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(Request) Crush the Tower

Discussion in 'Game modes' started by amgtree, Jun 21, 2012.


Do you thinks this is possible and a good idea

  1. Good Idea, but seems to complex to mod it

    6 vote(s)
  2. Bad Idea, but seems possible

    3 vote(s)
  3. Good Idea, but seems possible

    19 vote(s)
  1. amgtree

    amgtree Haxor

    Hey is it possible to mod a game mode to make it that one team makes a tower and the other destroys it. If possible maybe have one team have a outpost that stuck and they cant move it. They have a pre-made tower in the middle of the map that is crap. They get 2 to 3 minutes or less to reinforce the tower. After they have to defend it until the other team dies out. If the other team destroys the tower the outpost will be destroyed and the defending team can't re spawn. Maybe you could add some custom shops with different types of kegs and bombs.

    Ps: there would been another choice on the poll, but i pressed enter on accident:(

    Bad Idea, and to complex to mod
  2. Seems possible to me, I reckon.

    Why not:

    Defenders have either very high or infinite resources. The tower can be reinforced, but not built past a certain tile, to prevent the defenders attacking. Defenders have few units.

    Attackers have many units, poor stone resources, no gold but lots of trees (To prevent them effectively defending, while letting them have workshops and frontline ladder-builders).

    Like you said, if it were possible to script the outpost to be destroyed when 75% of the tower's blocks fall (easily achieved by taking out the foundations), preventing further spawning, then I reckon this could be an amazing game mode.
    amgtree likes this.
  3. amgtree

    amgtree Haxor

    I wish a good game mode moder would really make this possible
  4. Fernegulus

    Fernegulus Bison Rider

    Yeah, that's really not a bad idea! And it's not very hard to code.
  5. amgtree

    amgtree Haxor

    It would be awesome, because if the attackers win you get to see a the castle get crushed to the ground

    PFUIGAGA Catapult Fodder

    hows about lettin the attackers comeover the seaside? with respawning ships, attacking ships respawn slower then others?
    EhRa likes this.
  7. amgtree

    amgtree Haxor

    That would be cool, but that sounds very differnt from the orginal concept. I wouldn't mind some boat only matches.
  8. EhRa

    EhRa Ooooooof Staff Alumni Donator
    1. KRPG

    It would be really easy to mod but it would be kind of boring to play.
    rawr likes this.
  9. One

    One I got 99 problems and my name is One Donator Tester

    Boring? This sounds great.
    Although I do think kegs would be to quick to end a match.
  10. Bernhardt

    Bernhardt Builder Stabber

    I like the idea.

    The game mode sounds like an action version of the Sandbox mode.

    Off the top of my head, the only downside of this game mode would be that we should perhaps keep the amount of game modes to the minimum because of the small community.

    Then again, if this game mode proves out popular, it might maintain and even grow the community.
  11. kelokepasa

    kelokepasa Catapult Fodder

    good idea!!! its possible
  12. -GodlyKnight-

    -GodlyKnight- Catapult Fodder

    Good idea but it seems boring collapse other towers bah...it dont sound great
  13. amgtree

    amgtree Haxor

    Your post contradicts itself
  14. -GodlyKnight-

    -GodlyKnight- Catapult Fodder

    lel not rlly i'just saying is good but not great