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Soldat 2 SOLDAT 2 Release Date revealed!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by kateflow, Sep 14, 2020 at 8:49 PM.

  1. kateflow

    kateflow THD Team THD Team

    After 18 years, the legend of 2000’s LAN parties comes back... this month!
    Soldat 2 premieres:
    22nd of September 2020!
    Time: 19:00 CEST

    After nearly 2 years of a “one man army” style development MM can finally announce the release date.

    The game is in the final phase of several weeks of multiplayer testing and will be ready for release in Early Access on Steam for Windows, Linux and Mac. WISHLIST NOW if you haven't already!

    It will be still in development, and MM will be collecting feedback from the players and introducing new features.

    Soldat 2 Capture The Flag multiplayer tests gameplay on CTF_DIVISION:

    Soldat 2 aims to recreate the classic experience of online deathmatch famous in Soldat, with the same physics-based movement, violence and guns. But it is much more than that with a new 2.5D look, weapons, customizations, gamemodes and experimental features such as:
    • motorbikes
    • battle royale
    • and an agar.io inspired gamemode

    Early Access Features:

    • online multiplayer (with dedicated servers)
    • iconic physics-based movement
    • essential multiplayer gamemodes (capture the flag, point capture, battle royale)
    • procedurally generated and designed levels
    • realistic weapons and military equipment
    • ragdoll physics and over the top violence
    • singleplayer & custom battle sandbox
    • lo-fi mode for clarity or potato pc's
    • built-in gif recording!
    Soldat 1
    Is a legendary multiplayer game and now it has a sequel after 18 years!

    Watch MM's story on how the game started 18 years ago:

    Don't forget to WISHLIST if you haven't yet to get notified about the game release immediately!

    See you in the game!
    And remember to have fun ;)
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  2. kateflow

    kateflow THD Team THD Team

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