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[Rockyz Permanent Idea's!] Modes,Suggestions,Ideas,Items,New Stuff

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Rockyz, Jun 25, 2011.

  1. Rockyz

    Rockyz Guest

    Hi, everyone this is my permanent idea post where i will post all my ideas and suggestions for this game i may take someone
    ideas and post them here with there name underneath. I will however be giving this suggestions and ideas including stuff from players who have said stuff that may of not been heard of I doing this so i don't have to make different posts with ideas, also i suggest that everyone does this it will stop posts from spamming on the thread topics.
  2. Benata

    Benata Guest

    Oh god lulz never end ;D
  3. Snow

    Snow Guest

    Rockyz, it's nice that your enthusiastic and excited about the game. That's great, but you posted 74 times in 2 days. You don't need to comment on every thread and constantly make new ones. We all kinda get it. Slow down. Enjoy the game.
  4. Rockyz

    Rockyz Guest

    Your right snow i will take your advice thanks