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Clan War Tactic "Double Rush"

Discussion in 'Groups' started by Snake19, Aug 9, 2015.

  1. Snake19

    Snake19 RIP Staff Alumni Donator
    1. [AG#] - Ancient Gear

    Some of you may be known that earlier I was the leader of the clan "Elite" on Kag classic.

    We had a ton of tactics and here's one of our best that's I'm going to present you.

    It's name ?
    "Double Rush"

    It's goal ?
    Distract the enemy with a first rush, attack them by surprise with the second rush!
    Hence the name "Double Rush"

    How many people do we need to run it?
    At least 3 but it is strongly advised to execute it with 5 people.
    3 people (minimum / advise against): 2 :knight:+ 1 :builder:
    4 people (Ok): 3 :knight:+ 1 :builder:
    5 people (Perfect): 3 :knight:+ 1 :archer:+ 1 :builder:

    How to run it?

    So here I prepared some patterns so that you better understand how this works

    First, 2 Knights do the thing that we called "the first rush" in bomb jumping on their base to distract them. (example Damo, and Me).
    for: Killed them, camping at the top of their tower for they wasting time, or run like tard.


    The others knight, archer, and builder begins to rush as soon as the two knights allies are in their base,
    for pick the flag.
    (the knight and archer protect the builder, and the builder do the work)

    and now after only the fate will tell if we managed to take the flag or not :wink: