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water slashing

Discussion in 'Knight' started by jimmyzoudcba, Apr 22, 2015.

  1. jimmyzoudcba

    jimmyzoudcba Base Burner

    <Sorry no gifs>
    So, here comes water slashing.
    You know how water shielding stops after about 3 jumps, right?
    So then u can do water slashing.
    LOL stop the intro
    Basically, water slashing is single slashing right when you rise to the surface of the water, when you rise that little tiny bit? That's when you water slash.
    wiill TBC
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  2. Koveltskiis

    Koveltskiis Shipwright

    Yep, it's a thing
  3. kittycity

    kittycity Base Burner

    I like how when in water slashing fights each person is trying to get below the other until they both just reach the bottom, one kills the other and then the winner drowns...

    but very useful
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  4. When you mentioned water slashing I thought it would be about throwing a water bomb just before you slash to get a guaranteed hit... or kill. But yeah water slashing is a much faster way for knights to get around.
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  5. jimmyzoudcba

    jimmyzoudcba Base Burner

    lol there's actually still people viewing this
  6. Yeah haha
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