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The official King Arthur’s Gold trailer is here....

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by DevBlogger, Nov 4, 2013.

  1. ShnitzelKiller

    ShnitzelKiller Haxor

    I agree. I can imagine the oldies who tried out the game back during its earlier popularity explosion using this trailer as an excuse to turn away in disgust and recount the good ol' days before the devs sold out and yadda yadda. It just sort of makes KAG look more like a cookie cutter indie game than it is. Maybe that's just me, though, because I routinely grimace at the indie abortions that pass by the Steam frontpage. KAG doesn't belong next to Defend your Orcs vs. Plants Must Die Defenders Crashers-Crusader-nauts II.
    I guess my worry is that it might suffer from Pacific Rim syndrome, deterring people with a misguided sense of cynicism (Another Transformers ripoff? Another Terraria clone?) and leaving only those who will eat up anything and the very few with a trained eye for authenticity.
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  2. SlyStalker

    SlyStalker Shopkeep Stealer

    Sounds like Grylls :^)
  3. Geti

    Geti Please avoid PMing me (poke a mod instead) THD Team Administrator Global Moderator

    I'm not sure how the trailer smells like "terraria clone" at all though, considering it talks and shows visuals constantly about the PvP. I guess it just speaks of the influence of terraria that anything with some semblance of destructible terrain, and a side scrolling perspective is cheerfully labelled a clone these days, pretty frustrating though when you consider side scrolling perspectives have been around since video games existed.

    Somewhat apologetic about those turned off by the low brow humour, considering it's a game primarily about hilarious explosions and not Serious Shooter 17: The Regibbening Part Five though, I feel that it's fairly appropriate.
  4. makmoud98

    makmoud98 You are already DEAD Forum Moderator Staff Alumni Tester

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  5. Fate

    Fate Studying seashells

    To be honest, the true oldies embrace the new version, the ones you see complaining just want to feel entitled and special.
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  6. LostPix

    LostPix Base Burner

    I like for what it is, although bugs drive me insane I guess. I received my Steam key, I didn't even know but just realized that first 1000 people who bought it back then get the keys early. So thanks for the key.
  7. Lieber

    Lieber Is Probing Uranus Global Moderator Forum Moderator Donator Tester

    It was just the first 1000 people to claim the Steam Key on their User Panel, not the first 1000 people to have purchased the game.
  8. TheDR

    TheDR Shopkeep Stealer

    I'm glad people enjoyed the trailer, it took quite a bit of planning and lots of emails between me and MM.

    As an additional point, I'm up for doing more VOs if anyone knows of any opportunities out there :)