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Sieges and More

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Urist, Jun 5, 2011.

  1. Urist

    Urist Guest

    Today we had a few Siege Battles on the Offical Euro server. One team would mainly Gold Dig while the other would attack and try and steal their gold. Sometimes new folk coming into the Server didn't get it, and dug for gold while on the Siegeing team, but we have seen some great battles...

    So far the Sieges have won 1/3 battles, Poor show, but this was with folk not understanding how things were happening...
  2. Slappy Moose

    Slappy Moose Guest

    Anyone else who thinks this should be an official mode say "aye."

  3. bilbs

    bilbs Guest

  4. B3NW

    B3NW Guest

    I think before game modes can be made, the support for user-created maps would need to be improved, from there an improved server software would need to be made.

    The kind of user-created maps improvements that could be added would be things such as the ability to save positions of catapults, the ability to place ladders on back walls etc.. Both of which to my knowledge would be an easy fix.
  5. MM

    MM THD Team THD Team Administrator Global Moderator

    I don't know about making this the default game mode but I sure want to add this as a server option. I think there could be pre-made maps made for this, so that builder would just repair or add elements to the castle during the siege.
  6. Gumball135

    Gumball135 Guest

    Also, a ''Kill the King'' mode. One team has to defend their king for, say, 10 minutes in a pre-built castle. Roles switch every round, and the first team to kill the enemy leader when the other fails, wins. The defending team wouldn't have access to Builders, otherwise they could simply hide the king underground and wall him in.

    Similar idea; both teams have a king, they have to transport him to the other side of the map, the only problem being that the king is extremely vulnerable. First to do so 3 times wins.

    OR maybe we could go Fat Princess and do ''Capture the King''. Hitting the king enough so that his health is gone allows you to carry him. Whoever's carrying the enemy's king moves extremely slowly. Bring him back to your tent to win.