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Sponges should have multiple uses before breaking

Discussion in 'Balance' started by Tern, Apr 12, 2017.

  1. Asu

    Asu THD Team THD Team Forum Moderator

    I proposed a pull request that a. performs a circular splash rather than a box splash (so the hit distance makes somewhat more sense) and b. added raycast checks that don't check for platforms/doors/etc collisions for splashes.
    In other words, with this patch you won't get stun in a tunnel if the water splash blows on top, for example, but still would if it was behind a door or a platform. It should also require a slightly better aiming.
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  2. Geti

    Geti Please avoid PMing me (poke a mod instead) THD Team Administrator Global Moderator

    Buffing them to reduce stun to 5 ticks (1/6 of a second) and last 2 hits. I can't see them being used everywhere but hey, maybe!

    You'd think water would dilute some of this salt.. must be sea water.
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