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When did you start playing KAG and how did you find it?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Fellere825, Nov 6, 2011.

  1. Skilledshot

    Skilledshot Shipwright

    my friend suggested it to me
    I went to his house and saw it and it was awesome!!!
  2. -Grey-

    -Grey- I change my profile. Donator

    Half a year ago, one of my soldatmates suggested me playing this game. He said it's a great success. I played Soldat for several years (started in 2001!) but when I downloaded this game I decided to put an end to my Soldat career. The first impressions of KAG was very pleasant ones. I had to get accustomed to the graphic (It went faster than I thought). I was a noob then, so I played the game without any expectations of me. I liked the battles, the mood of the game, really I was addicted to the game (which is ofc true for now :) ).
    I became an advanced player, so I have to meet not just mine, but the other players' high expectations of my performance, but I still enjoy the game and am looking forward to the new updates and memorable moments :)
  3. arsenal

    arsenal Catapult Fodder

    I just got suggested it and played it and it was awesome
  4. Jumpout

    Jumpout Shopkeep Stealer

    Exid was in town and came to stay at my house for the weekend, And he showed me the game, after playing a shit ton of super meat boy, I made an account and got going :)
  5. xChapx

    xChapx Ballista Bolt Thrower

    i started playing seriously in september 27 the day i created this account, i haved another account with a random name just because i just was trying this game , i find this game because i was looking for snes and medieval games i was watching an ultima 7 video and in the video suggestion there was a game named king arthur world and in the suggestion of that video there was one named king arthur gold and i thought it was an online sequel or something so i joined the game.
  6. Utahraptor

    Utahraptor Hulk Hogan Tester

    I was master of the knight double slash if you know what I mean
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  7. PeterPan14

    PeterPan14 Bison Rider

    I was a bit lucky when I found out about Kag. I saw one of my friends talking about it on facebook, I decided to check it out and have been playing it ever since.
  8. Canadian98

    Canadian98 Haxor Tester

    My cousin came to my house, said he found a 2-D minecraft game so he downloaded it to my computer :P
  9. Yess

    Yess Shopkeep Stealer

    I started playing KAG after the Aussie show Good game Spawn point did a review on it.
  10. em0ney

    em0ney Builder Stabber

    When my good friends Elite1234 from a Minecraft server I used to play on introduced me to it.. ehh, right before the holiday's I wanna say.
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  11. Bunnyninja

    Bunnyninja Bison Rider

    i found about KAG on good game sp, i thought i might try it, i gave it a go but nobody else on my friends played so i left, the bunnyboy, saverous and peter pan start so i when back on it and been playing ever since
  12. PeterPan14

    PeterPan14 Bison Rider

    I'm touched. :')
  13. ewox250

    ewox250 Shark Slayer

    I found kag in video on youtube.
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  14. JTG

    JTG Bison Rider Tester

    Someone posted a general to the game on SA on the first version
  15. PinXviiN

    PinXviiN Haxor

    Was looking Minecraft-similar games
  16. Conquerer

    Conquerer Shark Slayer

    Do you know when they broadcasted that show? I'd like to know when I started... I forgot.
    I saw KAG that show, thought that it looked pretty decent and gave it a go.
  17. Bunnyninja

    Bunnyninja Bison Rider

    Oh, Wow that was a really long time ago... sorry i cant really remember
  18. Sir_Epicface

    Sir_Epicface Catapult Fodder

    My awesome friend showed it to me. I played the free version, heard that beta was coming so I bought it a weekish ago I think.
    Now with beta... it's amazing. Especially that drill, man.
  19. Happiness

    Happiness Horde Gibber

    I stumbled upon a youtube review of the game two weeks ago, it looked amazing. The pixelated style, the fast paced scrolling mmo. I knew I'd be hooked before I began. That's about it, really.

    Followed the link in the description, bought premium a week later, have been playing the game for two weeks and I'm already loving it, despite not having the chance to enjoy all of the content yet. I'm very hopeful for the future of KAG, and am eagerly anticipating the growth of both the game and the community.

    Conquerer likes this.
  20. Element_Wolfe01

    Element_Wolfe01 Ballista Bolt Thrower
    1. The Ivory Tower of Grammar-Nazis

    I started the day I registered on the forums, so yeah. I found out about it one day as I was scouring the internet for Minecraft clones :>. Not that I think KAG is a clone of Minecraft in anyway shape or form, thats just how I found it.