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[TDM] Overgrown

Discussion in 'Maps' started by Melan, Jan 26, 2012.

  1. Melan

    Melan Shark Slayer


    Hey guys, this is my first shot at a TDM map, hope you guys enjoy :)
    The map is 150x100, and I made it specifically for my clan's training sessions, but feel free to use it if you want.

    Note: This map was intended to decrease visibility, but not to cover you entirely; that would be too awkward in battle :p

    As you can see, I added "vines" on the ceiling of the map and the insides of the castle, to give our archers a nice sniping spot. You might be wondering why there are vines above your base, because they don't help you at all. They're there for the other team to snipe away at you ;)
    The arena entrance is hidden by a bunch of branches, and can only be used by your team only, if another team tries to use it, they fall on some lovely spikes below :) I accidentally made the arena like around 10 blocks wide the first time, had to take down the picture for a bit. :p Anyways, the A in the middle of the arena stands for admin (or armymanpwns :D), and this map can be used for arena matches as well (admins just break the stone below the box and plug it up) :)
    I made this map have multiple ways to get to the other side (ceiling, roof, castle, underground) you can't really go through the arena cause it's kinda one way only. The underground tunnel is also filled with vines to give archers an easier time.
    And as always, feedback/suggestions are welcome. :)
    Also, this map can be used by anyone, in case you didn't catch that in the first paragraph. xD
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  2. Hey melan looks cool i esp like that word...POWER. This will be great to try out.
    Melan likes this.
  3. Semi

    Semi Everypony Donator

    soo much trees
  4. Melan

    Melan Shark Slayer

    it's supposed to be like that :D