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Star War Server [marcochanyh] (Custom Spaceship version)

Discussion in 'Server Directory' started by marcochanyh, Nov 5, 2014.

Mods: jackitch
  1. marcochanyh

    marcochanyh Shark Slayer

    Server name: Star war Server (Custom Spaceship version)
    Number of Slots: 64
    Gamemode: Build your own spaceship with weapons (e.g. guns,...) and you can drive and move it!
    Server Location: Hong Kong (Asia)
    Ping Kick?: Nope
    Premium?: Nope
    Notes: Juxta++ is used (Thanks @master4523 for Juxta++)

    You can design your own ship, with guns, bomber and canon (3 weapons right now)
    With a Core (The wooden stair thing) On the ship

    You can repair your ship (coins) if the core of the ship didn't damaged,:r_flex:
    After you built a ship, place the core, so the guns and stuff of the ship will be activated and it can shoot!!!
    Also you can move your ship by hitting the core to command it and to go different directions,
    Hit the guns to shoot
    Other player can also stay on your ship and walk anywhere or Help you attack by using guns equipped on the ship
    (In the screen shot, right hand side is constructing a ship, those triangles are different type of guns)

    A Finished space ship with two "Guns" and carrying 3 passenger

    Two space ship fighting (both using guns)

    Another example of a complete space ship and a knight (but this one has no gun)
    The spaceship called "THE DEATH CUBE" with many people inside XD

    The Death Cube using Bomber weapon!!!

    The spaceship used a Canon !!! and killed me!

    We are driving our space ship to the enemy planet ::P:

    These two space ship must have built for a long time (HUGE and POWERFUL) UFO and Castle!

    Lets go and attack their...platform spaceship?

    What a Star war field look like
    So lets start be a space pirate , or commander and beat the enemy in the galaxy!
    Hope that you like this server and have fun!!!! ::D:::D:

    list of my servers here :wink:(and Here is the Link to my server's Group)
    Last edited: Nov 5, 2014
  2. Fernegulus

    Fernegulus Bison Rider

    gg, mate.
    g fucking g.
  3. master4523

    master4523 Masterful KAG Guard Global Moderator Tester
    1. PumpkinStars - [Pk#] - Inactive

    Really impressed by what can be achieved on Classic (with a bit of juxta++)
    I love the fact that you can build your very own ship with custom shapes and it magically works :)
    Feel free to contact me @marcochanyh if you want an Europe based server
  4. mr_play

    mr_play Catapult Fodder

    nice :D

    ::): good server
  5. Ken-O

    Ken-O Catapult Fodder

    HI marco its very cool idea and its very fun but i did not play it but its look like Fun
    I Shoot Some:spam:In the zombie fortress and i see a:migrant: and its sound like a mr.bean's voice and i see a :skeleton: chasing the:migrant: and i :knight:hit the:skeleton: and i see a lot of:zchicken: and i run to my :castle: while i grab :migrant: and i buy some :keg: and throw in to horde of :zchicken: and i feel like a:B): and theres a :bison: charging my :migrant: and he :skull: and i :QQ: for my fellow :migrant: and i change my class into :sword: and i buy 100 :bomb: and i throw into the :bison: and the :bison: :skull: and i :bird: and the horde of :skeleton: are :>:(: on me and i :skull: and i go on :gear: and quited on the game
  6. marcochanyh

    marcochanyh Shark Slayer

  7. PUNK123

    PUNK123 Hella wRangler Staff Alumni Tester

    nvr saw this server hosted when I go into classic could be bad timing on my part
  8. marcochanyh

    marcochanyh Shark Slayer

    Oops, Sorry that I not often on server right now ::(: and mostly on maze runner these days
  9. Ken-O

    Ken-O Catapult Fodder

    Uhmm.. Marco can i be a admin because we have great friendship and i looked you server list its kinda cool servers..
    To be honest I'm impress some of your server :3
  10. MnMixer

    MnMixer Ballista Bolt Thrower Tester
    1. [MxA] Maximum Abbilities Community Server

    It's possible to open this gamemode again?
  11. TropicalMurloc

    TropicalMurloc Shipwright

    hello i want host some gamemodes i change the gamemode when community want , if you want give me star wars server i want host it. its rly good gamemode ,you are the only one creator i just want host :)
  12. TropicalMurloc

    TropicalMurloc Shipwright

    its not mod :) its gamemode in kag classic we don't have mod, its only in server side
    --- Double Post Merged, Nov 26, 2016, Original Post Date: Nov 26, 2016 ---
    but i want permission of marcoshiny for have this gamemode or master4523
  13. WaterGamer

    WaterGamer Shark Slayer

    Marco kag classic needs you or else we are going to die :QQ::QQ::QQ::QQ::QQ::QQ:
  14. Nicuwins

    Nicuwins Drill Rusher

    Yeah if you dont come back or host the server or whatever, the great community of KAG Classic (around 7-12 Players) will die!
Mods: jackitch