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The Top 10 KAG Deadly Sins

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by nofelix, Apr 23, 2012.

  1. Lord_bugg

    Lord_bugg Smashing Donator

    The worst thing is when a builder builds a spike trap that your team can fall into and then cant get out. Or instakills you!!! stupid spike traps!!!:>:(:
  2. Inexorable

    Inexorable The おっぱい lovin' nipple wizard. Donator

    Yep, it amuses me though that that still happens.

    Or people building spike traps like 4 blocks across.... yeah coz that's going to stop shit...
  3. Actively working against the builders on your team, because they're "stopping you from building your building." I hate that.

    I remember when I built a kneecapper at the frontlines and some idiot took it down because he wanted to build his own tower there.
    The beauty of kneecappers is that you can build ON TOP OF THEM, and use them as a base for a tower. It's not hard to extend upon someone's work if you're half decent.

    And another builder one:
    Please, please, please go learn some different building styles if you even want to play this class. It is NOT for newbies.
  4. Inexorable

    Inexorable The おっぱい lovin' nipple wizard. Donator

    If I think you're not doing a good job, I'll knock your shit down.

    I totally agree, in my early kag days I never actually built anything, I would just follow round experienced builders and give them a hand, and copy things they had done.

    But as I became efficient I start making my own structures and using my own tricks and traps, but kids these days just don't respect their seniors haha
  5. Corwen

    Corwen Demolitions Expert Donator
    1. KRPG

    your the one that built a spike trap under my tower that i could fall into :>:(: i lost my gold you swine!
    BeasterDenBeast likes this.
  6. Ghozt

    Ghozt Haxor

    Faulty spike traps and avocado traps are just plain bad. No matter what, they are bad. As bad as Kouji is at being a like whore.
  7. Lord_bugg

    Lord_bugg Smashing Donator

    My spike trap was perfectly good, you just messed up and fell in. :D
    KnightGabe13 likes this.
  8. BlackKlit

    BlackKlit Shopkeep Stealer

    Oh, how it'll be good when newbies finally go to read all thi sgoodstuff for them instead of dumbasss suicidal rushes to enemies or making useless bases behind your tent! I really want it! Tactics, new traps, towers and a lot more - they just need to search it there, donot even ask. Ooough.:rollseyes:
  9. Zegovia

    Zegovia Shark Slayer

    What is next? the KAG bible... the kagible?

    Also made me think of the old knight code from dragonheart. lets KAG'ify it shall we?

    A knight is sworn to valor.
    His hearts knows only virtue.:heart::heart::heart:
    His shield defends the builder.
    His might upholds the archer.
    His words speak proper english.
    His bombs undoes the wicked!
  10. Lord_bugg

    Lord_bugg Smashing Donator

    I like it, can we exspect any more qoutes from the kagible?
  11. Masery

    Masery is actually Maroon Donator

    That moment you have the need to behead the builders who sit on the redzone and don't let you build the fucking wall.
  12. Cerbercre

    Cerbercre Brolord 弟兄主 Donator
    1. PumpkinStars - [Pk#] - Inactive

    Dancings around in the middle of battle is not a sin yay! :D
  13. ParaLogia

    ParaLogia tired Administrator Global Moderator Forum Moderator Tester Official Server Admin

    Now it is.
    Lord_bugg and Jim_Dale like this.
  14. The_Khan

    The_Khan Bison Rider

    Have you even pleaded with a knight not to kill you? I have, and they actually didn't!
  15. Element_Wolfe01

    Element_Wolfe01 Ballista Bolt Thrower
    1. The Ivory Tower of Grammar-Nazis

    You forgot...
    11. Team Sabotastionasasijdoiusahfdsfhdshdshdskufskdihdsiusdfifsfdshf (Cant spell)
    Throwing a bomb into your own base
  16. Jim_Dale

    Jim_Dale Arsonist

    Although this would be more accidental and/or plain stupid rather than a deliberate attack at undermining the team's defenses.

    Here's some I can think of:
    • Going to siege the front with 250 of any resource. Just terrible.
    • Building a spike trap that isn't relatively team-safe or isn't team-safe at all
    • Erecting a collapse trap over some trap bridges, killing your teammates, damaging the structure, and providing a landing spot for enemies.
    • As a knight, holding the door open for no damn reason.
    • As a knight, sitting in the half-constructed door a builder was making for no damn reason.
    • As an archer, sitting right where a builder was building fortifications.
    • Building bomb shops too easily accessible to enemy knights. You'd think that this would be a pretty obvious notion when all of a damn sudden the red team with no supporting builders is lobbing explosives everywhere.
    • Building the aforementioned or keg shops near tower supports
    • Ladders up the tower instead of trap bridges.
    FuzzyBlueBaron likes this.
  17. Element_Wolfe01

    Element_Wolfe01 Ballista Bolt Thrower
    1. The Ivory Tower of Grammar-Nazis

    They would have to be damn stupid or not know how to play the game so they should reasearch der ships.
    LOL 25252525
  18. KnightGabe13

    KnightGabe13 Arsonist

    So much sin in the world... :eek: They know not what they do!
  19. allknowingfrog

    allknowingfrog Bison Rider

    I hurl insults at minecrafters, but at least they don't hinder the team. Traps that kill more friends than enemies are the worst. My number one pet peeve, however, is towers that block out both friends and enemies. The lives are limited, and I need to heal, damn it.

  20. Formed_Zeus

    Formed_Zeus Shipwright

    How about when you are in a tunnel with a builder, and you get overrun. You stay back to cover his escape, and then the as*hole blocks you in to save himself.