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So basically... a guy said the 'n word' online.... please sort this out developers...

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by VaderCraftGamer, Feb 16, 2017.

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  1. VaderCraftGamer

    VaderCraftGamer Ballista Bolt Thrower

    I would like to know if this guy/girl could possibly get banned.... he/she literally said the 'n word' to me and started saying it isn't racist, then told me to shut up and he/she used the 'n word' again... Btw if he/she deserves to be banned, his/her username is Psiklaw ....

    Here is the proof...
    20170216182625_1.jpg And more proof... 20170216182644_1.jpg 20170216182814_1.jpg
    As I said, his name is Psiklaw and he later claimed he knew the meaning of the word but he had also said the black slavery era was over so a word had no meaning, and I am not of dark skin colour myself but I want to defend the right for dark skin coloured people since I cannot imagine the amount of slavery there was in those dull and dramatic days for those of that skin colour. When this happened it was 2:40 PM in the afternoon (UK Time) and it was on TDM EU No.2 server and I realise you are allowed to swear on servers but if it goes to the extent that it is allowed to say the n word no matter what skin colour then that just makes it way too far. He also didn't claim what colour of skin he was, and he realised black people were allowed to say it but he still argued on so I reckon he/she is not of dark skin colour and I would appreciate if he/she gets banned for a life time from TDM EU No.2 server at least, and if not, then as I said it is way too far to let someone get away with this as he/she used my username (not that I care if he/she used it unless it is extreme) but added it to the 'n word'...

    //EDIT: If you have large multiple large pictures, put them in a spoiler. [ADDED SPOILER TAG] ~Galen
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 16, 2017
  2. Galen

    Galen Haxor Staff Alumni Donator

    A couple things:
    1) it's clear Psiklaw was trying to bait you, don't let yourself get baited
    2) smack talk on the internet / in a game is nothing new, however, it's not always justified/appropriate
    3) it's highly unlikely anyone will get punished for their activities in the chat, since that would be borderline censoring, and censoring is bad
    4) if you get offended by what people say in the chat, then use the ignore function in the game, it's there for a reason
    5) this is not how reports are done, read the rules and the stickies of the help section
    6) feel free to submit another report in the proper place and with the proper formalities, however if you don't have a video/recording of him being "hostile" in the chat then your report will get rejected
    7) locking this thread
    If you have further questions or feel the need to discuss this matter further, then send me a pm.
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Thread Status:
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