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Things you may not know about Knight

Discussion in 'Knight' started by Auri, Sep 14, 2011.

  1. Baron_Norab

    Baron_Norab KAG Guard Tester

    44. I can't confirm if this is completely right, but it seems that if you throw a bomb from above a bridge it passes through, but if you throw from below it sticks on it. I've had it happen quite a bit, but I won't say with 100% certainty that this always happens.
  2. DarkDain

    DarkDain Shopkeep Stealer

    OOOHH question about this one, i was launched from a catapult and put my shield forward, and smacked right into the enemy castle wall, i hit it and slid down but it looked like shield bash had damaged the bricks a bit and even the ones i was sliding down onto. Anyone know if shield bash from a catapult does massive building damage?
  3. t0rchic

    t0rchic Drill Rusher

    Players hitting stone damages it now.
  4. DarkDain

    DarkDain Shopkeep Stealer

    But does doing the shield bash thing damage it more or just the same ? Cuz it left CRACKS :o
  5. t0rchic

    t0rchic Drill Rusher

    It's the same, but it makes you take less damage from going *SPLAT*
  6. LLC

    LLC Shipwright

    1B. A lot of times your builders are not stupid (Part 2).
    Don't ask the buliders why did they build something stupid like door-wall or all stone bridge.

    A lot of times they don't have enough time or resources to build what they want, and they're trying their best to build something out of stone/wood (Something's better than nothing ).
  7. 0008

    0008 Shipwright

    Probably been said but after number 1&3 in importance is the ability to aim your shield upwards and have allies jump on it to surpass obstacles, another thing is gliding by putting the shield upwards when jumping which helps you leap farther and I think slightly reduces fall damage.
  8. Wonkyth

    Wonkyth More precious than carbuncles! Donator Tester

    No, it actually increases fall damage. However, it allows you to travel much farther, and slightly increases the distance you can fall without getting a small stun from the impact.
  9. Wyeth

    Wyeth KAG Guard Donator Tester

  10. trelawney

    trelawney KAG Guard Tester

    43. The knight can slide... Rumours of Light Cycles and a new racemode are just that, rumours.

    Watch in 720p cause you can.

    Discovered by Miczu
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  11. Nanaa

    Nanaa Shipwright

    44. Remember when knights used fly upwards when shielding up together? Sadly, that has been patched up... but we're now introduced to a way cooler, totally radical new feature. Behold the flying fortress! credits goes to vodafoneconstant

    As you can see, you need 2 or more knights. All must shield up and then move to either direction at the same speed and Voila!
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  12. Nighthawk

    Nighthawk gaurenteed shitter

    45. Your role is not only striker, but guardian as well. Defending a competent builder while they build a fortification can do more damage to the enemy than any blade.
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  13. AceOfSpades

    AceOfSpades Shipwright

    46. Holding your shield up makes you a human ladder for your friends which is important while you need to pass ~4 height walls and there is not builder
  14. Contrary

    Contrary The Audacious Paramount of Explosive Flight Donator Tester

    @Nanaa. Nice video. However this glitch has been well known for a while, and us guards have come to the agreement that people performing that glitch in a public game are to be frozen on the spot. Some are even banning repeated offenders.

    Use at your own risk.
  15. sj67

    sj67 Greg hunter

    47. Be a Mole and tunnel to the flag!

    (Well, it worked for me. ;3)
  16. Noburu

    Noburu Dirty, DRUNK, Hillbilly Forum Moderator Donator Tester

    Tunneling as a knight is really ineffective. They tunnel much slower than builders and cant destroy stone blocks.
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  17. Neat

    Neat King of the Dead Donator Tester

    1.Use the unit count to your advantage.

    Instead of rushing at a knight, do defensive-aggressive things. Sit next to an enemies drawbridge that they need to cross and watch as they struggle to try and get past you by gliding. If they come close to you just stab them midair, hitting them into the pit you've opened up for them, likely killing them on their own spikes.

    Or shield upwards in a hole. This will likely get a few kills. Getting downward slashes on people is very difficult. So if you're in a 2 x 2 pit you're quite hard to hit. If they stab at you or start charging, just stab back and do one damage. Return to shielding. They'll try again, stab again. Repeat this until they're dead. Enemies have no choice but to try this and they will die and die and die.

    Combine both points and sometimes you can make an insane killing spree. I found a pit next to an enemy wall. So I shielded up next to the pit AND the wall meaning their pit was open for them to fall in. The only way they could attack me was to drop down on top of me, which meant they were vulnerable to be stabbed in mid air every single time. If you stab someone falling they're likely to be hit far. They'll fall off to the right eventually, into the pit of spikes, securing the kill. They can also attack by doing charge attacks across the bridge, which is dangerous for them, and hardly dangerous for you. On their first charge attack they'll have to do a second straight afterwards, and they have to hit you without coming into stab hit zone, which is quite hard to do. You meanwhile are very safe. Bombs will give you some trouble, but just re orientate your shield to face the bomb.

    2. You CAN destroy drawbridges. You have to be directly underneath them though and not at any angle to the side. Once you're about 3 blocks underneath them, you can make a really small jump by tapping w. At the top of that jump, you can jab. If you do it right (and its hard to pull off) the drawbridge will be damaged without it opening on you, allowing you and your team to use it. Use this to destroy enemy drawbridges too in a pinch, when no builders are around and you desperately need to stop the enemy scaling your walls. You can climb walls by doing this several times. Damage the drawbridge and use a vault from below to get up to it (since you wont be able to jump up to it via normal means, you need 3 blocks below, which means it's a 4 block jump)
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  18. BlueLuigi

    BlueLuigi :^) Forum Moderator Donator Tester

    feel this has to be expanded on so I will expand on it:
    If you are at a 4 tall wall, have a friend shield you up, when you are on the top, shield UPWARDS and start sliding slightly off the edge (you want to be slightly off then keep tapping towards the edge so you don't fall all the way off), your friend should jump and shield up, you will act as a ladder and they will 'catch on to you', they can then jump up safely. Two competent knights acn get past most natural defenses this way.
  19. lehoon

    lehoon King


    47. When your team is leaving your 'runway', you should all be in the formation you desire to be in while crossing whatever (bridge, large air space). Keep in mind when changing formation while in the air, even the slightest move towards to back of your formation can cause devastating effects (one person inches, the others react and try to resume previous formation, and then formation falls apart).

    47.5 Your flight team's average high ping of 200+ could severely ruin your formation.

    48. Equipping bombs to ignite and drop while fly glitching serves as a great attack on opponents below you. Also, try to mount a few archers on your formation for a proper defense against anti-air enemy archers. Plus, you'll have a strong attacking force. Think elephant archers.

    49. Use the dumbo-drop method to safely land on opponents in order to avoid damage from high elevations. Make sure your co-pilot(s) are aware of your targets and zoom out completely so that you both can drop at the necessary time and maneuver towards your opponent.

    My favorite formation: shuttle release. Two knights each carrying one knight-mounted catapult. Allows you to fly glitch evenly in speed (each catapult will slow down the walking speed of each knight carrying) and eject two separate knight-mounted catapults, which take no damage to high elevation. Both knights get off the catapults, grab the flag, and then fly glitch back to home base.
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  20. Noburu

    Noburu Dirty, DRUNK, Hillbilly Forum Moderator Donator Tester

    Or Lehoons guide to getting kicked from a server! :D