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Using the Forums (Updated August 6th, 2017)

Discussion in 'Beginner Box' started by Kouji, Jun 3, 2014.

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  1. Kouji

    Kouji Cold, Uncaring, Sadistic, Evil and Cruel Meanie Administrator Global Moderator Forum Moderator Tester
    1. MOLEing Over Large Estates - [MOLE]
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    Here is a guide on how to use some of the functions available on the forums.
    Scroll over to the "Inbox button"
    Green (top box): Type the name of the person you wish to PM here. Separate names with a comma. Example of a list: Person1, Person2, Person3, Noob, Person4
    You can add more people later, but you can not remove them.
    Blue (second box from the top): The title of the conversation. You can edit this later
    Purple (large box in the center): The message you wish to post.
    Red (small box on the left, second row from the bottom): After you are sure everything is as you want, press this to create it
    Orange (small box on the right, second row from the bottom): Lets you see how you message will look before you post.
    Yellow (bottom box): Does as they say. You can change these two options later.
    Yellow (box on the left): will lead to 1
    Green (box in the middle): will lead to 2
    Blue (box on the right): will lead to 3
    Lets you add people/reinvite people who have left the conversation
    Lets you leave the conversation. This means it is removed from your list of conversation (more on this in a bit). The first option means it will be made available if someone else posts in the conversation. The second option means you won't see that conversation again unless someone invites you again.
    Let's you edit the title of the conversation, prevent/allow people from inviting people themselves (if you disable it, only you can invite people) and locking the conversation means people won't be able to post.
    You can go to the inbox to see any recent conversations. 11.png
    This will show any conversations you have, even old ones as long as you haven't left them.
    *Please Note, it will insert the picture where ever your blinking cursor is at.
    4.png Yay! If you wish, you can post a thumbnail instead where clicking it will show the larger picture. Uploading other files, like .txt, .zip, and so on work the same, except that there is no "Thumbnail" button or a "Full Image" button since they aren't pictures. They will show up at the bottom of the post however.
    Depending on your operating system, go find the image you wish to upload. Press accept and then go onto the next step.

    If you use gravatar, just select the option for using gravatar instead of uploading, enter your account's email and press okay. For more info on gravatar, go here.
    If your image is not a perfect square, you may move it to what you wish to show but clicking the small square with the image and dragging it around. The larger image on the left is what will be displayed.
    Use any outside image hosts for images here. Do not post any annoying/distracting images as they will be removed.
    Your title will change as you post on the forums. You get these by getting trophies (listed here: https://forum.kag2d.com/help/trophies). However, do not post just to get another title as it may be considered spam and you may receive a warning, and enough warnings may result in being banned.
    Catapult Fodder - 0
    Tree Planter - 20
    Builder Stabber - 25
    Shipwright - 35
    Shopkeep Stealer - 50
    Shark Slayer - 70
    Horde Gibber - 95
    Arsonist - 120
    Base Burner - 145
    Drill Rusher - 170
    Ballista Bolt Thrower - 195
    Bison Rider - 270
    Haxor - 415
    You can also get your own custom title by donating to the forums.
    Warnings are given for any post that breaks the rules.
    Warnings give your account "Warning Points" (not to be confused with Trophy Points). These points expire over time.
    • Posting Spam (as defined in the rules) will result in a 1 warning point that expires in 2 months the first time. If you continue posting spam, this will increase until you end up being banned permanently.
    • Posting something that does not make sense will also result in a 1 warning point that expires in 2 months the first time. In other words, do not post gibberish and use mostly correct grammar. You aren't asked to have perfect grammar when posting, but it should be readable and understandable.
    • Flaming someone results in getting at 1 point that lasts two months. This will increase with each consecutive warning.
    • Posting things that are illegal (like porn, hacking, and stealing) will result in a temporary to permanent ban immediately.
    • The breaking the other rules also result in getting 1 point for two months.
    If you do get a warning and you believe that it is unjustified, you may dispute it with the moderator who gave you the warning in the PM that you have received. If they do not remove it and you are still convinced that it was undeserved, you may PM Furai or Geti. Their word is the finally say however.
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Mods: Gurin
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