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Tijgersprong's "Endless CTF!" Server!

Discussion in 'Server Directory' started by tijgersprong, Apr 7, 2013.

Mods: jackitch
  1. tijgersprong

    tijgersprong Builder Stabber

    Tijgersprong's "Endless CTF!" Server
    Location: Belgium, Brussels

    General Information

    Slots: 10
    Reserved Slots (VIP Slots): 4
    Game mode: "Endless CTF"
    Premium?: yes

    Units / Tickets: Unlimited
    Maps / Generators: generator_ctf_castles, generator_ctf_flat, generator_ctf_mountain, generator_ctf_hole

    Admin: tijgersprong
    VIP's: lolopolo, leeghoofd123, bloodyz, touwer, anawan


    You can find me in-game (on my server) or you can PM me on the forums.
  2. Bloodyz

    Bloodyz Catapult Fodder

    Just an awesome server :p
  3. Froghead48

    Froghead48 Haxor

    Need a map made for you? if yes, i'll PM you some.
Mods: jackitch