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  1. ShamWow-SuperRag

    ShamWow-SuperRag zamn Donator Tester

    UKC 4: 4v4 CTF Tournament
    bracket https://challonge.com/ukc4

    Captains: HomekGod
    Players: petgreendino, blackiceball, Coroz, MHonorM, Mazey

    Captain: Wzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    Players: DCHY, QuickToast, Dr_Verycool, GoldenGuy, Sealord

    Captain: BerlinerWildsau
    Players: Esquire, raeedkenz18, jonipro, Rossi_the_womanizer, A_Jax, Erfan

    Captain: Bobinours
    Players: bebris, tigorsun, Saldis, Japodis1, SalR7v, maxs94​

    Captain: yeti5000707
    Players: Zaniac, Superfly, Frothyfruitbat, Wavanardi

    Captain: toothgrinderx
    Players: _Cuffs_, Eluded, kvex, kiyuriji, rabiscko, ParaLogia, DatNob

    bad boys
    Captain: teKK1
    Players: Koi_, PUNK123, Potatobird, Magmus

    Captain: ShamWow-SuperRag
    Players: nickkardash, Jerimy, Starbob95, RampageX, dual_chiecken, SrPaltoMiel, watermanfire​

    Tourney started on Saturday, March 12.

    Teams are listed in #teams. Use #applications if you want to be in one. Matches are scheduled based on team's availability every weekend until the tournament is completed. Teams are expected to play at least one match every weekend.

    4 US teams, 4 EU teams. Regions are separated in group stage (like FIFA) where all teams play each other once. Then, the top 3 teams of each regional group advance to main bracket. Only cross-region matches are in the bracket stage.

    Teams can have up to 8 players. This can be increased once all teams have signed up.

    Basic Rules
    - Best of 3
    - 30m time limit
    - 10s respawn time

    BALANCE: bunnie's ctf rebalance

    Ties (time limit explained)
    no flags captured: If match timer reaches 30 minutes and no flags are captured, the match automatically goes into 5-minute overtime. If a team gains a strong advantage during overtime, but doesn't capture a flag, another 5-minute extension is added. If a team is pushing as the timer ends, the match does not end until the push is over. If the game is truly a stalemate, 5 stats are used to break it (will explain this in detail later I need to sleep).

    one flag captured: If a team captured 1 out of 2 flags, they automatically win when the time limit is reached, but the same time-extension rule applies, where the game does not end when a team is pushing.

    For regional matches, teams can choose one map to play on, one map to ban. Decisions have to be made before the match starts. The lower ranked team plays their map first, then higher ranked team's. Third map is randomly selected. For cross-region matches, the first and second round is played on the same map.

    Players can only sub between rounds. If a player disconnects, the game will be paused but resumed after 2 minutes.

    Scheduling revolves around a team's availability. If a core player has poor availability, it shouldn't affect the entire tournament. As a captain, make sure at least 4 players have decent availability for one match a weekend.

    US server in Dallas, TX and EU server in Dusseldorf, DE. For cross-region matches, one round will be played in each region. Team who wins their round faster plays in their region for third round.

    Players have to play in 1 full round for participation, 3 full rounds to be eligible for medals

    If a team is blocking the tournament from progressing, they will be disqualified. No teams will be disqualified without warnings and notifications.

    Ribbons for everyone who participated. Medals awarded to top 3 teams, custom heads awarded to first place
    Last edited: Mar 18, 2022
Mods: Mazey