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Steam code for KAG!

Discussion in 'Old Events/Giveaways/Contests' started by bout, Feb 25, 2014.

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  1. bout

    bout Shark Slayer

    I have one spare Steam code for KAG, and I would like to give it to one of participants of this giveaway. To participate, you have to like this thread and create KAG fan-art: draw a drawing, sing a song, or do whatever that is related to KAG (excluding in-game buildings, maps and other similar content). Code will be given to participant whose art I like most.

    • One art per person.
    • It has to be made by YOU (you have to prove it).
    Last edited: Feb 25, 2014
  2. Duplolas

    Duplolas So Sad

  3. qpKillerqp

    qpKillerqp Bison Rider

    I don't really want to participate,just wishing everybody good luck :heart:
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  4. moltag123

    moltag123 Haxor

  5. miniu

    miniu Haxor

    Poem !
    :heart::heart: :heart: :heart::heart::heart: :heart: :heart: :heart::heart:
    Kag is game, very cool
    but there was one, bad guy
    he get an bad tool
    I name his mole
    because he did pool
    on center of the blue base
    so guard come and take this case
    he baned him so fast
    that he stop, and that was the last
    moment when i seen him
    so give a code to me
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  6. bout

    bout Shark Slayer

    I will give participants some time - contest ends on 19th of March.

    You have a whole 3 weeks, get to work
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  7. moltag123

    moltag123 Haxor

    Chodzi mi czy napisałeś te wielkie coś ;_;
    ty skopiowałeś ?
  8. bunnie

    bunnie Haxor Tester

    have you seen a story like it on kag forum before? I made it, 100% by me, i got inspired by Aphelion's roleplay.
    btw: it took me 30-40 minutes only ;)
  9. RadioActive

    RadioActive Guest

    @bout You should make this "challenge" for peeps who don't have a premium account. They'd have more chances and it would be more fair.
    //IK now it's too late
    bout likes this.
  10. moltag123

    moltag123 Haxor

    you're right ;_;
    the only one of this group do not have
  11. Auburn

    Auburn Prepare Yourself! Forum Moderator Staff Alumni Donator Tester
    1. SharSharShar - [SHARK]

    A KAG haiku, by Auburn:

    Kill and Gib all day
    Wreck those steam plebs without end
    Two-five'ing* their corpse

    "two-five'ing" is this 25252525

    and @RadioActive some of us have friends that may want the game but are too cheap to pay 10 bucks for it
  12. RadioActive

    RadioActive Guest

    IK that bro. Tell them then about this topic. Why they don't wanna to publish their work here? :P
  13. Konfitur

    Konfitur Haxor

    i can see another advantage of it, every gold player who wants to participate would create new account.

    yay! new accounts ::):
  14. bunnie

    bunnie Haxor Tester

    i want to do surprise for my friend.. his birthday is coming soon
  15. rzaleu

    rzaleu Shark Slayer

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  16. bunnie

    bunnie Haxor Tester

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  17. rzaleu

    rzaleu Shark Slayer

    lel it is about a kag player, so its about kag either
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  18. Does sketch counts? Screwing around with watercolors, have those for almost two years now, still don't know how it works...
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  19. Redundant Haiku

    Get that damn flag please
    F*ck you I'll get it

    Another one

    Get over the tower and capture the red flag
    I don't give a f*ck about your extreme lag
    It's easy to get, just climb over the wall
    You're and archer, aren't you, and it's not even that tall

    Watch that red archer, using the hook
    Scaling our tower, just come over and look
    See how he fits a bomb, right onto that sharp stick
    And is aiming it at the bottom blue brick

    Wait, the tower is collapsing now
    Look at that body get crushed, Wow!
    Now that red archer, has put another arrow in his bow
    The arrow is coming towards me, at a part I usually don't show

    Hey, its fixed its point in me
    Red liquid is dribbling down towards my knee
    Hey, is there supposed to be this much pain? Now towards the ground, is a bloody rain

    That's how to do it, now do that to them
    Please do that to them, 'cause I can't do it ATM
    YOU DON'T WANT TO DO IT? Is that what you said?
    Wow you little jerk, what's that you say? I can't hear you right now, I'm dead.

    Note: he got hit in the groin for all you dimmer ones.
    Last edited: Feb 27, 2014
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  20. in my honest opinion we have a winrar.
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