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Rejected "python_lagoon" by Hugobh

Discussion in 'CTF' started by Ferrezinhre, Oct 24, 2021.

  1. Ferrezinhre

    Ferrezinhre Haxor Mapping Moderator Official Server Admin

    map name: Hugobh_python_lagoon
    upload_2021-10-21_10-57-28 (1).png
    thread: https://forum.thd.vg/threads/hugobh_python_lagoon.28896/#post-413632
    --- Double Post Merged, Nov 14, 2021, Original Post Date: Oct 24, 2021 ---
    Resource spread is bad, 180 gold during build time, 360 on mid, imo it's rather bland map with boring lower part that favors ratting and feels like no effort was put into making it. No
  2. mehwaffle10

    mehwaffle10 Haxor Mapping Moderator Official Server Admin

    The back flag is probably too close to spawn and the front flag is a bit strong being off the ground. The stone should be a bit more spread and there should be some more bedrock imo. The idea for the map is cool but the stripes on the pythons will make it next to impossible to push without ratting and the only benefit would be to rat more to get under flag, probably worth swapping the dirt backwall for stone or wood for the stripes. The gold doesn't seem like too much of an issue and the limited stone and trees make for low sustainability which should help loosen the rats a bit. I don't think it's that audacious to say this is playable now but could be better.
  3. Magmus

    Magmus Ballista Bolt Thrower Mapping Moderator Official Server Admin

    I dont like the dirt in the python aswell, it would be painful to push trought that hole that will for sure be blocked at build time. That tunnel also really encourage ratting wich im not a big fan honestly. Theres almost no materials but tons of gold, would be easy to setup a quarry to get more stone and fix that. Its a no for me.
  4. Ferrezinhre

    Ferrezinhre Haxor Mapping Moderator Official Server Admin