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Two questions for KAG server

Discussion in 'Modding Help' started by eric999, Jan 20, 2014.

  1. eric999

    eric999 Bison Rider

    I have 2 important questions for my server on KAG alpha, hope you can answer them.

    1. How do you change the setting so that only you and admins can change to a certain class and not anyone else? Because I am hosting a mini games server, and hoping to get everyone on Knight so they can not edit anything.

    2. Is there a certain resource that you can download to make maps? It is taking me a long time to make just ONE map.

    I hope you could answer my questions ASAP I am in need of them really badly. Thanks.
  2. eric999

    eric999 Bison Rider

    Just remembered I have 1 other question.

    1. How do you choose the admins on your server automatically? as in, when you join the server, you will automatically be logged in as admin, we have to manually log in.

    Thanks for the help.
  3. Invaders

    Invaders Shark Slayer

    That is the subforum this goes in, this is for the full game, not Classic.
    Use Seclevs, documentation for which is here:
  4. eric999

    eric999 Bison Rider

    okay, thanks. :)
  5. I REMEBER you wondering a few days ago about this :)
  6. miniu

    miniu Haxor

    use no_team_teamname or no_class_classname on seclvls

    nah. Map colors are in modding>maps . You make them by gimp/photoshop/paint easily. Not long time.
    use admin.cfg in seclevels. Add their nicks to line users = or something like this.
  7. Here eric :)

    Let's say you wanted to build a team that could use archer and builder only. You'd simply remove the builder from the classes list:

    classes = Rules/CTF/knight.cfg; Rules/CTF/archer.cfg;
    What if I wanted knight and archer for everyone but superadmins, which could have builder as well? Then you'd leave the classes variable with all 3:

    classes = Rules/CTF/builder.cfg; Rules/CTF/knight.cfg; Rules/CTF/archer.cfg
    And then in your security levels files, in "Security/premium.cfg" and "Security/normal.cfg", you'd put in the "features" list:

    no_class_builder; no_class_runner;