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Some ideas that would make KAG a better game

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by peraldon, Jun 8, 2011.

  1. peraldon

    peraldon Guest


    I've been thinking about some ideas that would make the game better. (if that's possible) ;)

    New Game Modes:

    Capture the Flag

    Each team starts of with one flag. If an enemy flag is brought to your teams tent, you get a point. The flag then teleports back to it's team's base. The first to 3 points wins the game. You can pick up either of the flags, but if you are carrying it, you only move at 75% of your normal speed, and you can't use any weapons, attack/defend, or use any special abilities.

    King of the Hill

    In the centre of the map there is a special place (hill, castle etc). The game lasts 20 minutes, and at the end the team who controlled the place the most wins. To control a place, you need to double the amount of players that the enemy has on the place. IE If you had 2 archers, 1 knight, and 1 builder on the place, then you are controlling it. The enemy then sends 1 knight at your place. You are still controlling it, as you have 4 people, and they only have 1. The enemy then sends in another 2 guys. Now no-ones controlling it, as you have 4, and they have 3.


    The first team to kill a set amount of enemies wins the game. Spawn time is 20 seconds, but when you are spawning, if an enemy is killed, then you get -5 seconds to your spawn time.

    Defend the Castle

    I'm not sure about this game mode. A portion of the map is a castle/city etc. One team defends it, and the other attacks it. The game lasts 20 minutes. If the attacker manages to set one of their team on the throne (in the most defensible position), then they win the game, otherwise, when the 20 minutes are up, the defenders win the game.
  2. nginferno

    nginferno Guest

    dude, read the other threads before posting =.=
  3. peraldon

    peraldon Guest

    New Classes


    Hearts 1
    Weapon Staff
    Speed Normal


    Missile Costs 1 magic point Sends a magic missile that acts like an arrow. It deals 10 damage to target, destroying block, or killing the target. If it is shielded by a Knight, then it deals 2 damage to the knight, and ends.

    Wall Costs 1 magic point Creates an invincible wall 4 blocks high, or untill it reaches an obstructing block. The wall lasts 30 seconds.

    Heal Costs 2 magic points Heals friendly target to full health

    The mage starts with 2 magic points. He/She gets 1 point for every kill he/she does.
  4. Urist

    Urist Guest

    Capture the Flag....
    Its called Capture their Gold Sack. You try and get pas their defences to capture a sack of gold then take it back to your tent to claim it as your own...

    King of the Hill...
    Your mining gold to accumulate the most first. Digging for gold and returning it to base is akin to trying to be the only player/team to be on the 'Hill' But the Hill is gold and the countdown is the amount of Gold you bring back. And most of the time there is a Mountain or Deep drop in the center of the map where a lot of Gold and Stone is. A place that many try and Capture and Hold so that smart miners can gather their Resources there...

    Nearly 80-90% of the players that play KAG will spend their time as Solider or Archer and killing one another, the K:D:R means nothing but people still like saying that they killed more folk then such and such and died less too. And the more they are dead the more that will swap from mining gold to warrior to defend their sacks...

    Defend the Castle...
    Right now I bet that you or someone else is a Miner, and they are building a Stone wall with a Door and a place for an archer or two to stand with relative safety and a place for a Catapult that they are going to be filling with stone. And the other team all this while is coming at you and YOUR DEFENDING YOUR WALL... Wow now think if that Builder was cleaver or had a ton of resources and time and safety, he could so build a castle don't you think...

    Moral of the Story. Your already playing those things but in one package...

    Edit for New Class idea. :: Fail Idea. there is a Thread with the Title called New Ideas for Classes. Did you even LOOK there???
  5. peraldon

    peraldon Guest


    Hearts 2
    Weapon Dagger
    Speed Fast

    The assassin has a special ability called Invisiblity.

    He is invisible to enemies, if he is more then 30 blocks away. At 29-25, there is a 5% chance of detection, 24-20 10%,19-15 15%, 14-10 25%, 9-5 50% and 4-1 75%. The check is made every 1 second.

    There chould also be:
    Trapdoors- Door that open for the enemy
    Spikes- Deals 5 damage to people who move into it.
    Arrow turrets- I believe these are on the dev's 'to do list'

    Trade with other player
    Lava and Water
    Have the ability to create squads in a team. (2-6 players) If your in a squad, it makes it easier to see your 'sqaud mates'.
    New Maps!!!
    And a slightly better save system.
    Maybe later on- NPCs?
  6. peraldon

    peraldon Guest

    I have, and most of my ideas are different. Thanks for the support ;)

  7. Urist

    Urist Guest

    He is saying that you should Post the ideas of classes you have there...
  8. peraldon

    peraldon Guest

  9. Urist

    Urist Guest

    Also your Assassin idea is terrible due to the amount of problems it would give, did you know for a game to check where someone is and then measure the distance between two players (With no one else around) and then calculate the chance of the other seeing the one invisible at any percent will drain alot of power as the game does those calculations every second. Now multiply that to 10 people. It will have to do that 1 second calculation 10 times, multiply that again by 2, that's another 20 times. This will lead to lag and will give poor performance. And thats with only one Assassin, imagine if it had 10 Assassins against 10 Normal Players...
  10. peraldon

    peraldon Guest

    Yes, I did think about that. ATM I'm trying to think of a better way to do it. Do you have any ideas?

  11. Urist

    Urist Guest

    Atm, Let the Devs think about the classes. The game just came out. People shouldn't be telling them how to make their game JUST yet. Just go log onto a Server and enjoy it for what it is...
  12. Gumball135

    Gumball135 Guest

    Contributing ideas certainly won't do any harm to the development of the game; shooting down these ideas due to the difficulties in implementing them, or because you don't want any changes introduced to the game yourself, on the other hand, will. Stop being so negative, please!
    And saying that the current game covers all four modes that peraldon suggested is a load of bull. The individual features of them are there - defending a wall, killing enemy players, capturing gold etc, but actually winning the game depends only on the amount of gold your team gets; not on fighting, defending or stealing.