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The Outpost

Discussion in 'Building Critiques' started by Draco1991, Mar 2, 2015.


Could it be good in-game?

  1. Yeh

  2. Nah

  1. Draco1991

    Draco1991 Drill Rusher

    I come bearing gifts!
    Fun fact - The red knight can't hit the builders for whatever reason...
    I put this together in a couple minutes so please suggest improvements and such.
    - Enemy knight needs to bomb jump to get in. That's one less bomb they got to kill peasants
    - Easy to repair/add parts onto it
    - Can drop spikes through the hole between the doors
    - Has an archer 'area'
    - Hard for battle builders to screw up
    - Costs 300 wood + 120 stone + backwall prices (depends on what you choose to use)
    - Keg can collapse it (kegs are op lets be real here)
    - Quite weak without addons
    - Skilled knights could wreck it pretty easily
    - There's a lot of room for improvement

    'The Outpost' can be made relatively easily and is simple enough to maintain with potential good defenses.
    Please share your ideas/improvements as I haven't had a good think about possible enhancements.
  2. Skinney

    Skinney THD Team THD Team Forum Moderator Tester

    It isn't bad but really needs some more protected back wall. Currently you can take down the entire structure from the front with 2 bombs. I have made my own variation based on your tower as show below.

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  3. Draco1991

    Draco1991 Drill Rusher

    Yeah, after I'd tested my design a bit more I realized how vulnerable it was to bombs. Might work on it a bit more and try to keep it cheap but increase its 'defenses'.
    Your designs really good :# I'm newish to designing stuff
    Thanks for pointing that out though, I'll be sure to post my progress.
  4. Ozminer

    Ozminer Drill Rusher

    Keep the side of that shop closed just incase a pesky archer comes and switches classes
  5. Draco1991

    Draco1991 Drill Rusher

    Valid point haha
    Ozminer likes this.
  6. Ozminer

    Ozminer Drill Rusher

    because archers are shit and cant break blocks
  7. EhRa

    EhRa Ooooooof Staff Alumni Donator
    1. KRPG

    I like the design. Nice and simple. Its only use is for a rushing building and needs to be fortified if it wants to stand.

    Skinneys Design is good and I suggest for your maybe adding a 9 block high wall just out of the keg explosion radius to stop any rushing knights.
  8. kaggit

    kaggit Ballista Bolt Thrower

    For skinneys design add a ladder where the Archers place is. Otherwise it would be very awkward to shoot at knights directly below the archer. Plus a few more doors and block that hole up below the shop. an archer could poke you in the ass if one got over the structure alive or even a knight could slash you while your spending your hard earn coins. If the knight timed it right he could even snag your newly bought keg and ruin your day.
  9. tru0067

    tru0067 Ballista Bolt Thrower Tester

    Then they could use that wall (when they don't have a keg) to defend the area between the two buildings, or use it to jump on top of the second one. Even 10 block high walls are scalable, if you make a tower designed to stop kegs, you need to make it strong enough to stop regular knights too and in the end it just becomes a tower in itself.
    kaggit likes this.
  10. Monsteri

    Monsteri Slower Than Light Tester

    Needs a backwall skybridge on the back to prevent one keg from toppling it (skinney's version) but other than that it's good
  11. Draco1991

    Draco1991 Drill Rusher

    Im back with an updated (but more costly) version!
    This new version has:
    - tree farm
    - keg wont collapse The Outpost
    - multiple archer nests
    - Good defenses (spike trap/drop, good use of platforms)
    - Perfect spot for a shop - its enclosed as well :O
    - Even with a well placed keg, knights would still have to use bombs/break stuff to advance in their rampage
    - easy enough to maintain
    Yes, sky bridges are the key to survival

    This is a much more costly version but is harder to take down - with a few added extras
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  12. kaggit

    kaggit Ballista Bolt Thrower

  13. SoraBorealis

    SoraBorealis Catapult Fodder

    Great design m8
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