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Run and hide from the invisible menace

Discussion in 'Game modes' started by GloriousToast, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. GloriousToast

    GloriousToast Haxor Donator

    very similar to xyzman's ghost busting server and afro's server.
    Knights v archer
    invisible stalker v pussy running archer
    game mode is for the invisible stalker to chase and kill the archers.
    It will likely be premium, so that i can place lanterns everywhere.
    day and knights are enabled

    Stalkers are knights that are invisible (maybe except when they attack). They will have 10 hearts (havent decided yet) and deal 1 heart when they jab and 2 for slash (slash will take longer then normal ingame slash, say 1.2-1.5x slower). they will spawn either with a higher number of lives then archer either infinitive or 4 times as much for each archer based on the game mode at the time (infinitive for survive this amount of time). for knight to win kill all archers
    some things that will be cool if i can mod it somehow
    1. when knights reach a certain of health they became visible
    2. when knights are near health stations they will be shown

    Archer have 2 hearts do 1 heart on uncharged and 4 on charged. They will spawn with a limited number of lives as said before likely 4 times less and at minimum 1 life. however they do have various spots that they can hide/heal/replenish on arrows in that are unreachable by knights but are able to be knocked down. They will only carry a small number of arrows and shall be slightly faster. for archer to win kill all knights or survive the timer

    map is special customized for this 1. tents are right next to each over seperated by red doors these are there to provide time for the archers while the knights detroy it. Semi destroyed bridges allow any one to go on it or otherwise destroy it. special areas that at first archer only then can be reached by destroying blocks.
    expansive maps

    Errors atm
    1. idk how to save kag format very well as when i try to load it i get an error
    map size 0
    error on receiving map
    client_RecdMap :error; count 1 packet 9 last 4 c1 0 c2 0
    fail 9 once 56;
    2. following on 1 i will be unable to save semi-detroyed team bridges and shops which play large parts
    3. grow trees

    similar to warrfork's bouncy boulders where you can buy to become an archer. i assume you can do this to buy to become a knight/ builder. weaker and visible.
    indestructable shops
    a shop that doesnt do anything and archers can shoot at it to gain money to buy stuff

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