca 5:58 a.m. (Central european)
    Media (Screenshots/Video): None, sorry.
  3. rynardt_sieberhagen

    rynardt_sieberhagen Builder Stabber

    I'll keep an eye on him, but im not going to ban him because of the lack of media
  4. Olimarrex

    Olimarrex Ballista Bolt Thrower Official Server Admin

    I talked to him, I think just after the accident. I have the logs, but I don't think it's conclusive that he actually did anything wrong... And I'm not too good at interrogating, he thought I was admin ;3;3;3;3;3;3.
    Not sure why he'd keg someone's base as a declaration of war just as he was about to nextmap...? Sounds fishy ;3
    [07:39:27] <[KR] Olimarrex> [OOC] //is blade griefing atm?
    [07:39:33] --- Vote failed: 33 percent vs 33 percent ---
    [07:39:33] Diplomacy Vote Failed!
    [07:39:34] <BBA blade__130> [OOC] what?
    [07:39:41] <BBA blade__130> [OOC] wtf are you talking about
    [07:39:42] <[KR] Olimarrex> [OOC] You've been reported
    [07:39:47] Did you know?: You can access the Diplomacy system via; Esc -> Vote -> Diplomacy
    [07:39:53] <BBA blade__130> [OOC] no im not griefing
    [07:40:21] <[KR] Olimarrex> [OOC] Was a guy called yngvald on dwarves a few mins ago
    [07:40:29] <:0@:8=9000> hi
    [07:40:33] <mape Erik> hi
    [07:40:47] <[S/S] Erikos> ?@825B
    [07:40:50] <[KR] Olimarrex> [OOC] Hm...
    [07:40:52] <:0@:8=9000> ghbdtn
    [07:40:54] <BBA blade__130> [OOC] that was in the map before
    [07:40:56] <:0@:8=9000> ?@825B
    [07:41:03] <[KR] Olimarrex> [OOC] Lol
    [07:41:06] <[S/S] Erikos> 40209 70 M;LD>2)
    [07:41:06] <BBA blade__130> [OOC] and it was from me saying i wanted a new map
    [07:41:16] <:0@:8=9000> <>3C ;8 O 27OBL ;N1KE 420 A5<5G:0 45@520
    [07:41:16] Did you know?: You can open the equipment menu by pressing the F key
    [07:41:25] <[KR] Olimarrex> [OOC] Thats still griefing .-.
    [07:41:30] <BBA blade__130> [OOC] the map was wrecked and such and i wanted a new one
    [07:41:34] <[S/S] Erikos> :0: ?
    [07:41:40] <BBA blade__130> [OOC] voting a new map is greifing?
    [07:41:46] <[S/S] Erikos> 254L MB> 4>AB>8=AB2> =0H59 @0AK
    [07:41:49] <BBA blade__130> [OOC] news to me
    [07:41:52] <[KR] Olimarrex> [OOC] kegging a guys base to get people to vote in favour is griefing
    [07:41:59] <:0@:8=9000> =C 45@52> A@C18BL 8 A5<O 701@0BL => >=> 1>;LH5 =5 2K@>AB5B
    [07:42:05] <BBA blade__130> [OOC] there was 2 of us
    [07:42:13] <BBA blade__130> [OOC] and he just joined
    [07:42:22] <[KR] Olimarrex> [OOC] mmhmmm?
    [07:42:23] <BBA blade__130> [OOC] literally had no claim to the work
    [07:42:31] <[S/S] Erikos> C =0A 8 B0: @072>@>20;8 2A5
    [07:42:41] <mape Erik> hi
    [07:42:41] <[KR] Olimarrex> [OOC] But you did keg it
    [07:42:45] <[S/S] Erikos> 2848HL ?
    [07:42:45] Did you know?: You can purchase food and potions from a market or make them yourself at a kitchen
    [07:42:47] <:0@:8=9000> =C B>340 O 40;LH5 ?@>94C
    [07:42:49] <[S/S] Erikos> ;5A >?CAB5;
    [07:42:53] <BBA blade__130> [OOC] so i said new map so we could have a fresh start and he was unfrienfly and agressive towards me
    [07:42:56] <[S/S] Erikos> 40209 70 =0A
    [07:43:15] <:0@:8=9000> =5B O ?@82K: 70 42>@D>2
    [07:43:26] <[S/S] Erikos> 40 >=8 :0@;8:8)
    [07:43:31] <:0@:8=9000> >B:@>9 <=5 425@L
    [07:43:36] <[S/S] Erikos> 0 M;DK =>@<
    [07:43:48] <BBA blade__130> [OOC] i blew up hardly anything as a declaration of war
    [07:43:49] <[S/S] Erikos> :AB0B8
    [07:43:50] <:0@:8=9000> A?0A81>
    [07:43:55] <BBA blade__130> [OOC] nothing was game ending
    [07:43:56] <:0@:8=9000> GB>?
    [07:43:58] <[S/S] Erikos> <K 2K93@0;8 2>9=C A 202<8
    [07:44:02] <BBA blade__130> [OOC] not even his base
    [07:44:02] <[S/S] Erikos> 20<8*
    [07:44:04] <[KR] Olimarrex> [OOC] That's not allowed...
    [07:44:08] <:0@:8=9000> =C <5=O B>340 =5 1K;>
    [07:44:14] Did you know?: Humans specialize in magic, Dwarves in construction, Elves in archery, and Orcs in melee
    [07:44:15] <[S/S] Erikos> MB 40
    [07:44:22] <BBA blade__130> [OOC] funny since it has happened to me a lot
    [07:44:22] <[KR] Olimarrex> [OOC] You can't exactly walk in to somebody's base then start a war
    [07:44:26] <[KR] Olimarrex> [OOC] Yeah
    [07:44:29] <BBA blade__130> [OOC] i wasnt in his base
    [07:44:35] <[KR] Olimarrex> [OOC] Egh
    [07:44:41] <[KR] Olimarrex> [OOC] Idc
    [07:45:00] <[KR] Olimarrex> [OOC] But you will prolly have aphe talking to you soon
    [07:45:04] Olimarrex (ollimarrex) has joined Dwarves
    [07:45:24] <BBA blade__130> [OOC] one time offence and im essentially being threatened
    [07:45:25] <[KR] Olimarrex> Wellity wellity wellilty...
    [07:45:44] Did you know?: Zombies sometimes drop very rare scrolls and potions
    [07:45:44] <[KR] Olimarrex> [OOC] you got reported...
    [07:45:59] <[KR] Olimarrex> Hi there!
    [07:46:06] <[S/S] Erikos> hi
    [07:46:18] <[KR] Olimarrex> Can i use your tree farm?
    [07:46:30] <[S/S] Erikos> only once
    [07:46:38] <BBA blade__130> [OOC] someone can get reported for a single block
    [07:46:58] andrey14 connected
    [07:47:00] <[S/S] Erikos> dont still a saplings
    [07:47:07] <[KR] Olimarrex> I've not
    [07:47:07] <[S/S] Erikos> steal *
    [07:47:13] Did you know?: It is rumoured that an evil Necromancer named Noom lives deep underground in a dangerous dungeon
    [07:47:14] <BBA blade__130> [OOC] and the map was changing when i decided to do it
    [07:47:16] andrey14 has joined Orcs
    [07:47:17] <[S/S] Erikos> i saw
    [07:47:21] <[KR] Olimarrex> Saw what?
    [07:47:21] <BBA blade__130> [OOC] so it was the end of the map
    [07:47:49] <[KR] Olimarrex> thanks
    [07:48:19] <[KR] Olimarrex> [OOC] have the dwarves been warring with someone?
    [07:48:31] <[KR] Olimarrex> Hey there
    [07:48:35] <BBA blade__130> [OOC] so what i literally did was blow something up that in seconds was going to be deleted with the map wipe
    [07:48:40] <BBA blade__130> [OOC] yes the elves
    [07:48:42] Did you know?: Plants will grow faster when exposed to light and plants of the same type, though they don't like overcrowded areas
    [07:49:16] <[KR] Olimarrex> [OOC] the way he said it, it sounded like you kegged it so that people would get bored of the map
    [07:49:27] <BBA blade__130> [OOC] it was me
    [07:49:29] <BBA blade__130> [OOC] him
    [07:49:41] <BBA blade__130> [OOC] and one other guy who was having troubles joining
    [07:49:49] <:0@:8=9000> H 0HB2 D KCC2
    [07:49:52] <BBA blade__130> [OOC] and he was going to vote for map wipe with me
    [07:50:00] <:0@:8=9000> i find a seed
    [07:50:08] Scroll4 left the game
    [07:50:09] <[KR] Olimarrex> k?
    [08:06:45] <BBA blade__130> [OOC] ADMIN
    [08:06:51] <BBA blade__130> [OOC] I NEEDS TALK
    [08:07:23] <BBA blade__130> [OOC] ADMIN
    [08:07:50] <[KR] Olimarrex> [OOC] I don't think there are any admin's on?
    [08:08:04] Did you know?: Humans specialize in magic, Dwarves in construction, Elves in archery, and Orcs in melee
    [08:08:19] <[KR] Olimarrex> [OOC] What's the problem?
    [08:09:13] <BBA blade__130> [OOC] arent you an admin
    [08:09:16] <[KR] Olimarrex> [OOC] nope
    [08:09:23] <BBA blade__130> [OOC] >_>
    [08:09:26] <[KR] Olimarrex> [OOC] ;3
    [08:09:31] <BBA blade__130> [OOC] you came in like one
  5. yngvald

    yngvald Shipwright

    Appreciate it. Thanks. ▼

    Fishy indeed. He was lying right into your face. He polled several times, and after the third unsuccessful vote, he got to work and made a keg which he used on our base.
    I was there from start to finish, doing much work both on our base and outside, and with keeping in good terms with other races. We *never* warred with the elves, and in fact were in good terms during the whole duration of the map.
    And with that, I rest my case. I'll be sure to screencap in the future.
  6. kovren

    kovren Catapult Fodder

    Player display name: Ashpizza
    Player username: Ashpizza
    Player team: Orcs
    Time of occurrence: 5:30 CST (roughly)
    Media (Screenshots/Video):

    I came back to the elf base, and an orc was there, and all of our shops were gone except for two. I managed to see the orc breaking our mill and our library, and took screenshots. I called Yamin over, and she banned him, but told me to post this anyways.

    Attached Files:

  7. carlospaul

    carlospaul Shipwright

    Nuzarus (changed display name)
    Troller111 (admin on rp server)
    10-20 minutes ago (maybe 30 mins)
    so I was playing undead when I noticed a builder in nooms dungeon and Troller111 right beside him (ill now be refering to troller111 s "The admin").http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198141412527/screenshot/313370234176761215 (the first screenshot). and in this next screenshot explains how the admin let the builder in Nooms Dungeon http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198141412527/screenshot/313370234176760406. this next one shows the scoreboard to prove that it was infact troller111 http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198141412527/screenshot/313370234176761456 and the other orc that was let into the dungeoon.This Screenshot shows that the builder that was let into Noom's Dungeon built the tunnel (look in chat) http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198141412527/screenshot/313370234176760621.This screenshot shows that the admin KNEW that the builder had built the tunnel ( see the full chat)http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198141412527/screenshot/313370234176760856.
  8. LazarusTheGreat

    LazarusTheGreat Drill Rusher Donator
    1. Aphelion's Roleplay

    I know what I did was wrong and against the rules and I apologize for my behavior this will not happen in the future.
  9. pc131313

    pc131313 Catapult Fodder

    Player display name: KAG_F [TF2-R]-Lolomat-
    Player username: -Lolomat-
    Player team: humans
    Time of occurrence: approximately 1pm GMT
    There's a lot of stuff. Basically he destroyed our workshops, killed us a bunch of time when we were in an alliance, cut down our trees and was a general slightly abusive weirdo. He tried not to break any workshops on screen though, stopping as soon as we appeared.

    imgur gallery of trollish horror:

  10. Olimarrex

    Olimarrex Ballista Bolt Thrower Official Server Admin

    I believe builder killing with wooden spikes was supposed to be banned?
  11. manancoman

    manancoman Builder Stabber

    Player display name: ass Funsam's New Fabulou
    Player username: Funsam1
    Player team: Orc
    Time of occurrence: Time stamps on pictures
    Player display name: DrWazzleButt
    Player username: DrWazzl3Butt
    Player team: Orc
    Time of occurrence: Time stamps on pictures
    There were two orcs Who came to the human base using the straw hat heads and saying racist things about Asians. After a while i pointed out that racism was breaking the rules, and i told them i didn't want to get them banned due to the fun i get from killing them (Griefed me the day prior, started a war and i kept killing them as they came to break my base until they rage quit) A minute after i said this they left, However a bit later i had gone to orc, and they rejoined as orc. I teased them a bit, as they killed themselves with wooden spikes to gain corpses that they could turn into zombies to grief the humans. At this point they ran out without doing any necromancy. I was tree farming when i heard a collapse from the human base, so i ran to it and saw them standing around it as builders and it falling. I screened them and they left. I leave it to you to decide the right course of action, However i can confirm that they knew the rules and were doing it to ruin the day of whoever built the base. At this point all the humans had left however. Sorry if the pictures are a bit low quality, but they seemed to be good when i opened them on my side.

    Attached Files:

    Last edited: Apr 6, 2016
  12. kovren

    kovren Catapult Fodder

    Player display name: Princess Ayla
    Player username: bbpolkagol
    Player team: Angels
    Time of occurrence: 2:25-2:35
    Media (Screenshots/Video):
    Me and my buddy were roleplaying as spacemen, and we had finally gotten back to our island, after elves had destroyed it in war. Suddenly, bbpolkagol, as an Angel and as our ally, starts breaking our structures there and telling us to leave. Naturally, we were heartbroken as the realization of God no longer loving us set in. We were sad, and we wanted to stay in our sacred land, so we said no. He then revoked relations, and kept trying to jab us off the edge, which would lead to our demise. Out of our very fear of the unknowns of death, we boxed ourselves in. The angel turned demon broke that too. Crying, I dug down even deeper, hoping that the demon would leave us alone. He had broken our box, and then put blocks above me. I looked up in fear, and he dropped blocks on me, killing me and my friend. We were not at war, and had lost our only sanctuary that we had worked so hard on. The pictures are the only ones I got, but I think they aren't too bad.

    Attached Files:

  13. bbpolkagal

    bbpolkagal Shark Slayer

    Sorry i was just kinda pissed at the time because humans and dwarves double teamed us :oops:
  14. Olimarrex

    Olimarrex Ballista Bolt Thrower Official Server Admin

    Aren't angels supposed to be best friends with all? (Save zambies)
  15. LazarusTheGreat

    LazarusTheGreat Drill Rusher Donator
    1. Aphelion's Roleplay

    I feel a bit bad saying this because I'm one of your friends, but as an admin I'm saying that because you were "pissed" is no reason to grief :huh?:
  16. manancoman

    manancoman Builder Stabber

    Player display name: nose cjhey11
    Player username: cjhey11
    Player team: Elves
    Time of occurrence: 5:39 PM
    Media (Screenshots/Video): Linked on post
    I was playing as orc when i quickly whent afk, When i came back i found an elf has broken into my tower and sealed me in wood. I called them out on it and they went to raid the forest outside my base for wood to build a giant penis literally on top of my stone quarry. After a bit they came back and began to build a swastika and refused to leave my lands, first saying that it was nomans land and then saying it was elven lands even though i had been working on the tower since the start of the map.
    After i told them about building swastikas was agenst the rules they turned it into a giant penis, And a left for a bit. I kept doing my own thing as they ruined the map. After a while they came back and began to steal my trees, i said oi and told them that this was orcish land and they were orcish trees, Then they ran onto their first giant penis, ran into my base and sealed me out with wood as they broke my workshops. Then i told them to enjoy their ban as the declaired war on me after all my workshops were broken. Then i posted this.

    Attached Files:

    Last edited: Apr 24, 2016
  17. Olimarrex

    Olimarrex Ballista Bolt Thrower Official Server Admin

  18. manancoman

    manancoman Builder Stabber

    R.I.P In Peace Spelling
  19. Gofio

    Gofio Gunwobbler x3

    I've got a report

    Display name: O_o (that's capital, underscore, lowercase)
    username: O_ops
    Team: Orcs
    Time: 15:00
    20160426155728_1.jpg 20160426155730_1.jpg 20160426155733_1.jpg 20160426155735_1.jpg 20160426155740_1.jpg 20160426155737_1.jpg
    For your convenience, I took six screenshots.
    If you print them and flip quickly, it's almost like a short movie.

    As for what happened...
    I had built a small farm in this area, about thirty blocks from the orc border. There was a war with the humans, and at some point the last human left. So when I returned to my farm after this war, that same human now played as an orc, and had probably taken the resources in his base or something because now their border had expanded smack-dab into the middle of my farm. The cheeky fella had even harvested the grain I was growing there.

    Without thinking I removed this tower. Dumb move? Probably. I think it's natural. I had just invested all of my money in that grain and I'm pretty sure he wasn't gonna give it back. After that, he accused me of griefing - I argued that since we both destroyed something, this made us even - and honestly I admit he was probably not wrong. He wasn't right either, but you could say we both griefed. (personally I think there's a difference, but that's not for me to decide)

    Anyway, after that he went on a rampage, and tried to destroy the rest of my farm. (that enchanter down there in the picture was clobbered to death a few seconds afterwards). Max stalled him so I could note down his name and username, and eventually we got him to stop destroying things by letting him rebuild his tower on my farm.
    Last edited: Apr 26, 2016
  20. BarsukEughen555

    BarsukEughen555 Drill Rusher

    Display Name: Jon Snow
    Username: Durveniir
    Team: Humans
    Time: ~21:35 (in russia, around +4 timezone)
    Accused for: Lying, Griefing, Randomwarring.
    Story: Jon Snow joined server, and as he was known full retard, orcs strated to prepare for war. We did a lot of weapons, had to deal w/ elvs, but this did not gone to war. While we were talking with Dwarfs, Humans attacked our tunnel, and when we've seen him, he started the warvote with Humans. He also tried to war with us before, but failed, because of not enough votes. This time he tho spammed his team with message *ORCS NEUTRALKILL*, even tho humans griefed our tunnel and it was already war when we got him dead. After that Jon proceeded to blame us in randomwarring, and told we'll all get banned, even tho Jon DID start the vote. After we won the war he tried to destroy our wall, but failed. Then quitted to fill in that report.
    Evidence: Chatlogs
    first war ended in next 1 minute without anyone dying, as proper humans cancelled the war
    [21:26:24] --- Vote "Start a war with the Orcs" was started by Durveniir. Reason: N/A ---
    [21:26:31] Did you know?: If you have a custom skin, type /toggleskin to toggle it
    Custom builder skins are exclusive to sponsors and veteran admins
    [21:26:32] --- Vote passed: 2 vs 0 ---
    After that we suceeded to keep on building our stuff, but Durveniir wouldn't calm down.
    [21:31:30] --- Vote "Start a war with the Orcs" was started by raxxxsan. Reason: N/A ---
    [21:31:31] <Smith Gro'kha> [OOC] nvm poop
    [21:31:31] <Tsil'vo> * [OOC] its time to kill the humans *
    [21:31:34] <Jon Snow> fast
    [21:31:37] <Smith Gro'kha> [OOC] randomwar
    [21:31:40] <[O] Grue> ...bad timing
    [21:31:44] <Sir Aidan> i crossed the river!
    [21:31:47] <Smith Gro'kha> [OOC] Griefers.
    [21:31:50] --- Vote passed: 2 vs 1 ---
    His teammate joined, and without telling a single world just RWed us. As there was only 1 other human active, he wouldn't stop war, and humans griefed our tunnel.
    We suceeded to kill of the humans, but as we wanted to be as less agressive as we would, we voted to cancel the war.
    [21:37:45] --- A vote was started by BarsukEughen555 ---
    [21:37:46] --- BarsukEughen555 (Orcs) Voted In Favour ---
    [21:37:47] --- Chronomad (Orcs) Voted Against ---
    [21:37:48] --- Gofio (Humans) Voted In Favour ---
    [21:37:48] --- Durveniir (Humans) Voted In Favour ---
    [21:37:48] --- Vote passed: 50 percent vs 50 percent ---
    [21:37:48] Diplomacy Vote Successful!
    [21:37:48] The Orcs have revoked their relations with the Humans!
    He was also accusing us of griefing (while war was going on, started by humans and kept on only with them, while all we did is protected our tunnel)
    After that he proceeded to keep on lying about Aphelion will ban everyone and he was given Undead by Aphelion
    [21:36:32] <Jon Snow> [OOC] >WAR GRIEF NOW
    [21:36:33] <Smith Gro'kha> [OOC] No matters
    [21:36:37] <Jon Snow> [OOC] HE IS HAVING A KEG
    [21:36:43] <Jon Snow> [OOC] HE WANTS TO BLOW UP OUR BASE
    [21:36:49] <Sir Aidan> you know..........i never visited school
    [21:37:01] Did you know?: You can purchase food and potions from a market or make them yourself at a kitchen
    [21:37:01] <[O] Grue> ah, you were trained for the sword, then?
    [21:37:02] <Smith Gro'kha> [OOC] oh fkin' gr8
    [21:37:05] <Jon Snow> [OOC] YOU KNOW NOTHING
    [21:39:42] <Jon Snow> [OOC] you wont be able to play in this server for long
    [21:40:46] <Jon Snow> [OOC] he stopped now, he will be absolutely banned
    [21:33:51] <Jon Snow> [OOC] now he kileld me, taking my armour
    [21:34:00] <Jon Snow> [OOC] he is attacking the elf and other humans
    ^ Even tho elfs were neutral, and humans were standing at our base (the non-agressive clever ones)
    I would like to conclude that Durveniir is a known fucktard, is banned on 90% of modded servers, and was permabanned like 3 times already.