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Discussion in 'Suggestions & Ideas' started by EvoGameR, Nov 28, 2015.

Mods: 101i, Mazey
  1. EvoGameR

    EvoGameR Catapult Fodder

    I will be posting my suggestions for this sweet game here and updating it when i have more!
    So i will be oraganziing this in this format, Topic of Suggestion, Suggestion, and details for it. I will include images if i have any concept art i have availiable. I do pixel art.
    Lobby Suggestions
    Add in a day-night cycle
    • If you stay in the lobby long enough, it will turn night and possibly have some audio details
    • Maybe the music will be different at night
    • Just a simple Aesthetic suggestion.
    Multiple Buildings
    • Maybe some sort of chat room (a bar maybe?)
    • Maybe some sort of shop.
    Easter Eggs
    • Maybe include some KAG references here and there
    • Possibly include the KAG knight as a secret skin of some sort.
    Multiple Areas
    • Probably the biggest suggestion i'll give for this topic.
    • Maybe add an arena (you could exit the lobby to go to it)
    • Possibly add different lobby servers in different aesthetic backrounds (Mountains, Jungle, Default etc.)
    • Such and so, more buildings and locations that do various features to help actual gameplay
    Gameplay Suggestions
    Add UIs of some sort
    • UIs are important in this kind of game
    • So we can tell ammo, hp etc
    • So we can tell how many kills we have on the fly
    No more for now, i need to play the game more

    Last edited: Nov 28, 2015
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  2. Mazey

    Mazey Haxor Global Moderator Forum Moderator Staff Alumni Donator Official Server Admin

    A bar and VIP room are already in the game (they're shops). Check the game files (Base/Entities folder) and the old devlog posts that have to do with TR.
    Health and ammo used to be there too, but I think they removed it because it wasn't really needed, who knows.
    To see how many kills you have, press tab.

    I like some of your other ideas though, especially
    Possibly add different lobby servers in different aesthetic backrounds (Mountains, Jungle, Default etc.)
    Really, this would be awesome holy shit.
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  3. EvoGameR

    EvoGameR Catapult Fodder


    Hmm, wierd. just think it would be useful for strategical purpose. Also where are those buildings?
  4. J-man2003

    J-man2003 Arsonist

    I honestly would like a UI that:

    -Is around the player to make it easier to focus on your player
    -To have it be minimalist with like 2 hearts to represent your HP (this may not be needed since you can already tell what your HP is by seeing if you are bleeding or not) above the player and maybe an ammo meter of sorts below the player that represents how much ammo you have left (non-numerical)
    -Is transparent and only shows when a statistic changes and hides after a short amount of time, to keep the UI from interfering the player too much

    I do think a UI is much needed, especially if TR wants to have any chance of being competitive.
  5. Geti

    Geti Please avoid PMing me (poke a mod instead) THD Team Administrator Global Moderator

    I agree about some sort of UI, the issue is that adding anything to the player(s) makes the game even more busy visually, which makes it hard to make any snap decisions. We could potentially fade the UI out when moving or something, but it's not a huge priority for us as the amount of health you have is pretty minor and rounds aren't long enough to make running out of ammo much more than a comical lose condition for people with bad trigger discipline.

    Re: fun stuff in the lobby - we're intentionally leaving this out of the preview releases. The supporter release will have at the very least a bar for drinking your (national) choice of beer or wine, and a band :)
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  6. Mazey

    Mazey Haxor Global Moderator Forum Moderator Staff Alumni Donator Official Server Admin

    Geti plz lobby themes
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  7. EvoGameR

    EvoGameR Catapult Fodder

    Glad to get some clarification! I look foward to seeing full releases in the future.
    --- Double Post Merged, Dec 4, 2015, Original Post Date: Dec 4, 2015 ---
    Yea i agree, that should happen.
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Mods: 101i, Mazey