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The comprehensive guide to the server for newbies.

Discussion in 'Groups' started by manancoman, Dec 6, 2015.


What is your favorite class?

  1. Knight

  2. Builder

  3. Archer

  4. Mage

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  1. manancoman

    manancoman Builder Stabber

    So, I've noticed a large amount of new players joining and leaving recently, Often getting yelled at by admins for greifing or not reading the rules. So i decided to make a guide for new players on how it works! This will probably be long, so i put it all in spoilers so you can read comments or select what you want to know about. Keep in mind that not all this information is going to be up to date, with the recent changes that are appearing.
    So, You have decided to read this guide instead of just syaing you read it by clicking the link and reading a few comments. Congratulations, You are now a better person! So, Choose what section of this mod you want to explore.
    So, you want to understand the races of this game? Well its simple, We have 6 races to choose from (either 4,5 or 6 depending on i you donate/do another thing that i don't understand:QQ:) The races follow a simple format, Elves are great archers and get 50% more :wood_mat:. They can also climb trees no matter what class they are.
    Orcs get 50% more ores and have some really good knights.
    Dwarves have good builders and can frontbuild amazingly. (No idea what mining bonuses tho)
    Angels can fly and get 50% more of everything. they also get all racial techs.
    Undead have half research costs, get all racial researches and are basically unkillable unless you defeat Noom.
    And don't forget my favorite race, HUMANS. (Totally op if used right)Humans get 25% more :wood_mat: and :stone_mat:, Have amazing mages and get some of the best starting positions on most maps.
    So, you want to know what classes there are? Well builder and archer are mostly the same (More things to build & no fire arrows but can hide in grass) and any changes to them you will find out in game.So, for you elite knight mlg smokeweed3vryd4y bawslords out there, KNIGHTS ARE TERRIBLE. Now, this might seem like a giant :bird: in your face but the mage and i guess archer are also bad. This is because of a new mechanic to the game, RESEARCH!
    As a builder you sell stuff to a general goods merchant (Stone workshop) to get money, Use this money and other supplys to get research.
    Research makes you get back to your normal glory, and then some. Instead of slowly trotting down to the enemy base, Be an orc and Fly in like a bloody bird!
    Go elf and be Rambo! :spam:
    Go dwarf and walk through a bison! :bison::migrant: (Warning, Bisons still kick ass. I will not give you your lost stuff because you died to a bison. BISONS KILL PEOPLE!)
    Go mage and kill everything as a human archmage!:smug:
    Now, you understand how research works on your class, Now to understand how the mage works!
    As a mage you will be able to deal heavy damage, but you are really weak. You have no armor like other classes and cannot survive a knight with copper stuff. So, You need another angle.
    What do you do? You get an archer to shoot arrows to make the knight shield, Then you fill the scrub with magic until they die!
    When they next bumrush, Just use magic! You cant survive a good mage!
    Now, The mage is not perfect, Their base altfire is just going invisible, And trust me on this one. Anyone who knows how invisibility works will catch you and kill you instantly. What you need is to go human and max out the mage tree, Then get the teleportation aura!
    Once you have this you can teleport away every few seconds, and continue filling your foes with energy!
    Now, keep in mind that when you die the aura will usually fail to drop. This means that killing your foes is second to your survival. Also, as a mage you deal AOE damage, but don't have good accuracy.
    So, You might think mages are OP.
    Well that is correct, but most people don't know how use use them right, But if they do then don't war them.
    So, you want to know how to shove swords into peoples skulls, Or have a teaparty with them? Well then this is the right section for you! The diplomacy system is simple, but fun. First, Hit esc and click vote. Then click diplomacy. Then click the faction you want to change relations with. And finally, Click what you want to change it to.
    Now, I shall explain how the different relations work!
    ALLY: Allied means you cannot harm them, (You can hit eachother, but no damage is dealt) They can use your doors (But not chests, team storage or the storage workshop) And will act mostly like part of your faction.
    NEUTRAL: Neutral means this faction has no relations with you, They cannot use your doors, You cannot attack eachother but you can push eachother around And they die to most of your traps. All normal factions start with this relation with eachother.
    WAR: To be at war is to slam your mace through their skull, Your axe through their doors And to capture their town hall! When at war you can attack this faction whenever you want, And if you capture their town hall each faction involved in the capture gets a single demand from the loosing faction. You must accept this demand, there are no workarounds. However if you don't give a demand when you win the war, Or don't specifically say that you are saving it then you loose it after a reasonable amount of time has passed. Now, if you start a war for no reason you are a randomwarrer. You need to rp a way to war. If you duel someone in that faction to start the war, that is fine, but say so prior to the war to stop any confusion.
    Remember, Randomwarring IS bannable, So don't do it!
    So, curious on what these maces and axes are? Well hold f and look above your ammo! those are your weapons and armor, you can smith the items to get more. Well you dont need to smith it, but armories are stupid. To smith you need a large workshop, The tech to smith the item, And the item/s needed. Turn the large workshop into a blacksmith and add a ladder to the anvil, otherwise you need to jump to use it. Now you add wood and select what to smelt into bars, Then smith the bars into armor/weapons/ammo.
    Somehow i forgot to put this in the first iteration, So here it goes. As a new player you will need some basic guidelines for rping. But once you have a general idea it is rather simple!
    If you are having a hard time figuring out what do be, Follow these general rules. Make sure to twist them to make them your own though!
    Human: Well i might have overshot it here, You can be basicaly whatever you want as human.
    Be a fallen angel or a peasant, You have lots of room here. I often like being a mage who goes to the sky islands to avoid a war, Or go kill people in a war. Both are fun.
    Dwarf: As a dwarf you will often have to be protective of your base, as people will assume you have treasures. So acknowledge that people will want to rob you and choose something like a guard for the treasure, Or a miner who went mad with gold lust whilst mining. Or just be the king!
    Elf: Elves often get stuck in a few specific positions, The "Don't cut down THIS tree" Guy (Using a tree as a racial ladder is different)
    The "Lets use saws and make a giant block of wood on the peaceful guys land to piss him off because there are no fire arrows!" guy,
    And the "Screw being an elf" guy. (Goes off and does his own thing, leaving the town hall without even a single layer of wood defending it.)
    Orc: Orcs often seem to be attacked near the start as they are seen as weak, Thank player for causing orcs to be a overused race though. As a orc you will usually have to end up as either a warrior who loves battle, Or a withdrawn exile. Its never really certain.
    Now once you have your characters role and existence set up, How do you react to the world around you? Well in winter just try to keep dry and have a fire set up nearby. Or just stay inside. Both work. When spring comes around try to get out and find new things, Act slightly happier due to the freedom that the long harsh winters kept you from and when autumn comes around start hording food and supplies.
    Now, I have to thank a few people who have helped me on the server one way or another, And to shame those who greifed/trolled for no reason. So, i just HAVE to thank Carlo and Arcanis, You guys are awesome! And to SnappleApples and Deathsmurf, Thank you for motivating me to make this guide! And Player/thatguyinyourwindow, Keep being awesome! And as for Fade, GTFO! :smug: Thankyou for reading this and letting me congratulate the awesome people on the server who still rp!
    Thanks for clicking, And Plez, Dun kill meh or take mah guld!
    Last edited: Dec 6, 2015
  2. rynardt_sieberhagen

    rynardt_sieberhagen Builder Stabber

    Dwarves can mine more stone! :D
    Also, humans don't get more minerals, they mine them faster if im right ((dunno tho))
  3. Aphelion

    Aphelion Wunderkind Donator
    1. Aphelion's Roleplay

    Let me correct some things. Humans yield 25% more wood and stone, Dwarves yield 50% more stone, Elves yield 50% more wood, Orcs yield 50% more ore, and Angels yield 50% more of everything.
  4. manancoman

    manancoman Builder Stabber

    Thanks for the input, ill go fix it up now.