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[TEST] build 63 ladder bug, spike bug, stuck bug

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by JacKD, Jun 20, 2011.

  1. JacKD

    JacKD Guest

    Stuck exploding
    Just after i joined the server i found a bug related to getting stuck in your own stone block. When this happens, now you EXPLODE xD

    Flying spikes
    There's also a bug with flying spikes. You build spikes over some dirt, then you remove the dirt from below and the spikes stay there. Didn't get the chance to check if it was a graphic glitch or not. They act as a graphic glitch until you add a stone brick to their side or below, then they act as normal spikes again (they do damage)

    Flying ladder block
    Finally someone was building a huge ladder to see if we would die from the falling pieces when he destroyed the base xD and after i built another ladder i saw a flying ladder block right next to me. It was not a graphic glitch as i could stand above it. Not sure how to reproduce it.

    Spikes on door
    Same as flying spikes, you can place them on the door, if the door is open they dont do damage, if closed they do, it could be nice to fend off enemies, but right now it looks like a bug (the spike sprite changes from vertical to horizontal)
  2. Rockyz

    Rockyz Guest

    Yeah I Wouldn't Worry too much about these glitches that are very common thanks 4 reporting them though
    anyway They said they are working on it for the weekend so my advice is to close this because its been suggested