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The great KAGoween Tournament (Livestream!)

Discussion in 'Old Events/Giveaways/Contests' started by WanderMark, Oct 25, 2012.

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  1. Tyngn

    Tyngn Ballista Bolt Thrower

    Lol itching to see yourself play?
  2. Also for those who aren't up to date with stuff:
    Round 1 - MOLE wins
    Round 2 - MOLE wins [at this point they already won the bo3]
    Round 3 - MOLE wins

    The most deadly player in MOLE: Adinxs
    The most deadly player in BoW: Freddex
    Rambo was the most dominant player of round 2.
    The least deadly player was Jessetius with 1 kill.

    Power ranking which will be updated throughout the tournament (scores aren't public):
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  3. Freddex

    Freddex Arsonist

    Well played too, MOLE. We saw some brilliant knight work there, well done. As stated on IRC, ping was giving us a bit of a hard time. Not excusing, you probably would've won that one with equal pings because you were well organised, but it wasn't really a joy on our side. Not anyone's fault, I approve that intercontinental matches get tested, we should keep working on getting this rolling.
    We probably gave a bad show, sorry to everyone who was watching.
    As for the future, we should either get a home/away system for those matches where there would both be a match in Europe and one in America to decide the round, or a slight handicap for the hosting team.

    This is pioneering work, so a big thanks to the organisators on making a good-hearted try, I won't go away from this angry or sore for that very reason! :)
  4. Adinxs

    Adinxs Bison Rider

    Most deadly huh? Neat-O!
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  5. illu

    illu En Garde! Donator Tester

    Do not stop listening to the livestream! Some very important philisophical insights are being shared, like:
    "Home is where you can truly relax with the toilet."
    "The shower is the place of dreams."
  6. ADINXS! you madafaka :QQ:
  7. Contrary

    Contrary The Audacious Paramount of Explosive Flight Donator Tester

    Oh god jesus damn christ that was terrifying. I now have to decide whether to seppuku before or after I see the recording.
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  8. Adinxs

    Adinxs Bison Rider

    Yay, most power! EAT MY CAWK RAMBO~
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  9. Hella

    Hella The Nightmare of Hair Global Moderator Donator Tester

    Can I bet on individual players?

    Also, can I use pictures of Mark as currency?
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  10. WanderMark

    WanderMark :) Donator

    Okay everything went fine! Both Contrary and I was nervous things would break, but in the end the technical aspects were all there.

    The first best out of three between Mole and BoW has been fought with Mole coming out on top. The game can be watched here.

    We feel that we learnt a lot from this game and are already working on making the next stream a much more enjoyable experience.

    Thanks to everyone tuning in and everyone else for showing support. Let's raise the roof a bit.
  11. UnnamedPlayer

    UnnamedPlayer Arsenist Administrator Global Moderator Tester
    1. MOLEing Over Large Estates - [MOLE]


    Jokes aside, I just wanna say that it was a great game.
    Congratz to both teams and kudos to Wander and Contrary (Your comments were as awesome as the game itself, and I wouldn't change a thing in the server configurations). BoW did an awesome job and I hope someday our clans can meet again for a rematch (this time with half the games on an Euro server to keep the lag balanced).
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  12. Cirom

    Cirom Bison Rider

    Things DID break, remember? Those things being enemy structures.
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  13. Wait... Would a builder get kills for quick-placed spikes or collapses?
  14. No.
  15. Jessetius

    Jessetius Bison Rider

    Then I suppose it's a good thing we could only have them half the amount than MOLE did:
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  16. Viken

    Viken Horde Gibber

    My entire fortune of KAGgold....gone. Curse you, Ej!
    Can I take out a loan?

    Anyway, commiserations to my BoW comrades and well done to the MOLE people. Best of luck in the next round!
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  17. rocker2

    rocker2 Ballista Bolt Thrower
    1. PumpkinStars - [Pk#] - Inactive

    OMG it was epic...
  18. Glad to see that i was in the warm up. :) Nice job WanderMark! Saw the live streaming. Glad to see myself in the warm up. i liked the pard where you scrolled down the [BoW] players and then you got to Razi and moved swiftly on :) made my day.
  19. thebonesauce

    thebonesauce All life begins and ends with Nu Staff Alumni
    1. MOLEing Over Large Estates - [MOLE]
    2. The Ivory Tower of Grammar-Nazis

    Okay, BoW, I love you guys... But come on... Is it really necessary to make a loss look even worse by putting up graphs and shit? I wasn't there so I can't take any credit for anything. I'm just saying. Sportsmanship.
  20. Their murderections aren't flaccid yet.
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