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Test build changelog and discussion

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by bilbs, Jun 21, 2011.

  1. bilbs

    bilbs Guest

    Just wanted to post some thoughts on the test server and see what other people had to say as well.
    The changelog is at the end of this post.

    First off, this is pretty amazing. I don't mean this to be a complaint thread in any way, and I think the test server is a great idea. There are so many new features being implemented that there is still a lot I haven't discovered. But these are a couple things I've noticed.

    Spikes and Spawn
    The first game that I joined my base was lined with spikes. Most people lost a heart when they spawned. This wasn't so bad once we had created a new spawn point, but spawn needs to be protected.
    Once spikes are removed from spawn a layer of bedrock should be guaranteed underneath spawn as well.

    Arrows now go through things on a pretty regular basis.
    I've never seen one of my arrows go through the floor and hit a miner below, but I saw a guy sitting behind a 3 block wall of dirt and shooting through it.

    HUD building menu
    The selection is choppy at the moment. Hard to get what you want quickly.
    I also had to switch the default button to one of the button on my mouse, otherwise I wasn't able to move while changing my building block.

    Random death and explosions
    I've died from jumping into blocks, placing blocks, blocks being placed near or on me, and countless other reasons.

    Also lag. But that's expected.

    copied from the readme
    * latest build
    - new default gamemode Capture the Flag
    - construction require support if longer than 5 blocks
    - added fully collapsible physical blocks
    - decreased sack/flag throw velocity but is affected by player velocity
    - not drawing 0 amount label on objects
    - added HUD block menu (hold [F])
    - fixed catapult/tent resource icon red
    - fixed healing heart not adding to 3 hearts in knight
    - fixed client changing health
    - Knight respawns with 1 bomb
    - fixed respawn timer
    - dying near respawn results in longer respawn time (gamemode config variable "nearspawn_multiplier")
    - fixed server trying to delete client object which was never sent
    - fixed local player globally banned issue
    - fixed chat position after death
    - fixed label appearing on tent
    - added buildable outpost tent
    - trees don't appear on mountains
    - own bomb hurts self
    - server list is sorted by player count
    - fixed catapult rocks making sounds on die
    - fixed m_generator not being loaded
    - script can now load from generator files eg. LoadMap("Scripts/ctf_generator.cfg");
      * LoadMap(""); - loads m_generator variable
      * LoadMap("Scripts/foobar.cfg"); - loads random generator map from config
      * LoadMap("Maps/foobar.png"); - loads map from png image
     - generator changes:
       * caves don't appear under respawn
       * materials appear in larger concentrations behind respawn
    - improved gib graphics
    - added spikes trap
    - fixed sacks/flag collisions near tent
    - fixed sack/flag throw velocity lag on throw
    - fixed tents not being saved on client (with /savemap cmd)
    - stuck player gibs
    - fixed and optimized collisions
    - removed bugged map name from servers list
    - fixed tutorial text background
    - trees regrow faster
    - materials and construction blocks appear as icons + count on HUD
    - sound listener center moved to player instead of center of screen
    - fixed player label appearing twice on u_shownames set
    - fixed crash when wrong generator file specified
  2. bilbs

    bilbs Guest

    Also, this.
  3. SonOfBeer

    SonOfBeer Guest

  4. bilbs

    bilbs Guest

    great feedback
    the new selection system is incredibly slow
    and arrows going through things is the biggest problem so far
  5. Furai

    Furai THD Team THD Team Administrator

    As we're at test build...I don't really see a reason to split the game into two parts - dev for testing and official one. Our community is really small and division like this makes it even smaller. Just push the updates to official and then wait for the bug reports or make some beta testers team out of trusted people. Really, making a test dev version for all the people, in my opinion, wasn't a smart move to make.
  6. bilbs

    bilbs Guest

    I think it's pretty beneficial.
    There are so many glitches in the current test build that I wouldn't want all of the other dedicated servers running it.
    Almost every other arrow goes through a wall, yet I still enjoy playing it.
    Even though this game is in alpha, the test build is no where near being ready for the entire community.