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TDM Map Pack from gingerfag

Discussion in 'Maps' started by MrHobo, Sep 25, 2018.

  1. MrHobo

    MrHobo Ballista Bolt Thrower Tester

    Ok kids, today I will be giving away some special tdm maps I made some months ago originally for Blavier's Tavernbrawl mod (some of you may have played it and played these maps). Since most of these maps were designed for a mod, I would sincerely using the ones you think fit best. For example; some of the maps here use boats etc. These maps are NOT designed for quick easy matches, these maps are large and big to have long battles between the enemy. I also should mention that a lot of these maps have something to do with fire, and fire is very useful in some of these maps. Otherwise, If you see something broken or dumb in these maps you can edit them yourself, just go use a map making guide or something.

    Ok, first one up:
    [​IMG] https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/476909455427239936/493987949671743501/Ritual_Mountain.png
    Ritual Mountain: This is the outlier map of them all, I created it yesterday for fun. It is pretty large too and has some fun underground aspects in the middle. Just watch your step going to the building in the center.
    Ok, this one is very unique. Though, this map is very very annoying and hard to even use. This map should probably be used in a challenge gamemode or something. Players use boxes given to them to place ontop of the trap blocks so they can jump across to the middle of the map to where they can fight. This is a very special map that should probably not be given to amateurs to play on.
    This is a real simple map fought on a bridge. Just be careful of any fire.
    Ok, this one is one of my favorites because its unique. Players have to use each other to get to the top faster than the other, otherwise the opposing side would get crushed by the stone that the enemy unleashes from the ceiling. This map should probably be played with at least 2 people per side, feel free to add in a box or boulder so its easier to play on if you playing with noobs.
    Now this one is interesting. Its completely dark in there and you wont see a thing, unless you have fire or lanterns. Hopefully you make it through without being assassinated.
    This one is quite fun to play on, because you are playing on a literal CASTLE!. Chest is in the middle, but this time you might want to defend rather than attack... One of my favorites because everyone loves it.
    Be careful around fire on this one, otherwise you might just flood a whole half of the map!
    This one is pretty unique because the whole darn map is upside down!!! Watch your step and watch your enemy.
    A smaller caliber of a map, but no less degree of the absolute carnage on this one. Kegs underground in the middle cause for a literal riot of spikes and bombs to just fly the hell everywhere. Watch out.
    Ah, this one is a classic. This was the first map I made for tavern brawl. One team is supplied with endless amount of siege weapons while the other team gains the safety of the castle. You might want to dodge that mine on the ground too, brother. This one could use some editing to make it easier for either side. Otherwise, I would not bother using it if you want small battles; cause this one goes for a bit.
    This one is cool as could be. Players have to dodge each others attacks of bomb arrows and fire arrows otherwise they would get SPLINTERED! Watch out!
    An interesting map, though it was heavily edited to fit tavern brawl. There is possibility of issue in the ceiling so if you want a clean game you might not want this, because it gets dirty! Also, Flood!!!
    This map supplies players with some hamburgers to give to the wild beasts that roam in the middle. A duel of steeds may occur in this one, with dangerous action going in the middle; This match could end up being a funny stage!

    Here is the first boating map. Two sides will battle eachother on two mega ships. Plenty of sharks will keep you out of the water, but you might just explode on the water too. Truly, a fight of pirates!

    The final map of the pack, this one was designed to allow players to hop to islands over the distance. I do not recommend this for normal tdm as it could be particularly boring or annoying.
    Last edited: Oct 3, 2018