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Purchase Upgrades

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by thesoldier, Mar 6, 2012.

  1. thesoldier

    thesoldier Shipwright

    OK, I really want to know what a few of the advantages of actually purchasing the game will give the player. I already know of the new heads and Zombie mode. I got interested in this when I saw the drop-down menu with a ballista, fire arrows, bombs, and more items you can poke a stick at. Any items that are yet to be released (maybe the balista, I haven't seen any of that yet), say them, but mention that it hasn't been released yet.
  2. Verdant

    Verdant Shopkeep Stealer

    on Premium only serves, we get kegs of explosives, and lanterns.
    the kegs change up the game quite a bit
  3. AnRK

    AnRK Shark Slayer

    Yeah currently alot of premium servers have alot - and in the case of a few servers all - the content from zombie mode modded into their servers. Rayne's server has a shop modded in not in the original game which you can buy resources for coins too which is cool. Plus with every release the price is gonna go up, and buying it early helps fund the 2 developers to develop the game, so more early buyers = faster work from developers = more content sooner. In summary, buy the game already!
  4. Mister_Meatball

    Mister_Meatball Base Burner

    When I first bought the game none of the premium servers were too active, now after the last update I have played quite a few good games on these servers. (Highlighted in gold) The aspect behind these servers are that people will be less likely to grief/hack because they payed for the account. Multiplayer zombies is the next major update and if you think that is worth the ten dollars (I personally do) then I recommend you buy, if not, wait for future content and decide if it is worth is again.
  5. thesoldier

    thesoldier Shipwright

    ah, thanks.:DOne step closer to getting it...
  6. Wonkyth

    Wonkyth More precious than carbuncles! Donator Tester

    Just remember: the price will go up as soon as multi-player zombies comes out.
  7. Xlayer

    Xlayer Base Burner

    Gotta say... with only 1 major premium update, I'm already glad I bought this. Now that I'm premium, unlike other non-premiums, I'm actually looking forward to animals, wood, fire, etc etc etc.
    Definitely buy it before the multiplayer zombie update! I would certainly regret not buying it.
  8. Berzerkra

    Berzerkra Builder Stabber

    I bought the game in an instant because the concept is just simple, yet great and got a promising future.
    AnRK, mangus and Cadbury like this.
  9. Cadbury

    Cadbury You can't escape. Donator

    Yeah, same here.

    And premium servers already have a medley of new workshops such as demolition(for bombs AND powder kegs), lanterns, resources, banks, and tunnel entrances for quick travel across the map.
    AnRK, mangus and Beef like this.
  10. mangus

    mangus Builder Stabber

    Along with what everyone else has been saying, I'll add that this game has an excellent community. I find myself having a blast hanging out in IRC and playing on Premium servers with familiar faces. Though they may not know mine yet, it's always fun calling someone like Beef or Rayne out as a knight and proceeding to get my face stabbed in by them.

    I also haven't touched a normal server since premium content has been released. And from the blog posts from MM and Geti this looks like a game that's not only sticking around, but one that is going to grow vastly over the years. Many of us may not appreciate it, but we're here at the wee early birth of something great. I have no doubt that once finished, this game is going to be an award winner. So probably one of the most reward experiences is that I am not only apart of it, but I contributed.