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Test Time With BC and Jinkies

Discussion in 'Builder' started by MrJinkies, Feb 24, 2012.

  1. MrJinkies

    MrJinkies Horde Gibber


    This thread is to share the information and builder ideas that me and BC have been testing in game.
    many of traps and idea's are not our's we shall admit or look very simarlier to other poeple's desighn's and if you would like recognition just drop me a message and ill add you to the list of thank's given in this thread also we shall constantly update this thread with our findings and test's screen-12-02-24-15-48-03.png This is an archer nest i have had an idea for it is at ground level making it for close tower kill's also i have noticed that this can be squeezed through so my suggestion is to add 2 more team door's 1 next to it and below it me and BC are yet to test this in-game so any info as to any who test this would be appreciated

    This is my set of traps that i use helped made with BC also these may seem similiar to many so once again just send me a message and you will be included in a thank's

    Well that concludes all from me.
    Me and BC will post here sepreatly our work any one who test's these in game feed back would be very appreciative so enjoy and wait for more coming your way

    also if you guys have any ideas or suggestions just leave a message here

    Thank You MrJinkies and BC
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  2. BC

    BC Bison Rider

    [319] I love cheap fast to build structures that are effective for their cost. Some of the following traps borrow ideas from Avacado or Corner spike traps. These designs assume the enemy is attacking from the right.

    Spike Pits:
    The left pit does 1 or 2 damage. The right pit does 1 damage. I usually put a 4 or 5 block high wall behind each pit to prevent knights from jumping over.


    Tunnel Avacado Traps:
    The left trap does 2 to 3 damage. The right trap does 1 damage.


    Above Ground Avacado or Squeeze/Grinder Trap:
    Instant kill trap.


    Ground Level Arrow Slots:
    Repairable, easily shoot incoming knights.


    You're safe from enemy arrows while building since this tower is built entirely from one side. Cheap, fast to build and fast to climb.


    Bomb Chute:
    Put the bomb chute at the base of a tower. It prevents bombs thrown at the base of the tower from doing damage to the tower. Can survive 3 bombs. I got the Bomb Chute idea from Strathos.


    Boost Pad:
    A single boost pad can jump up to 6 blocks. Add more trap bridges to jump higher.
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  3. Drafiks

    Drafiks Haxor

    More Advanced Experimenting Would Of Been Useful
    Unlike These Already Well Known Things.
  4. APPLEStoTHEpear

    APPLEStoTHEpear Shopkeep Stealer

    they're beautiful. :O
  5. Awesomec

    Awesomec Shark Slayer

    Woah, nice guys, it's good to know that some of the best builders in the game are going to actually test and take screenshots of their work on a regular basis. (We should get Strathos and Killatron in here, among others)
    Good luck! :)
  6. BlueLuigi

    BlueLuigi :^) Forum Moderator Donator Tester

    :migrant: I love this stuff, keep up the good work.
  7. Noburu

    Noburu Dirty, DRUNK, Hillbilly Forum Moderator Donator Tester

    Please add thumbnails or spoiler tags instead of full size screenshots. Otherwise, good work and keep it up.
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  8. MrJinkies

    MrJinkies Horde Gibber

    Well Noburo thank you i shall use thumb nails from now on also I would get strathos and such but i see him alot in game he already know's about this and alot of the things we test are a few of his idea's such as bomb chute's which we shall be putting up soon also me and BC will be adding our tower's that we build in game in public matches
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  9. Frogdo

    Frogdo Shopkeep Stealer

    I place my support behind this here thread. Very handy, very handy indeed.
  10. MrJinkies

    MrJinkies Horde Gibber

    Ok we all know that corner spikes no longer work my heart broke the day i found out. So it has left me craving to make new traps so far there has been only one thing for me to figure out since this patch that side wall spikes now work so no longer can you throw yourself against a spiked wall and be safe which has lead me to my new trap
    now the blue / purple area marks the intial damage where the opponent will then be stun locked and fall into the red area now the that is only 2 hearts but the wall spikes and base spike allow no movement in that pit your enemy has 1 heart and will lose it at the slightest jump making this trap easy for team mates to move through and pretty much the end ofr anyone who lands in it besides builder's of course

    Now seeming as the latest patch came out it will be lengthy between our findings seeming as every thing is gonna ahve to be discovered the exploits of this new patch so far this is the only thing i have found but i will be doing more trap testing also TOWER's we were gonna post them here but with the recent jump decrease they need re making and now just take up a more considerable more amount of resources also another tip for those who didnt know if u back wall a workshop before you build you can place team platforms over it to disguise it like this ok im off to work see you later guys hope you liked the update

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  11. BlueLuigi

    BlueLuigi :^) Forum Moderator Donator Tester

    You can place the background tiles after too, basically the workshop becomes one with the background after, almost like another layer the way that 'background's is supposed to be it's own layer.

    Consider it like 3 Z-axis:
    1)Solid blocks (Stone, Bridge, Door, etc) - Foreground, all the way in the front
    2)Prepared Shops - Midground
    3)Background (Castle wall, Dirt background) - Background
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  12. MrJinkies

    MrJinkies Horde Gibber

    TY for adding that luigi XD

    Ok some testing we have done has lead us to more trap Idea's just wanna give thanks to BeasterDenBeast and Verrazano who gave me and BC these idea's when they were helping us test today pits.jpg

    Ok so the purple box is the main area of concentration its what makes this pit effective the pit on the left is myne the pit in the middle Beaster's the pit on the right BC's from what we have tested Beaster's is the easier one to get out of but trying to get out is an entirely diffrent story the hard part about these traps is even if you try to wall hug it will grind u back down to your death and if you try not to wall hug and jump out the other direction the other spike will grind you back down so far from what we have tested just falling into these pits can have enywhere from 1-3 hearts damage yet to find away into them without taking damage
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  13. arcadebomber

    arcadebomber Shopkeep Stealer

    these traps are looking good but do they all still work?
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  14. MrJinkies

    MrJinkies Horde Gibber

    boost pad.jpg

    Ok we got 2 things in this part the first is the top team platform as to probably a bug most likely it allows you to jump of the last build making the door accesible this is what me and BC call boost pads the second part is the hole an idea given to us by Strathos bobm chutes if a bomb falls down there it will only do 1 damage to the top team plat making 3 bombs wasted if they fall into that holethus protecting the base of your tower from people who like to throw bobms and just sheild till it blows up
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  15. BlueLuigi

    BlueLuigi :^) Forum Moderator Donator Tester

    Those jumping plats are okay but they force you to run up to the wall and then up, in the face of a pursuer that can easily kill you, having the first 2 up is much easier but still the best is a door jump 4 off the ground, I'll try to make a video response to this shortly.

    It seems if you do this properly (into a door the proper height) it could actually work best and be hardest to break.

    If you keep 3 tiles inbetween your jumps, as long as your start off has the proper momentum a knight will never be able to break his way up solo, he'll need a partner, one who knows how to stay in the damn hole :P

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  16. Superblackcat

    Superblackcat baideist baide Staff Alumni Tester

    Well... I tested this with BC today... It stops ladders or suppose to.. (that add on top right)

    Add on to those kind of towers

    Second one deasl all 3 hearts

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