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CTF Raevsky Redoubt [REJECTED]

Discussion in 'Rejected Maps' started by Didgedy, Aug 4, 2018.

  1. Didgedy

    Didgedy Arsonist

    Map name: Raevsky Redoubt
    Gamemode: CTF
    Symmetrical: No
    Special features:
    Features for the blue team:
    They have 4 flags spread evenly through their territory
    About 60% of the map is available to them during build time;
    They start with 2 chickens, 6 grain, a pre-build siege shop and a ballista they can capture within this zone
    Have a decent amount of wood, but very low amounts of stone available to them, average amounts of gold
    They have to fight at a slight incline, and there are minor terrain elements hindering the construction of a proper base at the very start (trees placed near flags, small hills, that sort of thing)
    Features for the red team:
    2 flags at the edge of the hill
    They start on a very nice hill
    They have a very large amount of stone under their hill, average amount of gold
    They have 2 small caves with lanterns under their hill, alerting of potential rats
    They have a bison in the pit under the flags
    about 25% of the map is available during build time
    Map: Didgedy_Raevsky_Redoubt.png
    Map name: Didgedy_Raevsky_Redoubt.png
  2. Ni

    Ni Battle Angel Global Moderator Forum Moderator Mapping Moderator Donator Tester Official Server Admin
    1. Active Forum Users

    Rejected - The mapping team has decided to reject this map.
    If you want to know what lead the mapping team to this decision please message me here on the Forum or via Discord (Ni#6332)