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Story Story- King Arthurs Army

Discussion in 'KAG Media' started by Ghozt, Jul 1, 2012.


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  1. Ghozt

    Ghozt Haxor

    King Arthurs Army - part 5 -

    Part five, I am currently in the middle of writing part 6 from a computer this time!

    I ran around the corner and saw arrows protruding out of a homemade archery target. 90% of the arrows in the centre bullseye. I looked around for the source of the scream and I saw Emery standing there with a big grin brandishing her mouth.
    I asked her if she had heard that scream.
    "The only scream around here was mine, I split an arrow in half by shooting it with another one, I was so excited I screamed like a little girl!"

    I sighed of relief and smiled back. I looked at her uniform and pondered wether I would be granted a uniform to.

    "Do I got a uniform to?"

    "Thanks for reminding me, we better go get you one!"

    Emery walked me a few hundred meters towards the outskirts of the small city. We arrived at the towns brand new stables where the Army's equipment was stored along with horses and carriages.

    Emery pulled out a bronze key and rattled a chest open with some miscellaneous objects, some things that were contained; uniforms, extra food, some horse shoes, tools and some basic equipment for survival.

    Emery pulled out a uniform that she guessed was about my size.
    I went around the corner not wanting her to drool over my stunning body and got changed.

    "How does it feel?"

    "It fits quite snug, maybe a bit loose around the waist but it feels good to actually have some real clothes!"

    We both laughed, locked up the chest and departed towards the hall. Today the King was opening a new bakery which very little would be able to buy from, again the king only helping the wealthy.

    Emery told me some of the basics to bring; water, weapon, some small armor and alertness. I grabbed my small dagger, a medium sized sword, a put on a small leather breastplate underneath my new uniform and a hand crafted rope with small weights patterned along the length.

    We headed off to the entrance of the town hall and we were greeted by the city guards and the King.

    Two other anonymous foot soldiers accompanied the King's escort. These soldiers had broad shoulders, lot's of chain armor and evil in their eyes. I didn't feel to comfortable around them, I decided to keep an eye on them.

    As we walked to the town centre I saw one of the men lift his arms into a fist and it looked like he was going to slam them right into the King's head.

    Without thinking I jumped towards him and took the hefty man out by the waist. Everyone stopped and looked towards me with a puzzled look.

    The man got up and kept his cool while whispering obscenities under his breath towards me.

    The King asked me why I did that, I tried to explain to him I only meant good, I said it looked like he was going to smash you across the head with his fists.

    The King made his way towards the man and interrogated him, the man tried to act innocent and say there was a bug on top of his head.

    The king was buying it.

    The man didn't know that and started sprinting towards the woods. Luckily those are the woods that I have explored almost every day since I could walk.

    Emery and I took off weaving between the relentless trees. I knew Emery had a good aim but she kept hitting the trees, almost as if on purpose.

    I thought now would be a good time to use that rope, just before I threw it one of Emery's arrows whizzed at an extremely fast speed over the mans left shoulder.
    I had never thrown the rope before so my aim was off and the rope with attached weights sailed over his head and hit the tree in front of him.

    The run-away looked around and my stare burrowed into him and he staggered for a second.


    The tree that my rope had hit was coincidentally the one hit by Emery's flying arrow, that accompanied by years of wear the tree crumbled, weakened and fell just missing the man.
    The tree was just enough to drift the man and he missed a fallen log under some undergrowth.

    We were on him in seconds. I pulled the rope out if the now fallen tree and expertly tied his hands together.

    I looked around and noticed the other guard was no where in sight. I yelled at Emery,


    We both cursed. Emery volunteered and ran out if the aging forest and into the city.

    She ran into the town centre, the King was gone!
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  2. Gamerbro

    Gamerbro Drill Rusher

    Great story! very exciting and well written! :D
    Alistasia and Ghozt like this.
  3. Ghozt

    Ghozt Haxor

    Thanks, I love getting comments like these!
  4. Lexar514

    Lexar514 Shipwright

    Ghozt, like this comment or your family is history.:skull:
    Also nice story, very interesting.:)
  5. Ghozt

    Ghozt Haxor

    Family history?

    I also never thought you would read, I thought you needed some lady Ti voice it over on YouTube? :P

    Thanks man, I should also start part six.
  6. Lexar514

    Lexar514 Shipwright

    Lol jokes, can't wait for part 6. Let's see some action this time. :)
    Ghozt likes this.
  7. I reckon I should write a "How did you come to KAG" story in the guise of my character! Good on you for getting me writing again, Ghozt!
    Ghozt likes this.
  8. Ghozt

    Ghozt Haxor

    That's great to hear, keep me updated!

    Just for a bit of in-sight, my next story (A long while off now) will be based in KAG, like literally a story about the games as if the players had feeling's and thoughts, with some occasional humour.

    "I slash jumped up the wall, there I was met by a red foe, he slashed me but I seem to have just, teleported through him..."
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    MINIMAN Shark Slayer

    Great job Ghozt !

    Can u put me in the story , and my name as "Athos" not MINIMAN .
    But yea awesome more action plz tho :):thumbs_up:
    Ghozt likes this.
  10. Ghozt

    Ghozt Haxor

    Sorry for such a delay, I have had a lot of interruptions and have been writing some other stories for Comps.
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  11. Lieber

    Lieber Is Probing Uranus Global Moderator Forum Moderator Donator Tester

    This is... damn good. I knew I wasn't the only one trying (well at least trying for me) to write a story based on King Arthur's Gold.
  12. ImAwesome

    ImAwesome Haxor

    Can I be in the story?
    Just make me the crap guy that somehow survives :P (if you put me in)
  13. Lexar514

    Lexar514 Shipwright

    Ghozt, continue the story. :)
  14. Derschlact

    Derschlact FIRE AT WILL! Donator

    How long has it been since you've uploaded another part?
    *Starts to think about Ghozt discontinuing the story*
    These were good, haven't seen many other stories in here, so IF you've stopped doing it, then fine.
  15. Ghozt

    Ghozt Haxor

    I haven't stopped, just TF2 has extracted me a bit. It also has to do with the point that when I wrote this I didn't have internet, so when I get some spare time we shall see. Also, I can do gruesome deaths for all of you.

    I almost for got.

    1000 POST! It's nothing spectacular. I might even delete a post to be under 1000 posts.
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  16. Eden

    Eden Galen Slayer Donator

    You should consider me in a part, as like, everyone die's, me and Ghozt is the only KAG'ers left on the planet, and we have to repopulate, so...

    Ghozt and Lieber like this.
  17. Ghozt

    Ghozt Haxor

    Good idea.
    Erex likes this.
  18. -Tj-

    -Tj- Sicarii Donator
    1. The Ivory Tower of Grammar-Nazis

    Dis man, is sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep up dat good work.

    (You should put me in the story as knight-right hand man for the king,protecting him with my brute force.. Just a suggestion, name me if you do put me in, Sir John, looks all nice and easy going, but at the blind of danger to the king, mood changes to brute and unstoppable.)
  19. Ninja12

    Ninja12 Bison Rider

    Ghozt, you are an amazing author. I've only read Part 1 & 2, and I already know that you are an amazing author. You should make books, and sell them. 'You could make hundreds a day, and make a fortune.'
    Ghozt likes this.
  20. SlyStalker

    SlyStalker Shopkeep Stealer

    Good story, plus your English is better than most! Good job! I've only skimmed Parts 1,2 and 5 but I can already tell! :thumbs_up:
    Ghozt likes this.