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[RoG] Resurrection of Gods (RECRUITING ALL PLAYERS)

Discussion in 'Dead/Inactive' started by Azakaka, Jul 9, 2015.

  1. Azakaka

    Azakaka Builder Stabber

    Welcome to RoG. We are a small community consisting of only 6 (and counting) people right now. ::D:, But we're growing. I've always thought of being in a big clan. RoG can't be called 'adept' players right now we're only at around 20 hours. So we are recruiting anyone with as little experience as just 1 hour! You can join this community by posting a reply I check daily and once you've added a reply i'll probably check within a couple of days. We're a small friendly community consisting of these people.


    Iggy Azalea/Azakaka - Co-Owner Zeus
    Funkyclownkillr - Co-Owner Poseidon
    Zacedgeworld101 - Co Co Warrior!
    Arnjays - Member
    Sync8 - Member
    ImperialCereal - Member
    Jetstarfish - Member
    Pootis Medic! - Member

    5+ Hour
    Age 10+
    Steam Account (Obviously)
    Forum Account (Obviously)

    --STEP TO JOIN--
    - Have the requirements mentioned above.
    - Once you are on the RoG clan page *Which is where you probably are right now*
    -Post a reply requesting your join and wait 1-2 days.
    - Add [RoG] to your clan tag in game at your settings page.
    -Welcome to Resurrection of Gods

    We ressurect and start a fire, We kill them all especially the liar. We make them crash and make them lash, at the walls until morning calls. We are the beasts, so we shall feast. We will take this world, Until they've all hurled. We are your scourge. And you are the purge

    This has been Resurrection of Gods, Farewell!!!
    Last edited: Jul 26, 2015
  2. ZacEdgeworld101

    ZacEdgeworld101 Horde Gibber

    Wait,why am in the clan thought u didnt want me?becuase i use water bombs and mines.
    Last edited: Jul 23, 2015
  3. Xuorox

    Xuorox Builder Stabber

    Glad to see that we are allies. Good luck to RoG!
  4. Harold7

    Harold7 Arsonist

    hello I have all requirements but steam can I join????
  5. muslim_gyan

    muslim_gyan Catapult Fodder

    !!! good not bad:smug:
  6. samsamkill4fun7

    samsamkill4fun7 Horde Gibber

    ??? Hello Resurrection Of Gods me and karth at titan were wondering if you would like to have a clan war ???

    and i was also wondering is thins clan active cause i have taken down a post that was not responded to earlier and this has been here for a week
    Last edited: Dec 3, 2015
  7. wilpin7

    wilpin7 Lewd~ Donator
    1. KAG Competitive League

    I think I'll give this clan a shot if it doesn't die too soon.
    I'm standing at "only" around 350 hours but I consider myself to be quite good, having been part of H20, even though it never even got a chance to have a proper clan war and some other clans that I either left or saw die before I ever got a chance to have a proper clan war.

    My steam account is simply wilpin.
  8. blox863

    blox863 Bison Rider

    Hi there, my name is Harry and I'm from the Inception group and we were wondering whether you were interested in having any graphics produced (for free). If you head onto the group panel and search INCEPTION or Graphics we should appear. Alternatively if you're interested just PM me via the forums or steam (blox863)
  9. JGamerX

    JGamerX Shark Slayer

    KAG User: JGamerX
    Hours: 250+ (50 on Steam)
    Age: 14 :P
    Steam Username: JGamerX (look for my forum icon)
    Notes/Qualifications: This will be my first clan,i decided to finally join one since i think i was skilled enough. Relatively low hours but you can count on me to be at your side wedging my blade into necks.

    Also here is the Template I made (put it on your topic post if u want)

    KAG User:
    Steam User:
  10. Son_NekoZ

    Son_NekoZ Catapult Fodder

    May I join my steam is Son_NekoZ and I have 9Hours of KAG and im 13 and im on almost everyday
  11. BarsukEughen555

    BarsukEughen555 Ballista Bolt Thrower

    Mhm, gl