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Shiprekt' Suggestions - General

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Ideas' started by Jepton, Apr 9, 2014.

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  1. Jepton

    Jepton Shipwright

    I couldn't find a section or thread that implied "Shipwrecked" (Or as I like to call it, "ShipRekt"), so I'm just putting this into a generic "Suggestions" sub-forum.

    Supply Crates
    • Random and grouped, like every other building block.
    • Somewhat rare.
    • Would have the appearance of a chest in (KAG) workshops, bird's eye view of course.
    • Would act like the "Core", but wouldn't contribute to spawning or defeat. (Building wise)
    • Has 5-10 uses to get building designs from. Disappears/Breaks/turns into wooden flooring afterwards.
    • Would bare team colors upon it; Only team members could use.
    • If too powerful, could only supply walls, flooring, and grates/'spears'.
  2. Duplolas

    Duplolas So Sad

    I'm not sure if this should go in the suggestion category or not. Its a Mod, but it is kinda part of the game.

    Either way, I like all of your ideas.
  3. Galen

    Galen Haxor Staff Alumni Donator

    @Jepton: Since this is an idea regarding a mod (even though it's been done by the devs) I'd like to ask you if I can hijack and rename this thread so that people can just throw all their Shipwrecked ideas in here?
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  4. Jepton

    Jepton Shipwright

    Go ahead. It's for the greater good.
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  5. steve_jobs

    steve_jobs Horde Gibber

    I would like the destruction of blocks to be more momentum based, i.e. the faster boats go, the more carnage, and vice versa.

    EDIT: less carnage overall as well, ramming is way to powerful compared to cannons.
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  6. Corpsey

    Corpsey Ballista Bolt Thrower

    I'd like to see how the game functions with less wall pieces spawning. As it is now, wall pieces just make it hard to get around the ship. Maybe -20% wall spawn for +10% engine spawn, +5% raft, +5% deck - so people can make side boats easier (instead of waiting like 20 clicks of wall, steering piece, deck, raft, bomb... sometimes you just really need the extra engine).

    Also less wall would mean that you could use the cannons to fix holes in the ship easier.

    Otherwise, the game is incredibly fun.
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  7. Jepton

    Jepton Shipwright

    Being able to destroy block would enable more path creation to get around the dreaded walls.
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  8. Neuf_Preux

    Neuf_Preux Catapult Fodder

    A mode where there is a building time like ctf and being able to choose what blocks you can choose.

    A chain which can attach to another block which then acts as a separate island. image your main island with a spinning second island attached to it with the course of island2 being determined by your main island

    A anchor to stop over all net movement from the center of the ship.

    harpoons which can be shot at other ships thus attaching your ship at something else then it reels you in.

    Being able to upgrade your ship
    Last edited: Apr 11, 2014
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  9. jarrydthysse

    jarrydthysse Ballista Bolt Thrower
    1. Trueblue [TB]

    What about islands ,like little islands a few blocks wide and a few would have a capturable black spawn which you can spawn the items u want and not at random . These islands cant be moved but cant break ::D:

    These do not count as a core so if your core is broken you will still lose even if you own an island
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  10. Jepton

    Jepton Shipwright

  11. jarrydthysse

    jarrydthysse Ballista Bolt Thrower
    1. Trueblue [TB]


    I just said it more fancy :smug:
  12. infinitito

    infinitito Catapult Fodder

    These have probably been suggested before in some way, but as for suggestions as to directly deal with foolish maneuvers (this mod is still a bit too new to assume everyone is outright griefing)

    If there was a log of people setting off bombs by detonation, a change to captain chair colors to make them different from the color of the team (kinda makes it hard to see who is driving when you don't want to be moving) and a simple way to tell who is actually in control at the moment (maybe also through logs, or perhaps somehow put their name in larger text around the whole ship) it would mean people would be less encouraged to actually grief... or if they are not griefing you can just let them know they should stop personally

    As far as core changes go, i'd like to see a way to actually select key items but ONLY based on a system of coins/points which makes it so they are still pretty hard to get, I.E. the more key blocks you place, (guns, engines, solid pieces) the more enemies you kill or are killed by blocks you placed, and the more you do in the pilots chair mean you can pick out an engine or gun from the parts bay with an extra clickable option upon hitting E. This would be fairly hard to balance though.
  13. metalcallous

    metalcallous Shipwright

    Neuf_Preux's suggestion about harpoons would be too dangerous and game breaking unless married with Steve_Jobs' suggestion about harder walls. Harpoons would make ramming too easy, or more precisely give the spinning tops of deaths an advantage.

    A different suggestion would be a very rare "Harpoon locker" which can let a player take up to 3 man-portable harpoons. this harpoon can be thrown by the crew member and has 2 functions.
    -It insta kills an enemy crew or shark
    -If it hits a block and on a certain max distance it'll turn into a grapple which'll pull the thrower towards it(kinda like the archer grapple).
    This'll add flavor to boarding actions. Or is useful for getting to abandoned gun boats from safe distance.

    Remove the black edges, people exploit it and most battles revolve around it :| Though I don't know how hard coded it is to the game, might be difficult.
  14. steve_jobs

    steve_jobs Horde Gibber

    removing the edge so that it would still loop, but you could see the other side would be amazing. If possible, implement this now.

    The block grapple seems to be op, even with my harder block suggestion.
    I like the idea of a grapple to board enemy ships tho, boarding is the best.
  15. crackwise

    crackwise Shipwright

    There is currently a serious bug actually and i think it needs to be fixed quite fast:

    When your ship moves with some considerable speed, it is possible to place blocks on top of existing blocks on the ship.

    For instance, I was accidentally able to place a huge 3-tile wall block on the core, even worse I accidentally placed a bomb block on the existing perfect core (it was set off eventually eventually by an accident, thus destroying our team)
  16. metalcallous

    metalcallous Shipwright

    I think its a lag related issue, wherein you manage to apply the block, but the server registers too late that its not possible, and accepts it instead.

    In my opinion, Shiprekt on a public server is geared towards single players per team. As even willingly cooperative team mates will nevertheless mess up the ship if they don't understand the design you want. And while explaining to them helps, if it takes longer you'd be wasting time and give the enemy a chance to build and a bigger ship or take you by surprise.
    Suggestion: Perhaps maybe make it so that new arrivals on the team has the option (within the first minute of joining) to spawn another team core, so they could branch off another ship. This'll make it so that public games progress from single free-for-alls among 8 teams, to a battle of armadas ship squadrons between the 2 last teams with possible 4 ships each or single gigantic monstrosities that'll take a lot of bug bites. Maybe make it a new game mode entirely titled "Escalation".

    Portable bombs - in similar light to the harpoon locker I suggested. Make a bomb armory block where the team can take 3 mini bombs. It cannot be thrown, but can be planted (dropped). Its blast is weaker than the usual bomb block and it cannot be used to destroy the core, but nevertheless it is devastating if planted right next to important parts, such as rudders or a group of turrets. If the carrier dies it is not activated, which means it must be planted. Despite being activated, it can still be picked up and carried somewhere else. Play hot potato or go suicide bomber. Now what's different from a tetris bomb? You can drop it anywhere, (floor of a ship). Combine with carrying a portable bomb and a tetris block with a bomb for example, you blow a hole beside the core, so that you could place the tetris bomb, and its game over. Provided you can stop the enemy crew from defusing the larger bomb.

    Shield Board - again, in a shield stack that can allow taking 2 portable shields. This shield can save the crew from one cannon shot, but is destroyed after. As long as the shield bearer is standing on a block (not on water), left clicking on a direction will make the crew "surf" 3 blocks towards that direction with speed faster than a rudder but not slower than swimming. (Using the shields to surf the water, now where did that idea come from?). This is just another way to board enemy ships just like the grappling harpoon.

    Unfortunately the player can only carry one man portable thing at a time, either a harpoon, a shield or a bomb.
    The blocks that respawn these items: harpoon locker, bomb armory, shield stack reverts to a raft floor once they're all used up.
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  17. Apronymous

    Apronymous Shark Slayer

    And then a great many poorly communicating people crashed into each other repetatedly.

    In small groups of competent people I haven't had any issues that didn't resolve themselves in under five seconds, so I don't entirely agree with your motive.
    That said, I have team with a great number of morons the uninformed.

    I don't see what's wrong just holding a block with a bomb on it when you go out to raid.
    I'm sure we've all had times where it takes two minutes to find an engine for your giant bomb stick, but try counting how long it takes to find a certain part.
    You usually get it pretty quickly.

    I don't see any need fior this as a shield.
    Try mounting an enemy turret some time, it's really easy to strafe them.
    And if they're in a semi-walled chunk of ship you can always dodge behind walla or run between the delays in their shots.

    I don't like the idea of non-drivers shunting the ship around.
    For that matter I don't like the idea of rams getting consumed in glancing blows because of sudden dodges or ships getting torn apart from the wnemy randomly jumping forward.
    At the point in fights where ramming occurs, things are happening fast enough that countering a shield with another shield doesn't seem very likely, but I might be wrong on that.

    Mostly speculation, so take it with a grain of salt.
    I'm not entirely sure how I feel about hordes of allied ships and sudden burst of speed, but at the very least I'd probably enjoy trying them out.

    But not at the same time.
  18. metalcallous

    metalcallous Shipwright

    *insert cheshire grin here*
    Which reminds me, improved mini map? XD

    hehe, hmmm what I meant with the suggestions are just for crews. Not for a ship. There is no burst of speed for the ship, the shield sorta "slingshots" the crew member through water (sorta like jumping from one ship to another). And like I said, one hit from a cannon and the shield is gone, so really its just to help get that boarder to the enemy ship. Especially with 2 competing ships that are both really mobile.

    While the shield gives you protection, once. The harpoon grapple allows you to kill a crew member and has a farther reach and pull. (remember throw only once, so either grapple or kill) Just don't get dragged towards the propellers though.
  19. FuzzyBlueBaron

    FuzzyBlueBaron Warm, Caring, Benign, Good and Kind Philanthrope Global Moderator Forum Moderator Donator Tester
    1. The Young Blood Collective - [YB]

    Just a fyi about harpoons/other methods of attaching 2+ moving blobs together:

    When we first tested archer grapples, they could attach to everything (not just solid, non-moving blocks like they can today). It was hilarious (imagine two archers grabbing each other, swinging around each other and somehow swinging up into the sky off the top of the map). It was also terribly broken (not just the weird flying bugs, but it made things lag horribly bc of increased forces & speeds).

    While I can imagine that SR being a top-down game will alleviate some of the problems of attaching two moving blobs (i.e. I don't think "flying" would occur), I can't see how you'd get around the massive lag generated by the excessive speed + force swinging around each other on a rope causes.

    So, uh, yeh. Harpoons are a nice dream, but sadly I don't see them being anything more than (highly) gimmicky. Sorry.
  20. Potatobird

    Potatobird Bison Rider Forum Moderator Mapping Moderator Tester Official Server Admin

    Okay, if harpoons aren't gonna happen, will the same problems show up in grapple hooks for boarding? Nothing involving altering the speeds or paths of ships, but instead something to launch at enemy ships that will act like a tether that allows crew to climb over to the other ship. It could break when the ships got too far apart.

    And let's talk about the goddamn autocannons...

    How about, instead of cannons automatically shooting with perfect aim at people, making it damn near impossible to manually use a cannon unless the ships are in motion, (which I find hella annoying)...
    ...we make automatic cannons stay directional? As in, they are locked facing the direction they are placed in, and maybe switch the spacebar over to "fire all unmanned cannons" when sitting in a seat. The cannons could automatically fire whenever blocks are detected in their line of fire.

    Cannon fire would automatically be at longest range. It would make it so that when your target moves their ship, not all of your cannonballs would just sink harmlessly where the ship used to be like a second ago.

    Manual cannons would still be just the same, with free aim - they'd be safer and perhaps more useful than autocannons, giving people a reason to man the guns instead of a reason to stay away from them. When the gun is unoperated again, it could either snap back to its original direction (so it'd take more thought to place guns), snap to the nearest horizontal/vertical direction, or even stay locked in the last direction it was pointed, allowing for strategic gun configuration.

    Other thoughts and ideas:
    • More engines = faster ships = more fun, and then when everyone uses them to make miniships the main ship won't become slow as fuck. More frequent engines 2014
    • Decouplers can be activated using "e" from longer range, allowing for the release of one torpedo at a time from the comfort of your captain's chair. (Also would fix the problem of spacebar now being used for the cannons)
    • I don't quite know how this works currently, but chairs should consider the whole boat instead of just the position of the chair when activating engines - maybe center control of all chairs facing same direction in the center of the ship.

    This mod is fucking awesome, now kag is like 2 games in one. Thank you so much devs
    Last edited: Apr 16, 2014
Mods: Rainbows
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