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Clan War Tactic "CW"

Discussion in 'Groups' started by Snake19, Apr 28, 2015.

  1. Snake19

    Snake19 RIP Staff Alumni Donator
    1. [AG#] - Ancient Gear

    One of most important tactic of the Ancient Gear!
    The "Tactic CW"

    So let's start!
    Suppose first that it's our line-up :
    Snake, Damocle, Fuzzle, Verzuvius, and WarD

    And we organize like this:
    Snake (knight)
    Damocle (knight)
    Fuzzle (knight)
    Verzuvius (archer)
    WarD (builder)

    We have 120 sec, 2 flags and we need to protect a base!
    That's how we'll proceed: (It is very important to follow the steps to the letter for a good organization!)

    Step 1:
    The Builder built the build-shop (eg WarD)

    Step 2:
    WarD buys a saw
    (Very Important)
    And a drill
    (recommended but not required)

    And begins sawing trees as shown here
    he can also create a farm Woods:
    (highly recommended)

    And start to create shops (eg WarD)

    At the same time ALL other dig stones: Snake, Damocle, Fuzzle, Verzuvius

    Step 3:
    After collecting the stones, someone protects the nearest flag of the tent (eg Verzuvius )
    by this protection:
    (Or tower he wants but it is better to finish this tower quickly for help the others on the big.)
    :up: (OUT DATED):up:

    then these persons make the flag, the farther from the tent (eg Fuzzle, Damocle and me )
    by this protection:
    (One of Them can dig stones and launch the stones at them)


    At the end WarD
    farm a little more woods and stones for the rush and especially to make a MIDDLE portal
    (very important!)

    Step 4:
    A 15 secs I give you a signal and you go take your class and we are doing everything to are ready for rush!​
    Last edited: Jul 24, 2015
  2. Verzuvius

    Verzuvius Shark Slayer


    > Snake, I think it's a bad time to develop tactics: KAG Gamma is about to change quite a few things. I personally think that the tactic should go in details about:

    > - Which Workshops are important?

    Storage, knight shop, archer shop, tunnels and builder shops.

    > - How do we defend Workshops? ~ Tunnels? - Wood / Saw farm.

    [​IMG] (zoTFMlb.png) [​IMG] (S1riHvY.png)

    1. The storage at the bottom as we want to be highly accessible. The knight shop in the middle as it is the workshop we want to protect the most. Archer shop at the top as it is the workshop we want to protect the least. By adding platforms (with no stone backwall improvement) the building get an awesome protection against bombs and bomb arrows. Doors at the bottom and one pair of them at top level that makes it easier for us to "take care of" infiltrators on the roof. No doors at the second floor as a couple of doors would make the knight shop more accessible for the enemy.

    NOTE: It's important that the shops are behind the tent as it will make it incredibly less accessible for enemy infiltrators.

    2. The builder shop is a bit exposed but that doesn't matter. We just want a sawmill and then it is almost useless. The tunnel is underground and protected with both a wooden door and a stone door. This is the only case where we use stone doors because this time it is relevant. Enemies (knights) might get into our tunnel and if they do they will be blocked if we use stone doors. If we would use wooden doors they would be able to break them.

    (The tree farms two bottom layers are made of stone backwall because we don't want the wood to fall down into the sawmill and destroy in the case of fire.)

    > - Which blocks to build? ( Should we ever build Spikes? Wooden Platforms instead of Wood Blocks? Wooden Doors or Stone Doors? Should we waste 25 Stone on Trap Blocks? )

    A lot of platforms, stone blocks and wooden doors, a couple of wooden blocks, no trap blocks, stone doors or spikes. NOTE: There will always be exceptions.

    > - Structure ideas / combinations of blocks? ( Stone Block -> Wooden Platform -> Stone Block? Stone Block -> Wooden Platform -> Empty space -> Stone Block? )

    [​IMG] (Y2TMIb0.png) [​IMG] (wuM2Y15.png) [​IMG] (7K9QaCC.png) [​IMG] (dYBJsnN.png)

    1. We don't use any stone doors. The twelve platforms that are placed above the flag is our "KEG protection" (huehue). The 14 platforms at the right side are good as they give us protection when we are trying to "take care of" enemies. They are not as fragile as ladders and a single trap block. Also, they give us protection from bombs and bomb arrows.

    The layers which are supposed to protect the flag are following (from left to right): platforms (improved with stone back wall) and a stone block to separate some of the platforms as fire sometimes spread, stone blocks all the way, four wooden blocks then a stone block and then four wooden blocks, same as previous layer, stone blocks all the way.
    2. A nice picture! :smug:

    3. This part of the building is good for negating bomb jumpers, allow an archer to spam arrows without any trouble, and drop spikes. I've added three platforms faced downwards because that negates bombs. The platforms faced upwards are used instead of ladders. The (mostly) wooden backwall are good for making it a bit more resistant to KEG:s.

    4. This picture shows what kind of damage a single bomb arrow deals. :smug:

    > - How should we spend our Coins? ( Should we buy special arrows for the Archers? If yes, which? Should we buy Bombs or Water Bombs? ~ Kegs? Vehicles? )

    Always spend them! If you have 500g and buys four bombs then you will have 400g left! Don't run out to the battlefield and die with that amount of coins as then you will lose a lot of them. Use the storage!

    This depends on how the situation looks like. In the beginning I'd say that the best would be if the archer got eight water arrows and all the knights got at least one bomb. When we have conquered the mid-section the knights should start to buy bomb arrows (the archer can buy fire arrows if he/she finds it reasonable).

    [​IMG] (0ThBuln.png)